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  1. Excellent seller. Made sure I knew exactly what I would be buying before I made the purchase, kept me appraised every step of the way during the shipping process, and the package arrived in great shape.
  2. I'm looking for a Timex Sinclair 2068 computer, and any of the software. Please PM me if you have any you'd like to sell, thanks!
  3. That'd be great. I like what I've read about the UAV boards.
  4. Hi, looking for anyone who offers S-Video mod services on an Atari 5200.
  5. Siyahamba


    Item found, thanks
  6. Received a desoldering pump for the cost of shipping from Dauber. Arrived as described, thanks!
  7. I purchased an Astrocade composite board from Kenzre. Ken made sure I was familar with how to install it, and the board and wires arrived packed well and with some helpful advice.
  8. I purchased a modded 7800 with some games and accessories from Everett1954. My questions beforehand were answered thoroughly, and all were packed well and in great shape.
  9. I purchased some 7800 games from Chris. All were in packed well and in great shape, would definitely purchase from again!
  10. That's unusual, I sell on ebay.ca and receive Paypal payments fine, I've never been asked for a business number. 11 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm and about 1-2 grams. 18.81 Dollars Canadian. To go ANYwhere in Canada... even within my own province. Are you looking up the rates on canadapost.ca? Make sure you put the measurements in under "large envelope" rather than "parcel". I'm getting $2.03 across the country for something that size and weight.
  11. I purchased some Colecovision games, all were packed well and in excellent shape just like in the pictures.
  12. I received a Colecovision with an AV mod from bradd1978, in fantastic shape, love it! It was packed well and shipped very quickly.
  13. I'm particularly interested in the interlocking Music Mate cubes, but am open to other similar cartridge storage units.
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