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  1. The pen is often refered to as mighter than the sword, in this case the keyboard. My exceptional typing ability will crush your 7 times as much number into oblivion. By the way, yes, I also like my avatar. Gee, all this lurking is making me thirsty... [ 10-19-2001: Message edited by: dollopx ]
  2. No longer will I feel small and stupid for living with this 50 something number. I am a lurker, I would be seriously pissed off (excuse the language) if my number got bumped just cause I was busy. Ha Ha Ha, I got a higher number!!!!
  3. I just wanted to say what a great addition. I had always wondered if 2600 games had any real cheats and hidden "eggs", and this section, along with the digitalpress' section is just GREAT!!! ....i notice that my No Escape cheat is not listed, it's in the digitalpress' egg section.....
  4. dollopx

    New Rank!

    Ha, you think your inadequate!!! Firstly, I got only the one star, and secondly I made a REALLY stupid post the other night. Oh god, was that stupid. "Where's the search option" God I feel like a moron!!
  5. Well, first I'd like to apologize for any miss - typing of anything contained herein. It'ts late and i'm drunk, but here goes 1. I think, you know how sme some sites have that JavaScript that says how many people are online at the site at one time, well how bout using that script in the forums... You know, like 5 people are currently browsing the forums etc... 2. An option to search the forums for topics and replies etc, I wouldn't want to see such a thing on every page, but more on a link etc I'm sure I had more ideas to swank up the message board, but I just can't think of them right now....
  6. Yep, found the search. Thanks. I was just thinking what would be good additions to the boards.
  7. Firstly, I can't believe that in your journeys across the net, you haven't found this rom!!! I got the Pitfall 2 rom packed in a zip file containing every rom starting with P. Some of the less "quality" sites will pack their Atari 2600 roms this way. Most of the good sites like EdgeEmu will have the rom available as a separte downlod. Problem with most rom sites is those nastly little pop - ups!!! Lastly, and I mean this is the nicest possible way, doesn't AtariAge (you are here) have this rom, I haven't checked, but I'm sure they must Hope this helps...
  8. dollopx

    Your Back!!!!

    I'd also like to offer my congrats for returning. I thought that my net access had been disabled or something or that I had been blocked from the site. It was a tough day there. Did anyone else notice that if you put your mouse over the AtariAge logo next to the news item explaining about the downtime, the tooltip text says: Do'h Anyway...
  9. Hmmm, interesting theory. Thanks for helping.
  10. Just a short, non - spaming question about the Atari.Com url. There was a thread runing last week pointing out that Atari is now owned by Infogrames, and that Infogrames intends to rename itself Atari, if so then why does Hasboro still own / operate (poorly) the Atari.Com url?
  11. It'd like to make the point that I think that message board rankings could give some people an inflated ego. While it is cool and really makes the board interesting, rankings create a "class system" amongst users. And no, I ain't bithcing cause I have a low post count, thus low stars (I only post when I think I have a contribution to make), I'm just pointing out that before we were all equal (except for post count and member number), but now we are ranked. I think I'm getting confused, but I'm sure you can understand what I'm trying to say...
  12. Can I be a lord? I could be "dollopx - Atari Lord of Ignorance"
  13. I understand how you guys feel, but I'm only a bad VB programmer, so screwing with an emulator written in assembly is a little out of league. z26 runs at about 90% the speed of a 2600, while you can notice a slowdown, its not enough to either make the game agonizing to play nor easier. And anyway, like wntermute said, you could just solder a (quoting)potentiometer to the 2600 board to slow it down.
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