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  1. Ok never mind. As usual, as soon as I make a post I figure it out. Thanks any ways.
  2. I have a question about moving "Snapshots" from default location. When ever I do that, Stella seems unable to retrieve the image or display it in the "Snapshot" panel. It will store the image in the new location, but will not display it in the main screen of the UI. If I move it back to default, everything works fine. I know it is probably something simple I am over looking, but for right now it has me stumped.
  3. First off, I would like to thank you guys for putting the time and effort into making this excellent piece of coding that turns a mediocre little novelty toy into a top notch retro gaming machine. But with that said I have a little problem. It may be a limitation of the hardware or (I hope) a limitation of my knowledge of what to do. I am currently running V9 on a AFBX. I have purchased the full versions of Galagon, Wizard of Wor, Super Corbra Arcade, and Scramble from Champ Games. I renamed the roms using the ".a26.gme" extension and placed in the "game" folder. The only the one that will work is Scramble, the rest either go to a black screen or return you to the main menu. As of now I am using a modified R77 to play these games on my man cave tv, but I would love to be able to use the AFBX because of its ability to play 7800 and 800XL games. Thanks again for your effort in making NEXUS and thanks in advance for any help you guys may be able to offer.
  4. I don't think heat is the issue, but I will keep that in mind as I proceed. I re-flashed the SD with R77 Stella 6.5.2 and so far no freezing. Everything is running smoothly. I may leave the unit on for an extended amount of time just to see if it causes any problems that may be due to heat build up.
  5. Basically getting the same results.......freezing in the menu mostly. Using R77 Stella 6.5.3 https://github.com/DirtyHairy/r77-firmware-ng/releases/tag/stella-6.5.3
  6. I remember these from YouTube.
  7. Glad to hear. Because I had already ordered them before I made the original post. I was getting worried that I had purchased a batch of useless chips due to the low price. Compared to the others being offered on eBay these seemed to be a steal.
  8. I am needing to replace a couple of damaged DRAM chips in a 800XL. I found these on Ebay for a good price. $12 USD (shipping included) for a set of 20. From what I can find, these should work. Does anybody have an opinion on these chips or any advise on what chips should work?
  9. Found a couple of "Scorching Chips", 2 of the RAMs. Was able to replace them with 2 good ones and we are in business! Now I have 2 working 800XL's. Fantastic! My next project is to upgrade one with a ULTIMATE 1MB and a Sophia rev. C (DVI output) Thanks again for every ones input.
  10. Ok I'll ditch the PSU (minus the DIN). I do have a working 800xl w/sockets and the new PSU is here. I guess I'll put some juice to the unit and see anything gets a little too warm. Maybe it will be something obvious. I'll have to try and find my multimeter to do a little testing also. I appreciate the advice guys.
  11. This is the power supply that I was using when the unit went kaput. Since then I have purchased a power supply from The Brewing Academy. I did try a cartridge (Donkey Kong) with no luck.
  12. Well, I was able to get the solder joint re-soldered. Unfortunately that was not the problem. It will power on as for as the power light coming on and the monitor does seem to detect a signal, but no video or sound. Is it possible that it is a memory chip that is the culprit?
  13. Sounds reasonable. I do not see any caps that look problematic so I will leave them be. As for as the ram, I did locate some on ebay that are priced reasonably. I think I will get those just to have them on hand. Now the problem that I was experiencing was that the 800xl had no video or sound. Just the power light coming on. So I'm not sure if it was actually booting up or not. But in the last hour, I went back to give the unit a once over again and found a solder point had come loose. We have just moved into a new house, so my soldering iron and such is still packed up. I will get that unpacked in the morning and see if I can get this baby up and running again.
  14. I have a 800XL that is in need of a little work. I was wondering if there was an all in one kit that comes with all major CAPs that would need replacing. Also I was looking to replace all the RAM chips with new ones. I see that it uses the 4164 RAM, but is there anything else I need to be aware of when looking to buy new chips?
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