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  1. An original USA model 1040 STE with 117V rated power supply All standard unmodified spec except for the 4MB memory upgrade TOS 1.06 USA version / Good DMA IC / FDD working / TESTED OK £250 Please ask for shipping costs, will post worldwide
  2. Philips CM8833 MKII RGB Colour Monitor with NEW L.O.P.T and Power Switch Fitted, all ports re-soldered Front flap missing £250 Will ship to UK and Europe Message me for shipping price
  3. As i said to you in the PM i sent on 18/12/19 the game boxes have been shipped, obviously Christmas will slow it all down so you just need to be patient and wait for them to arrive which will be sometime in January 2020
  4. yes you should! Not many copies of Burnout left...Doom is the next one in short supply...
  5. Sure, where in the world are located and i'll PM you the total cost
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