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  1. The CoCo3 is the one to get, if you can get it for less than the fortune it currently commands on eBay.
  2. Thanks very much! We love doing them. Amigos: Everything Amiga has a new home on Anchor.fm! All 200+ episodes of our five year run are now avaiable on the feed! Please update your podcatcher by un and re-subscribing, or you can subscribe manually through https://anchor.fm/s/ee9137c/podcast/rss
  3. You should definitely pick it up and play along with us!
  4. New CoCo podcast devoted solely to games. Subscribe to the audio version of the show here: https://anchor.fm/thecocoshow Feedback is welcome! Do you have any fond memories of Poltergeist or Sailor Man?
  5. This Saturday, my buddy Aaron and I will host the third annual Amigathon, an all Amiga gaming marathon benfitting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. We are currently over halfway to our fundraising goal of $2,000, and would love to break last year's record of $2.6k. We will be streaming the event live on the Amigos Retro Gaming Youtube channel, and will run 12 hours starting at 10am UTC. If you'd like to find out more and donate, please visit amigathon.com. We hope you can tune in and take part in the chat!
  6. Links is a pretty divisive game. Some people think it's the best golf game on the platform, but for others its graphical feats are overshadowed by the incredibly long wait times between shots, even with a fast "modern" Amiga. What do you think?
  7. Thom, this coming week we're taking a look at Manic Miner! Episode 4 of Our Sinclair is a jaw-dropping conversion of the arcade classic, Chase H.Q.!
  8. In Episode 2, we talk about Chaos: The Battle of Wizards! And Jaffa Cakes.
  9. I'm interested in these-are you doing other things with these besides playing games?
  10. Can you believe there was a Super Famicom port of this that *didn't* feature Mario? Talk about wasted opportunity! This week on Amigos we take a look at a timeless puzzler that was out FIRST on the Amiga, Pipe Mania!
  11. That's true--much easier finding an LCD that does both than a CRT!
  12. Absolutely. One of the best things about the Speccy is its original titles, many of which didn't make much of an impact outside of the platform. Skool Daze did receive a worthy sequel on the PC, but is sadly now unplayable due to PC architecture changes since the late 90s.
  13. What happens when two American dudes discover what might be the greatest 8 bit computer of all time? My buddy Aaron and I just started a new, weekly podcast dedicated to the games on the ZX Spectrum. We hope to bring a different, fresh perspective to the table since we didn't grow up with the Spectrum, and only recently discovered it! It was a blast talking about Bruce Lee. Feedback and thoughts on the game are most welcome!
  14. Thanks everyone. As stated above, I am not in a position to be able to afford multiple carts--what I have is what I have. But I was under the impression that many xex files had to be translated into r16 files as the Atarimax XEGS games were. I guess that's not the case, which is good!
  15. I've scoured the forum archives, but I don't believe anyone has shared their custom compilations of games compatible with the MyIDE II as Ultimate fans have here. I basically just have a list of random files on mine, and I'd like to see some others if any are willing to share!
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