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  1. Thanks BalloonFight! Yoshi's book is GONE! Any others? Cassidy
  2. Hi all, Have a few things for sale. The 3D0 secrets book comes with the FZ-1 manual, in case you would ever need one (I don't!). Book is in very good shape, non smoking home, climate controlled (no water or funk smell) 12 for both, plus 2 for shipping in the US 48 EGM magazine is gone Nintendo Power Volume 68, January 95. Good overall condition, 6 bucks plus 2 bucks shipping in the US Super Mario World Yoshi's Island Nintendo Players Guide. I never beat the game, actually never played very far into it so the book is like new. 10 shipped in the US Super NES Players Guide Publish date is 1992. Neat old-school launch mag, in decent shape. Priced at 13.99 from Toys R Us on the cover, $14 shipped in the US
  3. My auction, thought I would share. Would accept reasonable offers from AA members If you have an American Gamecube this will let you play other Japanese games as well. Easy to use. Bonk (PC Genjin) is the character from many of the TG-16 games. http://www.ebay.com/itm/PC-Genjin-Bonks-Big-Adventure-Gamecube-with-Region-Enabler-Free-Loader-TG-16-/262166908699?hash=item3d0a5d8f1b:g:GvAAAOSwnipWWzve
  4. And I think that is the fastest SOLD post I have EVER had! Thanks Atariguy. PM sent.
  5. That about sums up what I have. They are the old-school black extensions from back in the 80's, not some hack or Neo Geo mod. These have been with my 5200 since it was new. Both were tested in the summer and worked fine, I just don't use the system and don't need both of these. Will be selling a Command Control soon too. 25 Shipped in the US. If you are overseas, PM me and we can figure out postage. Would rather NOT ship abroad if I can avoid (holiday rush at post office is awful). Pac Man and Burgertime not included Cassidy
  6. Not super rare but nice boxes for both. Yoshi was new when I got it in 2004, I played it several times and put back in the box. Manuals have not been opened or the poster, papers, etc. Box shows slight crushing on right spine, presents well and doesn't show ink or surface wear near the fold. Tried to photograph it for you, let me know if you need more info. 18 shipped in the US. Defender for Colecovision from Atarisoft. Orange box in decent overall shape. Top flap is ripped of course, was opened by a rabid gamer in about 1984. Overall good condition on the game label and manual. Very nice addition and priced fairly. 18 shipped in US. Will combine shipping for any of my sales stuff, will pass savings back to you. PM me if interested. Thanks! No, not getting out of collecting, just clearing some stuff I don't play or display. Cassidy
  7. Not a huge Zelda fan but ended up with this new in box about 10 years ago. Very presentable with no crushing. Shrinkwrap is not crushing the box. The game was on a store shelf so there is some scuffing around the corners. I am not a super picky boxed sealed guy so I will do my best to get you any other info you want on it. Asking 45 shipped in the US. Paypal is best Have some other things for sale this week, will combine shipping and pass savings back to you for multiple items. Thanks! Cassidy
  8. Got this in a lot some years back. I was the first to open it, although the shrinkwrap was long gone (if it ever had it) and someone wrote the name of the game on the box. Very little shelf wear. Label is peeling off but no plaque and it is near flawless. Asking for 45 shipped. Selling some other boxed games as well. Would combine shipping and pass savings on to the buyer
  9. Gents, Maybe someone here has done this before or has a much easier solution... Thinking of building a multiboard arcade and will use a flat LCD screen (beyond cheap these days). I know it is not authentic but where it will be, classic hardware would not stand up long. I need to have the monitor turn on with the cabinet, like a true arcade. My current idea is to get an Arduino board and wire in a short 500ms program to complete a circuit to ground, then use a very small relay to connect to the on/off button. That way it cycles once power is applied to the Arduio which would be a second or two after the power to the arcade was turned on and voila, tv on. That is a sure-fire way to do it, but kinda like using a Ferrari to get groceries. Are there any non-30 buck fixes I am missing here? Cassidy
  10. This is a gift for a friend, looking for one that works but might need a new cart connector, or one you have already done. I need the power supply and an RF cable too (if possible, don't the early ones have RCA outputs?). Nothing fancy, just need a decent looking one. Also need Super Mario 1,2 and 3. In a perfect world, would buy all three from the same person PM me what you have, Paypal ready for a good deal. Cassidy
  11. What is the matter with the trackball? It comes apart with just a few phillips screws and there isn't really much to go wrong. It is FAR easier to disassemble than the regular controllers. If it is the ball itself, I would recommend emory cloth and some alcohol to break down the gunk on the rollers and on the third support bearing. Then soak the trackball (same one in a Centipede arcade machine, that is why the darn thing works so well!) in a solution of Clorox and water to brighten it up some (still will be yellow but breaks down ALL the stains and spotting). Any exposed button contacts can easily be cleaned up with a pencil eraser. Unlike the fire buttons on a regular 5200 controller that use membrane material and contact through a piece of rubber (like NES and later systems) the 5200 trackball uses pop buttons like a 2600 controller. Easy to lift the tape up, clean under them on both sides with a pencil eraser and stick them back down. Hope that is useful to you! Cassidy
  12. I have three for sale. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks for the support! Cassidy
  13. Molds do have a life cycle. They have to be retooled in order to stay sharp on edges, etc. I would imagine many of the molds were sold to the Taiwan clone companies many, many years ago. When their marketability was gone, I would imagine they were destroyed or remilled into other things. It would be possible to remake the molds with a CNC machine but the bigger picture is where would you find a big enough injection molder to make case halves. I bet that machine would be the size of a truck! Your local fab lab won't have that lying around!
  14. Working on another batch now. I have shipped all that have sold. It is amazing the resurgence of interest! Thank you for the support. If you would like one just let me know. I will have a few more black ones later this week. Those of you that paid over the weekend, they are on their way! Thanks again. Cassidy
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