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  1. Episode 3 arrives in style! @eebuckeye we are now available on Stitcher! https://anchor.fm/thisweekinretro/episodes/TWiR-Episode-3--August-17--2020--Atari-VCS-Preorders--Jetpac-gets-a-Makeover--Sonic-visits-the-SNES--The-Latest-Arcade1Up-Cabs-eidu4b/a-a30ck0r
  2. Episode 2 has landed! The Luggable is Back! Nintendo's Profits Soar, the Intellivision Amico Gets Delayed, and The Biggest Retro Kickstarter of 2020! https://anchor.fm/thisweekinretro/episodes/TWiR-Episode-2--Aug-10-2020---The-Luggable-is-Back--Nintendos-Profits-Soar--the-Intellivision-Amico-Gets-Delayed--and-The-Biggest-Retro-Kickstarter-of-2020-ei22v2/a-a2u7vfl @eebuckeye I messed up a setting when I was trying to upload the RSS to Stitcher and had to email them to get it resolved. I'm working on it!
  3. Correct-Aaron has his hands full with two shows already, and Brent has several other side projects he’s working on. But it’s nice to have the views of someone from across the pond! Plus Neil brings a lot of design and production experience to the table, something I could definitely use more of! 😄 BTW, the podcast is now showing up in the Google Podcast directory. It shouldn’t be long before it’s in Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.
  4. Yes! Overcast was just added last night. I’m hoping that within a week we’ll be included in all the major podcatchers.
  5. Me too. It will take a week or so for it to show up there and in Apple Podcast directories. I also wish Google Podcasts would let you add RSS feeds directly!
  6. This Week in Retro | Aug 3, 2020 - Analogue Pockets sell out, an Apple ][#Myst demake, and a new Elite port for the Vectrex! All that and much more in this week's TWiR. https://anchor.fm/thisweekinretro/episodes/TWIR-Episode-1--Aug-3-2020---Analogue-Pocket-is-Sold-Out--Powkiddy-Q90-Reviews--Myst-de-make--Elite-on-Vectrex-ehnkr2/a-a2seqdv
  7. Join me and Neil aka Retromancave each week as we break down the top stories in the world of retro gaming! Each week, we select stories suggested by our listeners on our show's subreddit. You can listen and subscribe at https://anchor.fm/thisweekinretro, or just pop the RSS into your favorite podcatcher: https://anchor.fm/s/2f4989f8/podcast/rss Any feedback is much appreciated!
  8. Montezuma 9000 (screen disappeared before I could cap it)
  9. Very true. I'm happy with my SIDE II, but still awaiting the release of the "one cart to rule them all"
  10. Would you somehow be able to integrate the circuitry of a UNO, etc into the board itself, eliminating the need for an additional cartridge? Maybe something like an S-Drive?
  11. #BruceLee was *the* original Martial Arts superstar. But what about his video game counterpart? 1200XL is back with a new episode! Podcast: https://anchor.fm/1200xl/episodes/Bruce-Lee---1200XL-Episode-4-ecbov7/a-a1hqiqc
  12. 1200XL is back! This time we're taking a look at One on One. Was this the best basketball game released on home computers up to this point? Podcast: https://anchor.fm/1200xl/episodes/One-on-One---1200XL-Episode-3-ebnsh1
  13. 21100. Will try again if I have time! Love this port!
  14. Sorry these are late! Trying to get caught up 14900
  15. Thanks P/M! Your podcast was one of our inspirations! I was the same way--peoples' ability on Youtube is consistently amazing.
  16. 1200XL returns this week with Miner 2049er! We talk about Bill Hogue's early years as a Radio Shack employee, his first programming efforts on the TRS-80, and the fact that Bounty Bob's first adventure retailed at a staggering $49.95 on release! Special thanks to @Savetz for his illuminating interview with Mr. Hogue on the ANTIC podcast and @therealbountybob, of course Subscribe here: https://anchor.fm/1200xl
  17. Unless you really want a cartridge, I would personally recommend an SDrive-MAX, as it's the best solution for ATR files, which are going to give you the widest availability of games.
  18. 66600. This game is much more difficult than I remembered!
  19. Yeah, it's hard to imagine why someone would choose a CoCo3 over a Tandy 1000 in the mid-late 80s.
  20. Yeah, Ed has been saying he's been working on something. I doubt it will be a full-on system replacement with keyboard and everything like the ZX Next, though. Production costs for injection molding are just too high without a huge fanbase.
  21. It's hard to believe we're in year five of doing the Amigos show! And we've still got tons of great games to cover. Buggy Boy is unique-a time-trial, flag collecting race to the finish with slalom-like time extending gates. Where does it stand in the pantheon of racers on the Amiga? Find out what we think on this week's episode! Podcast Audio Link
  22. Amiga Ireland 2020 was great! I was able to document most of the event, including some great panels. You can check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaD3XRYu1lQSjxSINk5_FoiBtbwZTl95f
  23. I think it's got everything to do with distribution. Though there were tons of Radio Shacks back in the day, it was at the manager's discretion how much or little CoCo presence there was in each store. It also hurt the platform that RS was too cheap to license ports of popular titles.
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