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  1. My Number One request would be VLM support. It's all I really did with it when I had a Jag CD, and it's the main thing I miss. Thanks for all that you do, SainT! Cheers, Ben
  2. If anyone else is have trouble running the game on the Harmony Encore, I made thevnaguy's hex edits to the final rom and it runs fine for me on my Woody 4-switch. This is amazing to play orange808! In 1983 this would have blown my mind! Cheers, Ben Tron v01-00-00-enc.bin
  3. I can confirm the same behavior with my 4 switch (title screen works, showed game for 1 sec then crash) and my 7800 (game works fine, but is stuck in PAL mode due to my right difficulty switch stuck on A! 😅) Sokoban behaves the same way (but does not roll on my 7800, since there is a dedicated NTSC build) Cheers, Ben
  4. OK, I finally got to try these out on real hardware! These are absolutely top notch! Asteroids in particular feels like a new game! I'm sure you have other things you'd rather work on, but if you are taking requests, I'd love to see Championship Soccer and Air Sea Battle. Cheers! Ben
  5. Random Question: Was Buggy Boy Jag CD Only??? Cheers, Ben
  6. legeek


    Hi Charles, Received the games yesterday! Everything was in great shape thanks!!! Ben
  7. Just got Iron Soldier 2 and Worms in the mail and the labels seem to be nicer than I remember! Cheers! Ben
  8. This looks really cool! FWIW, I like the clean white "SuperHot" backgrounds a little better, it helps the game look unique. Either way, looking forward to seeing the game progress! Best, Ben
  9. Hi all! I've got some games to sell, but I am also interested in trades. My want list is below, and I will add photos later today. EDIT: Photos added EDIT: Lower prices include first class shipping. Thanks for looking! Ben switch $40 Yooka Laylee (sealed) $20 Okami HD (Manual, Case) $25 Bloodstained Ritual of the Night (Case, Slipcover) SOLD dreamcast $40 Neo XYX (Manual, Case) $40 Gunlord (Manual, Case) SOLD 3ds $15 Metroid: Samus Returns (card only) SOLD Wanted snes, psx & lynx games:
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