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  1. Cool! Thank You! Outstanding Job! A+! Keep up the great artwork!
  2. Love the box art! Very cool!! One minor thing to fix though to make it perfect: the word "Periferals" should be "Peripherals". But great job overall!!
  3. Thank you for scanning and sharing this. Very cool piece of history!
  4. You get them by PM'ing Simius directly. He will then PM you back with pricing and availability information.
  5. Thank you, Jeff, for making that generous offer. I'm in the US as well (Washington State), so it is nice to know I have a back up go-to in the US if things go awry! Hopefully I won't need your services, but you never know!! Our friends in the UK are spoiled to have Jon (flashjazzcat) in their backyard readily available to them!
  6. +1 on the second option. Looks really good!!
  7. Here is tf_hh's information from his website: http://www.van-radecke.de/STUFF/tfhh_HW_info.pdf
  8. You're welcome! I love your project website -- it is so cool! Here's another angle for planting the seed: if you were to come out with a PDF for $9.95, you would then have three distinct price points -- Free (AtariProjects.org Website), $9.95 (PDF), and $19.95 (Physical Book). This way, you cover all the possible markets for your book. Continued success to you, your website, and your book!!
  9. Any plans to offer a PDF version of the book for sale?
  10. Great news, Jim!! Looking forward to the final product!!
  11. Slghtly off-topic, but directly related to your comment above: Another group that could really use your creative talents in the BIOS GUI department is the EclaireXL Project (all variants). Their menu is fully functional, but unfortunately not very attractive. What can I say -- you spoil us Jon in this area with your excellent BIOS GUIs for U1MB/Incognito/SIDE2. I'm not affiliated with the EclaireXL Project in any way, shape, or form. This is simply one man's opinion. I just wanted to make you aware of another project that could use your talents. Please consider it a complement that when I see their menu system, the first thing I think of is how much better their (EclaireXL users) experience would be if they could use your style of BIOS GUI on their machine. However, I do realize that you are just one man, and you can't do it all. Thank you so much for all that you have done -- we all appreciate it more than we can adequately express.
  12. How do you tell what version of the Antonia firmware you're running? Is there a utility that can be run to tell you? And what is the latest version number right now?
  13. +1 thanks to you DrVenkman, for suggesting to keep the IO noise!
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