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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TetriNET Grab a client and connect to tetridome.com! I'll be online in the original (not tetrifast) mode.
  2. Anyone here knows that x, y, and z will hook them up for something cheaper. For ebay however, that's a better-than-fair deal imo, and will probably sell. Just a word to the wise though: if you are able to video mod it (without drilling the chassis please, I hate when modders so that), it will be worth more for very little invested. 2600s that are video modded with only a few common carts are going for about $80-100 of ebay.
  3. that is an interesting idea ... covering it with aftermarket woodgrain covering ... hmm. Sounds like a match to me.
  4. Was about to say exactly the same thing. Just double check to make sure the polarity is correct!
  5. I bought Dragon Treasure, Frontline, and Pinball for I think in the $20s on ebay years ago and I posted about it here. Apparently, that was an okay price, but you guys can judge that. If I had the money, I would offer $100 for it I think. Zellers are fairly rare, but because they're knockoffs of usually common cartridges, most collectors don't buy them to play them, but instead, to collect them, so they're worth a little less than other carts of the same rarity. edit - I forgot to ask, what is he asking?
  6. Hey, that's interesting. It's like the high-priced auctions are scaring away people who actually want to buy the games legitimately. So perhaps the buyers are getting rarer ... does that mean that I'm a rarity 3 now?
  7. Oh here's a deal now ... 22 common carts for 400 dollars Buy It Now!! Ah man guys please don't buy it cause I'm about to!! I just wanted to show you these awesome old school Atari games that I'm about to score on! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 300428217974 It's not even worth the 50 dollar staring bid
  8. This popped up on craigslist in the last couple of hours http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/clt/1747676274.html This just popped up on ebay eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320534921968 And also eBay Auction -- Item Number: 180509138880
  9. You know, my 2600 never had a good picture on the RF output. There has always been a lot of snow and I feel that the picture was very weak. When I first bought it, it just so happened that my buddy who I was hanging out with at the time had an RF amplifier and it helped clean the picture up a bit, but not anywhere close to my satisfaction. I later did a little soldering and modded it for direct outputs without cutting up the system in any way, shape, or form. I cut up some Radioshack RCA splitters to have three female-RCA-terminated dongles sticking out of the hole the RF cable normally extruded through to provide composite video, analog audio, and the original RF feed. It works very, very good and has an amazingly colorful, rock-solid picture now. That was my solution ... but if you want to get into the really techie side that I avoided ... I have to be ambiguous in answering this as I avoided the problem from the get-go, but looking back, there are only two things that could cause the problem: a defective source or insufficient shielding. In other words, your signal is not strong enough from the beginning on the component level, the components that produce the signal are defective, or the signal is fine but there's too much interference being captured as it sends the signal to your television. Check all your traces for foreign material like spilled drinks, bugs, or any debris, check your electrolytic capacitors to make sure they're not dried up of oil, look for damaged components, and check for cold, weak, or broken solder joints. If everything is clear, make sure that everything is properly grounded (including your television) and that there is a consistent shield that is effectively grounded throughout the entire system.
  10. Is is just me, or does it seem like there are a lot of people on craigslist and ebay trying to pawn off their stuff to the next guy for hundreds and hundreds of dollars? $100 for a heavy sixer with some controllers and a dozen common carts is just right, but it's pretty silly when I see "[email protected]@K" auctions for four-switch consoles and a couple games for Buy It Now prices around $300-500. I'm thinking, 'Are you for real? Did you not see the other auctions where you could buy about eight of what yours has for the same price?' I'm even seeing games on ebay like Combat, Super Breakout, etc. being listed as "RARE" with Buy It Now prices in the double digits. This is a thing on craigslist too, look! If the posting expired, it was an ad for Combat, Asteriods, Football, and Soccer, each for $30. It's ridiculous, but I have the feeling that Atari systems are going to be extremely collectible in the next five to ten years. Not because they're getting rarer with time--even though they are, but that's not the point--but because the conceived value of this common Atari stuff is way higher than collector's standards. What I'm saying is if that if someone gets a huge wow-factor of how "hip and vintage" the games are in that craigslist ad to the point where they buy them and feel like they've made out, chances are there's more than one person who would do this. One sale after another, cartridges could become very valuable simply because it plays on a "trendy" 2600 and has the holy words, Atari, stamped on them. I wouldn't be thinking this if I didn't have to fish through these exorbitant auctions on Ebay just to find a new common cart to play for a reasonable price. What do you guys think of all this?
