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  1. Will your new releases also work on the Atari 8-bit cores for the MiST (Cyclone III) and MiSTer (Cyclone V) FPGA computers?
  2. Here is the link to Mr. Robot's .CAR collection that was talked about: https://atari8bit.net/dl/
  3. @santosp Please put me on the list for one. Thank You!!
  4. Thank you @mozzwald and @mytek for your feedback about a potential wired/wireless FujiNet. I agree that the FujiNet servers the vast majority of the Atari community very well in its current state. The discussion did lead to some excellent suggestions to add a "wired" ability to FujiNet by either (1) using a RPi as a wireless access point (Thank You, @Brentarian!) or (2) using a SIO2PC-USB adapter with the FujiNet-PC project (Thank You @apc and @Mazzspeed!).
  5. I haven't heard of this. Thank you for the suggestion! I will look into this as another option.
  6. Great suggestion! I was thinking that this would wind up being my solution to use wired ethernet with FujiNet in the end.
  7. When it comes time in a year or two or three to design a "FujiNet 2.0", please consider adding ethernet ability to it. Whether that means adding more pins, using an ESP32 that does have a USB host (but is fully backward compatible with the one you're using now), or by some other method not thought of at this time. In fact that could be your selling point for the 2.x series FujiNet: ethernet (hard-wire) capability. It would probably be implemented through some sort of custom cable dongle, which would have either a USB-based or some other small connection to the FujiNet on one end, and an RJ-45 socket on the other end. I understand that ethernet is a no-go for all series 1.x FujiNets. But please please consider adding that feature to the 2.x series FujiNets.
  8. The middle link for the 1088XEL only gives the cover of the manual as a single page .jpg (rather than a .pdf of several pages, like the other two links). Please have a look at that. Thank You!!
  9. Order placed for Issue 15. Looking forward to it. Thank You!!
  10. Where is your website? Can you post a link to this newly updated Atari800XL MiST core, please? Thank You!!
  11. It fits the 800 (and 400 also) just fine. No need to keep the lid open (on either the 800 or 400).
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