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  1. This looks really cool! FWIW, I like the clean white "SuperHot" backgrounds a little better, it helps the game look unique. Either way, looking forward to seeing the game progress! Best, Ben
  2. Hi all! I've got some games to sell, but I am also interested in trades. My want list is below, and I will add photos later today. EDIT: Photos added EDIT: Lower prices include first class shipping. Thanks for looking! Ben switch $40 Yooka Laylee (sealed) $20 Okami HD (Manual, Case) $25 Bloodstained Ritual of the Night (Case, Slipcover) SOLD dreamcast $40 Neo XYX (Manual, Case) $40 Gunlord (Manual, Case) SOLD 3ds $15 Metroid: Samus Returns (card only) SOLD Wanted snes, psx & lynx games:
  3. legeek


  4. I still think Crystal Castles... and Road Runner would be AMAZING...
  5. Holy CRAP is Star Wars AMAZING with Mouse Controls! Thank you CyranoJ (and thanks to Gatzee for publishing!) Cheers, Ben
  6. Hi there, Probably a long shot, but do any of you all have versions of either Lode Runner's Rescue or Trains that will work on a Atarimax cart? The ATRs of Trains lock up right before loading the first level, and Lode Runner's Rescue is actually a Multi Disk game. Thanks! Ben
  7. We traded N64 games and everything went great! Thanks Blaine! Ben
  8. Hi all! I have a few N64 and Lynx games for trade... [N64] Excitebike 64 Robotron 64 Both are "Gamer" carts, but the front labels are good and both play fine. I'd like to trade one for one for any of these, but happy to hear other offers: 1080 Snowboarding Blast Corps Cruisin’ USA Fzero X Re-Volt Star Wars Rogue Squadron Almost any N64 car racing game I don't have [LYNX] Warbirds with manual This one is in very nice shape... I'm looking for these (cart only is fine), but happy to hear other offers: Blockout Paperboy Roadblasters Xenophobe Thanks for looking! Cheers, Ben
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