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  1. Quarantine DIY haircut no... 5? #lostcount

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. desiv


      Nice thing about DIY haircuts for me.  Not that I am getting better at it, because I'm not.  But I'm getting more accepting of my bad haircuts, which is almost as good!

    3. joeatari1


      Yours takes more talent to cut than mine.  I have been doing a simple buzz for about 20 years.  Set the height and go.  I have changed my facial hair a few times within that period though.

    4. legeek


      Curly Hair is pretty forgiving, I cut it dry.

  2. Amazing already, Andrew! Love the smoother scrolling and extra frames of animation on the "tiles". Cheers, Ben P.S. Huzzah!
  3. This looks great, Carl! Ordered!
  4. Cool. Do you need two pads for multiplayer on a tv? Or can player one use the stick on the unit itself?
  5. When connected to a TV, can one player use the controls on the unit itself, and the 2nd player use the arcade stick?
  6. Sadly, from what I've read, the only controllers that work are: The Official Astrocity Mini Pads The Official Astrocity Mini Pads Sticks The JP Megadrive Mini 6 button pads
  7. This is amazing! Already a HUGE improvement! If I may humbly suggest adding AtariVox support for Bleeped "Cursing"? Cheers, Ben
  8. GODDAMN WINDOWS 98!!!!!
  9. FujiNet seems like Magic to me! Do you still get the ERROR: I/O timeout when playing on a local network? Thanks! Ben
  10. Yeah what price would make sense? Also what about selling a KIT with instructions, to reduce labor? At a certain price point it could make more sense to go the FujiNet route, depending on what other stuff a user might want to do.
  11. Sweet! If you get enough interest, I would be in for TWO. Cheers, Ben
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