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  1. Have you seen the excellent Atari Projects - Fun projects for your Atari 8-bit home computers and video game consoles? http://atariprojects.org Highly recommended!!
  2. Check out this topic on the main page of the Atari 8-Bit Computers Forum: Sophia 2 - improved GTIA replacement Be sure to start with Page 1. The answers you seek are there.
  3. I went back and looked at Lotharek's VBXE Installation manual (I should have done that before I asked my original question, as that would have told me right then and there that a direct DVI connection would not be possible), and I noticed he gave two example connections that could be made: a SCART connector and a DB-9 connector. So my new question is this: how about connecting the VBXE analogue RGB signal output to a DE-HD15 (i.e. VGA) style connector, which does support analogue video data? Is that doable?
  4. Well, shoot! I guess that won't work. Thanks for setting me straight, Jon.
  5. How about this option: Make a cable to feed the VBXE RGB video to the Sophia's DVI connection board. So this way, you're not using (or installing) the FPGA part of the Sophia at all, you're only using the DVI connection board as an output for the installed VBXE RGB board. This also might offer another upgrade path for Sophia 1 users (like myself): Use the existing DVI connection board we already have and pair it with a VBXE RGB board (and custom cable to connect to it) rather than a Sophia 2 to connect to it.
  6. Thank you for the English version!! Looking forward to more English versions as they become available!! I'm a new ABBUC member. Are there any other English versions of your quarterly magazine from previous years (2019 on backward) available? Considering this year is your 35th Anniversary (Congratulations!!), how many of your other previous issues (aside from issues 139 to 141 and the upcoming issue 142 which you explained above) are available in an English version?
  7. irich2


    There is also this option, Lotharek's 5-signal SIO Cable: https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=174 Of course, you still have to add the small connection on the other end of the cable for use with the AVGCART.
  8. Applesauce is a floppy drive controller for connecting vintage Apple ][ 5.25″ and 3.5″ floppy drives up to your modern computer via a USB connection. Applesauce website: https://applesaucefdc.com Below is a link describing the latest release of their imaging software, which now supports the ability to image Atari 8-Bit Disks: https://applesaucefdc.com/2020/06/16/release-1-37-major-fast-imager-5-25-upgrades-and-now-supports-commodore-atari-8-bit-and-other-platforms/?fbclid=IwAR2wYJDks5c49XOa8VcfELdEhEn6tpKjqpljQRrdyO42szYxZxbAZ47-Cks Disclaimer: I do not own or have any connection with this product. I am providing the link to my fellow Atarians for your interest and information only. Any inquiries about the product or its software should be directed to its creator, John Keoni Morris. He is a member of the "Apple II Enthusiasts" Facebook Group. Applesauce Contact Page: https://applesaucefdc.com/contact/
  9. Simius, is it possible to reflash the FPGA in the Sophia 1 to bring over some and / or all of the new hardware features on the Sophia 2? If possible, this would provide a "hardware-feature upgrade path" for current Sophia 1 owners.
  10. Cool! Thank You! Outstanding Job! A+! Keep up the great artwork!
  11. Love the box art! Very cool!! One minor thing to fix though to make it perfect: the word "Periferals" should be "Peripherals". But great job overall!!
  12. Thank you for scanning and sharing this. Very cool piece of history!
  13. You get them by PM'ing Simius directly. He will then PM you back with pricing and availability information.
  14. Thank you, Jeff, for making that generous offer. I'm in the US as well (Washington State), so it is nice to know I have a back up go-to in the US if things go awry! Hopefully I won't need your services, but you never know!! Our friends in the UK are spoiled to have Jon (flashjazzcat) in their backyard readily available to them!
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