  11. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 170485713180 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 170485711551 One looks like a Jr and the other one looks like a battle tank. Has anyone seen these before?
  12. The AT-to-Amiga adapter would be for the keyboard. I would use a PIC to translate the keys. But for the monitor ... hrm, I see. I think I might try a couple just because. Some have 20-30 off-branded old monitors lying around. I'll expect my results to be null though ... this is good to know. Flicker filters are so expensive ...
  13. today i found some stuff... Jakks Atari tv game 2 euro Jakks Namco tv game 2 euro Atari 128 in 1 cartridge 10 euro (too much ) Sinclair joystick 1 euro Tomytronic Pro-Tennis tabletop boxed 10 euro no name mini pong console 1.90 euro EDIT: Oops... sorry sean. i thought this was the huge thrift store topic... BTW i really like your new Osborne EDIT No2! You are not Sean... you have the same avatar wooooow, nice! About the Amiga, I got a few "why are you buying that?" comments from some of the people I went with, but no need to hurry, I had a shopping cart and it was a value village I think I'm going to mess with a retr0bright formula and get rid of the yellowing!
  14. I've found: Osborne 1 $15 Panasonic Sr. Partner $15 Zenith Data Systems Z-181-92 $3.93 TI-99/4A $5 Commodore Amiga 2000HD $14 The Osborne 1 works great, but the keyboard has a shorted switch somewhere. I haven't had the time to take it apart and fix it yet. There are no system disks, so I'm going to have to create some soon! I don't have a 5 1/4" disk drive on my desktop so I got my eyes peeled for a computer with one while thrifting now The Osborne is in very good shape and the monitor looks perfect. It runs a Z80 processor. The Panasonic's copper keyboard contacts were invisibly oxidized, so I cleaned it up with some rubbing alcohol and it works great. There were two 5 1/4" disks that came with the machine: one that boots into COMPAQ DOS 1.1 and the other that contains some WordPerfect documents. The DOS disk includes GWBASIC, but for some reason, it won't break the program unless it's waiting for in INPUT function ... It's in great shape though! The printer works too! This baby is an 8086! The Zenith works perfectly. I formatted some 1.44MB 3.5" disks to double-density and got it to boot FreeDOS with some 80C88 compatibility tinkering, and have had some fun with QBASIC on it. Ironically, i bought a Compaq power supply that had the correct voltage and sufficient amperage to run it for $3.99 ... The TI-99/4A is in amazing shape! There is a very small dent above the keyboard, but it's not noticeable unless it's pointed out. I got it with the RF modulator, the original power supply (that buzzes like a freak), the power filter (what the heck does it do?), and the cassette tape cable. I've been messing around with TI-BASIC but it is stupid slow. I've recorded a few of my programs into my laptop through my sound card, and playing them back into the TI-99 works great too. I researched how the joysticks on the TI-99/4A and 2600 differ in pinout and soldered up a two-joystick adapter with some RadioShack parts and CAT-5 cable. It turned out really great and I've been able to program some BASIC that utilizes them My Amiga works great too! I am stuck using the B/W composite video output for now, but I soldered together a VGA adapter that interfaces with the DB-23 RGB video output. It doesn't work with any of the monitors I have because the scan rate is so low, but I'm going to take it to the the trift stores around here and see if I can find one that'll work! It would be nice to have color ... I also got an external AE 3.5" disk drive with it too, but it was sold separately from the computer (thrift store employees barely know anything about this stuff). Anyway, it has a built-in hard drive! It boots and runs great off of it too. There are a few games and apps on it, but without a good color output, it's kinda worthless for now. I also don't have the keyboard, so I'm keyboardless. I think I'm going to solder up an AT-to-Amiga adapter. I'll get some pictures up when I find some time ... college is making me think about finals week pretty intently. What do you guys think of my finds?
  15. I just got a job doing data entry and I'm see-saw-ing between using my beloved Model M at work or not. I don't want to wear out the plastic on the keys using it constantly for eight hours a day, five days a week, but my other conern is that I don't want to sound like I'm jackhammering a sidewalk apart in my cubicle. Do you think that this keyboard would be too loud for the job? I guess I should just show up with it and see if anyone complains. I suppose with all the people listening to music on the job, it doesn't really matter anyway. I'm using some cheapo Dell right now, and man, the difference ... What are your thoughts?
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