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  1. The switcher box came in about 2 weeks ago, sorry for not keeping updated. It improves the static, but doesn't completely remove it. Not even close. It's not quite as touchy as the old ones, but it still isn't great. However, I am OK with it for now. I sealed it in an anti-static bag, and as long as you don't move it any serious amount, it's actually almost perfect. Will post a picture of my collection and the nearly static - free screen when I get through all the games. Thanks to everyone who commented with helpful tips, and if you come across anything that can absolutely clear all the static, feel free to comment. I am in no rush to actively search for anything though. I am content.
  2. I'm afraid I purchased it before looking at this. I think it will be fine, and $25 CAD isn't anything to lose sleep over. It should arrive before the end of the month. Will keep posted.
  3. I'm buying this on Ebay. If the static isn't completely gone, I'll look into that cap. Thanks again. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/New-Switch-Box-Adapter-for-Atari-2600-Modern-Hookups-Video-Game-RF-TV-75ohm-Coax-/111599345652?hash=item19fbd6dff4:g:dVoAAMXQCZ1Tdm6x
  4. Well.. I can't explain it, but re-adding the TV switcher box actually fixed it.. Almost crystal clear. I messed around with that thing a lot before I got rid of it. But sure enough, somehow, it works. I would like to personally thank everyone who commented with helpful tips and who tried to help out. Idk why this fixes it, whether it's obvious or completely random, but it works. 20170505_165520.mp4
  5. Just ran an autoscan. Same result.
  6. They were all different types of TVs, but I will try running the autoscan and see if it helps.
  7. Here is the setup I'm currently using as far as cables are concerned. 20170504_132900.mp4
  8. Alright. I'll look into that as well. Will keep posted. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hah, that's a couple more than I'll ever need to say the least. I'll probably buy this or get one of the repair kits mentioned above. Thanks for tracking down a good deal for me
  10. No, not rude at all. Thanks for the help. I agree it's strange to have 4 from 2 different places and all have the same problem. I was surprised. I don't see anything else I could achieve externally. It looks like I'll have to get buy replacement components.
  11. I have everything. I tried all of that first. Will post pictures tomorrow.
  12. My point being, I don't really see anything else I can do that is external to the main board. I feel like I've eliminated every possible external piece. Just a cable straight from the main board to the TV. Nothing else.
  13. The final and supposedly foolproof method I used is cutting an old coax cable, holding the 2 wires of the split end up to the solder points where the rf out is on the board, and plugged it into the TV. This was a last hurrah of sorts for determining whether it was a cable or the console.
  14. Also, a bit off topic, I have 4 because my brother found one on the curb with no cables, games or controllers. I posted an ad on Facebook looking for these parts, and ended up finding a guy willing to sell 3 systems and 100 games for $200 CAD. Thus, I ended up with 4. He says they have been in storage since around 2002, just sitting in his closet.
  15. Thanks, yes, the Ataris came with about 100 games and all kinds of goodies. I've completely bypassed the switch, literally wiring straight from the solder points on the main board straight into the TV. Edit: I've also used at least 3 different cables.
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