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  1. I feel the same way about 16:9. Don't see any reason to use it, unless sometime in the future a homebrew game is specifically programmed to use it as an output ratio (Not sure that is even possible). Also as long as it is still available through the Command console, I think it would be the perfect button to use.
  2. You take all the time you need. Having Stella 6 running on R77 will be worth the wait.
  3. They have their own unique feel which I find quite comfortable. And as far as the microswitches go that is what R77 joysticks use.
  4. Obadiah64

    RetroN 77

    I just noticed on https://www.hyperkin.com/r77 that there is a download link for R77 Community Build. Is this the updated Stella 3.x.x that will work with the new R77 img?
  5. Just got an email from Hyperkin informing me that my order has shipped. Tracking number from the USPS gives an expected delivery of July 9th. Will post results of game testing.
  6. No problem. I am just getting all of my components together. Thanks very much for sharing. Once I get everything together, I'll post an update. Thanks again.
  7. The best way to inform Bryan of your intention to purchase a UAV is to PM him.
  8. That was my same concern regarding Amazon in that I couldn't be certain of the quality of the parts that I was getting. Thanks for the recommendations I will definitely look into these.
  9. Just wanted to check in with you guys to see if there were any recommendations for an online vendor for purchasing electronic components. I have been installing prefabricated AV mods in my 2600's/ 7800's for about a year now. I also do work for a local Retro Game Shop. The mods I've been purchasing work well but I'm wanting to save a little money by putting my own together. Also I just enjoy the challenge. I've been looking at Amazon mainly for the shipping because I have a Prime Membership. I'd like to find a single supplier where I could order everything at once and keep the shipping cost down. Would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.
  10. This looks fantastic. I have been using an A/V mod that I purchase off eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2600-7800-A-V-Composite-RCA-Audio-Video-Mod-Kit-NEW-IMPROVED-KIT-1G-/311705759237?_trksid=p5731.m3795 I have been pleased with it so far, but I am always looking for something potentially better. I am planning to install your design in a light 6'er as soon as I can get all the components together. If possible I would like to get a copy of your PDF Eagle file. Thanks.
  11. Sounds like a 4 switch issue then. I'll do a little more searching for a solution, but probably will just let it rest for right now since most of my 2600s are 6 switches with no issues. If I find out anything else I'll post it.
  12. Well I just tried another 4 switch board, this one a revision 14, and I am getting the same problem. I just noticed ubersaurus that on your first post that you mentioned your problem was with a 14 and 17 revision 4 switch. I do not have any other revision than those to test. So I am not sure if it is a problem isolated to those revisions or if all 4 switch have this problem. I assume not or there would be more info on the forums about it. I first noticed the problem while playing Berzerk when I got to the blue robots, up till then all the colors looked good. Just seems to be a problem with the blue sprites.
  13. Definitely seems to be a pattern with the blue Sprites. I think it has something to do with the 4 switch revision 17 boards.
  14. As far as the TV being the problem I don't believe that's going to be it. I have several other 2600 some of them modded with AV output others still using the RF modulator. They work fine on this TV. This particular Vader has been AV modified with the RF modulator removed and it still has the problem. It appears to mainly be with the color blue the other color seem to be fine.
  15. Just wanted to check with you and see if you ever found a solution to this problem. I have a Vader w/Revision 17 board doing the same thing. I have replaced most of the capacitors and the voltage regulator. I have done an A/V mod. I have even replaced the TIA chip. Nothing has made a difference. Thought I would reach out to you to see if you made any progress or if you just gave up . Also in doing the A/V mod, I completely removed the RF Modulator.
  16. Just installed a UAV Basic board in a 7800. Using composite only since I don't have a TV/monitor w/s-video. When I powered it up, no picture. In fact I was getting no signal according to the TV. I left it powered while I went to get my multimeter. When I got back about 20 seconds later, a faint grey image of the game was on the screen (Galga). As I watched the screen grew brighter and the color started coming in till it was a clear bright picture. I turned it off then right back on and everything came back up as I would think it should, Atari boot screen then the game with a great picture. If I leave it off for 5 minutes or so it starts all over with the slow start, Gray picture, then slowly building up to full color. It's like it's having to warm up or something. Anybody got any ideas? If I need to post any pictures let me know.
  17. I'm using an AV mod on my Atari. The darkening seems to take place only after the game is actually started and by that I mean when I actually start playing the game a few seconds later the screen will darken slightly. When the game is just sitting there in what I call demo mode I don't notice the darkening. It only seems to happen once you start playing the game and then about a second later it goes dark just slightly.
  18. Well, I did find a setting call Dynamic Contrast and I turned it off with no effect. Its not a problem, I was just curious as to what might be causing it. Games are still playable, its just that the picture looks better before the darkening. And I also changed the AV input say "PC".
  19. I noticed when I play certain games, Joust for example, that after I start the game either by hitting the reset switch or by pressing the red controller button (as in Joust), the screen gets darker. I'm playing on a Samsung 55" LED. I have a feeling it has something to do with the TV. I don't have an old CRT to try it on for comparison. The games are still playable, just a little darker. Also my 2600 has an A/V mod, so I'm connecting through the yellow RCA video input. Just thought I would reach out and see anyone knew why this is.
  20. Ordered my first Atari VCS in 1978. Took forever to arrive. I was out in the neighborhood hanging with some friends and my mom actually drove around to find me to let me know it had arrived. Me and about 8 of my friends loaded up in the old Chrysler and headed to the house. Excitement was running HIGH! Got home and carefully unpacked the Atari. Hooked it up. Put in the Combat cartridge. Turned it on........NOTHING. NOTHING BUT STATIC. Checked all connections. Still nothing. Must have worked with it for 2 hrs trying to get it going. In the end, repacked and sent it back. Went to Sears and got the TELE-GAMES version. All was right with the world.
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