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  1. Im just starting out, and have a bad memory, so i sometimes forget formatting and miner rules. But thanks anyways.
  2. I have a binary number, how do I check to see if an individual bit in the number is on or off. And btw, I have the binary numbers in a data array. for example: I have %11010000 I want to see if the left most bit is a one or a zero, then I want to check if the next bit is also a one or a zero, and so on. So the first two checks would come back as 1s, and the third would tell me it's a zero. EDIT ***** I may have figured it out, I just have to assine each binary number to a variable the I can check it, for example: ; Data table 02 data _Grid_Line01 %11010000, %00001101, %00000011 end a = _Grid_Line01[0] if a{0}=0 then goto __No
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