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  1. What is "ACTION!" ? Is that a book or ? - oh. I see it's a language, right? 8bit support C as well? Looks like I have a lot to learn. Thanks for all the info guys.
  2. Just picked up an 8-bit computer recently and I don't know much about the relationship between 5200 and 8-bit aside that they are closely related. So I have a couple of questions firstly; it possible to play 5200 roms on an 8-bit? Secondly, I want to get into programming 8-bit and I understand Assembly is where the real power lies. Is the "correct" path to learn BASIC before Assembly or is the effort involved with learning the same with out having that reference? (perhaps this is more of an opinion related question but I'm still interested in opinions on the subject) - Thanks!
  3. Please add me to the list. I would like one in purple with the yamaha and pokey chips. My console has the standard atari plug
  4. I'll echo the support for 7800 only compatibility. I have a Harmony cart so I'm good on the 2600 front. I'd be in line for anything you come out with Batari.
  5. I'm not sure if you meant it but seems like a lot of vinegar in that post brother. I'm just expressing my happiness that things are moving along. Edit: as I'm going over this again perhaps I'm reading too much into it. I get that people have been waiting a long time and I know I've got to wait my turn just like everyone else.
  6. If we get it in time for Christmas I'll be stoked. I know it's been a long haul though so I'll try to temper my excitement.
  7. Sounds like we are just a couple months away now. I'm really excited about this and looking forward to see what the homebrew dev starts to look like. I'm on board with a purchase once they hit the AA store! Thanks for the hard work!
  8. I dig that CV controller. Might have to get one.
  9. hey gorfcadet, how are you using two sega controllers for robotron?
  10. Wow that is a ton of info. Thanks for compiling!
  11. Just saw the replay. Holy Moly that looks good!
  12. Is there a central repository for Homebrew Roms on AA? Also, is there a way to pay creators for digital downloads? I'd like to get a harmony cart and play homebrews but I'd also like to pay to encourage development of more games.
  13. TailChao - Given what you've said, is the issue with backgrounds that is has trouble rendering high detail backgrounds, or all backgrounds? Could something like this: be done or is it a tough thing to accomplish because of the background? If the background is a problem, could it be over come using simpler platforms?
  14. Are you planning to add atari 8bit computer stuff as well? I'm a noob I'm unsure if 5200 stuff counts for that or not? I have an old atari basic book but it's for 8bit computers and I figure that might be an easy thing to follow with and I'm curious if I can use this...or if I should grab an 8bit emulator with a basic rom...I should also add that eventually I'd like to write stuff for 7800. not sure if that matters at all.
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