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  1. I totally agree, I mean I still have 3 Toys R Us tickets I held onto somehow..just a quick glance at these bring me right back. . one for Super Mario 2, another for Godzilla and the last for TurboGrafix Cd system....i sware when I expand my game room, Im going to have homedepot color match this ToysRus yellow for my walls.. The point of this topic really is I ended up with a couple sealed games and I rather not leave them sealed if its going to continue to compress the box, that line where the benefits of a sealed copy turns into a negative ...if that makes sense
  2. Yes to what..... always impossible, or, can randomize correctly
  3. Well I meant games of the twinstick variety
  4. Is the original “always impossible. Or can it randomly actually still be possible once in a while?
  5. Hmmm ok thanks so much Janitor Sean. I was looking for something besides robotron to use this little project setup me and my little girl built one weekend. Can anyone recommend some twin sticks for 7800/2600/400-800?
  6. So the mindset of a collector of sealed games isnt to keep them sealed and resell st a premium, when it comes to these older systems at least. But more to assure it is intact complete and the cart is in working order?
  7. Kaiju

    Ikari warriors

    Jimmy G hit it on the head. I would take Any top down run and gun port, in a twin stick mode. Imagine commando..jackle....Time Warriors. God I love twin stick shooters
  8. Personally I want to play everything...if for only a handful of times. see what I missed out on back then, then Im the box and on the shelf.. Anyways my question is. I noticed the few times I got any new old stock, the box seams to be buckling naturally under the old seal. Outside of unwrapping obviously, how do you guys battle this? Or is there a point where the box buckle = seal and it remains the way it is from that point on.
  9. Hmm I assumed a y into second player with the vox and fire stick. I checked out the video, but Im not sure what to compare Seans results against. Are there missing voices or just oddly sounding voices?
  10. Hey, just a quick question. I am not familiar with the Vox, so if someone can clarify: How would one go about playing in twin stick mode, and, support the Vox? Or is it simply not do-able?
  11. This is super useful. Thanks so much. Though still isn’t complete or breaks down limited/CE
  12. I have been going nuts trying to find all the upcoming physicals nevermind collectors editions...
  13. Augh. Sorry for the neck straining photos ......
  14. Hey guys, so Im about to move...and really (by wife decree..) need to unload some stuff. Selling my 600xl as is. Its boxed with original foam. Psu and RF. * there is a memory issue, it was working fine for a few years, then out of the blue I was getting mem-test errors. Im far from 8-bit savy, so rather than trouble shoot..I just found a 800xl and packed this away. (I have some old treads here asking for advice on the errors). So anyone up for a project piece or if your just upgrading ram anyways...this is a good place to start. Feel free to message me with offers, and Any question or whatever just ask guys. Thanks.
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