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  1. 1200XL is back with maybe the best arcade port on the A8!
  2. 18,100. I thought I did pretty ok until I saw the other scores 😄
  3. Thanks for your kind words! I agree--because you can only fire in 8 directions, sometimes you have to get into position and let gravity do its work before taking your shot. February's episode will be Super Sprint!
  4. Hi Bob, I don't want a lot. Just maybe 10 with misc games/other stuff on them that I can put in a case next to my setup and to fire up when the mood strikes me. I'd be happy to return them when I'm finished.
  5. It works well! I've scanned about 30 3-5" reels with it and no problems, knock on wood!
  6. Oh, thank you! I should not have included "8-bit."
  7. I recently acquired a 1050! and want to recreate the experience of receiving a big pile of random disks full of games, applications, who knows what. I tried doing a search on eBay for "Atari 8 bit disks" but all I found were single (and legit) titles. I'm guessing I may be in the minority for wanting to satiate this particular bit of nostalgia. Does anybody have any ideas?
  8. Tired of all those Amiga fanboys talking down to you? The Atari ST Show has got your back, brother! Each episode we talk about the glory that is the Atari ST and review one game from its extensive back catalog of classics! Episode 1 just dropped, and it's Oids, baby! OIDS! Subscribe right now on iTunes, Spotify, or grab the RSS at https://anchor.fm/ataristshow. Do any of you actually have a physical copy of Oids? I can't find any record of it trading hands in the US, and only a few passing mentions in the UK.
  9. Yeah, so much promise in this one. I really wanted to like it.
  10. Is there a way to download the Homesoft collection of titles that the FujiNet connects to for use on the MiSTer? I don't know how to navigate to it by using a PC, and they're very well catalogued there.
  11. I read "feel like home" like "make me feel comfortable" not actually feel like my physical house. Based on that, I would submit Katamari Damacy (PS2) - Campfire Level Chulip (PS2) - Overworld Chrono Trigger (SNES) - Millenial Fair Earthbound (SNES) - All the cities and towns.
  12. Tetris DX is my favorite of the old rules-style Tetris games. No hold, no infinite spin, etc. It was a bangin' soundtrack and some fun reward animations when the game ends playing marathon depending on your score.
  13. Agreed. You can get running on much less than the "stack."
  14. That's been upvoted quite a bit on our Subreddit--chances are that will make the show!
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