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  1. Thank you, Jon! Successfully downloaded the new firmware from your website. I look forward to upgrading and using your new firmware soon!
  2. I do!! Thank you, Tim!! Successfully downloaded!!
  3. Ah....thank you! I totally missed the fact that the picture was the link!
  4. URL to the Mega Site please? Thank you in advance!
  5. Respectfully request you contact Jim Drew of CBMStuff.com (http://www.cbmstuff.com). He recently posted on the Apple II Enthusiasts Group on Facebook about a 6502 Accelerator board he is working on that could work not only in the Commodore 8-bit computers, but also the 8-bit Apple II and Atari computers. Here is the Facebook link: Maybe you and he can share information and/or ideas about 6502 Acceleration, and how best to implement it in (in our case) in our beloved Atari computers?
  6. What are the other tech and retro groups you run? I enjoy reading your comments (and appreciate you sharing your renewed Atari knowledge) and would love to know where else I can get more tech and retro knowledge from other great people in the community.
  7. Yay!!!!! I (and am sure MANY others) can hardly wait!!! Thank you SO MUCH Jon for your excellent work!!!
  8. Great book, Karl!! Received mine from you recently, and am eagerly looking forward to Volume 2!!
  9. *** UPDATE ***: Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. They are greatly appreciated!! Thank you for pointing this thread out, flashjazzcat. It was a very informative read, and I see what you mean by the fix appearing to tail off, since the last post was in late February 2017. Hopefully now with a little prompting from me, we might see a solution here in 2019. Great suggestion. I've done a new round of testing to narrow down / confirm the suspected cause of the problem. I forgot to mention that I use Dropcheck's 1200XL Cart Extender Board with a 3D printed case made by Corei64. This combination looks and works GREAT, so I have no problem plugging in any Atari 8-Bit designed cartridge into my 1200XL. I "De-Antonia'd" the 1200XL (restored back to stock CPU, MMU, Rev 10 OS), but left the Sophia DVI in place. In this configuration, the MyIDE-II cartridge works perfectly!! I was able to load and run programs from the Main Workbook Menu Screen, as well as be able to run programs via the FAT32 Loader option. Both of my MyIDE-II cartridges (one with stock configuration, one with updated MyBIOS-V04) work similarly well. No issues. I also decided to test my other multi-carts as well, so I can tell you that these work without issue as well in the Stock + Sophia DVI configuration: TheCart!, Ultimate Cart, UNO Cart, AVGCart, and SIDE2. I then reinstalled Antonia, and selected one of the default XL OS with Atari Rev. C BASIC options (the Antonia comes with all 8 slots filled with Stock XL OS and Atari Rev. C BASIC). I then tested all of my multi-carts again. All of my multi-carts that I listed above work without issue in the Antonia + Sophia DVI configuration EXCEPT for the MyIDE-II carts. The MyIDE-II carts produce the same results that I listed in Message #1 above. Simius's statement above concurs with two private e-mails I received from Mr. Tucker of AtariMAX and Sijmen (Mr-Atari). Both mentioned phi2 signal abnormalities that are produced by the Antonia upgrade as the source cause of the incompatibility with the MyIDE-II cartridge. I'm sure that Simius's upcoming fix will include addressing these phi2 signal abnormalities. My Antonia board is a Rev. C with the latest firmware as of April 2019 when I purchased it (which, by the way, is there a way to tell exactly what version of the firmware I'm running, without having to hook up a USB Blaster and running the Altera Quartus software?), so I don't know if the upcoming fix will involve just a firmware upgrade to the Rev. C board, a new Rev. D board with existing firmware, or a new Rev. D board with new firmware. Regardless, I look forward to the fix, in whatever final form it takes.
  10. Welcome back! Check out the first message in the "Topic For Newbies" that is pinned at the top of this forums' page 1. Here is a link for a pdf of the current state of A8 storage options from that topic to get you started: A8 loading devices.pdf
  11. EDIT: I have also contacted Mr. Tucker of AtariMAX for his advice on this matter (awaiting reply).
  12. I have contacted Mr-Atari directly (awaiting reply), but I thought in the meantime I would also tap into the collective wisdom and experience of the forum for assistance. Here is my situation: I have two MyIDE II cartridges (both were purchased in April 2019), one with the original workbook and MyBIOS software that Mr. Tucker ships with, and one that has been updated to Mr-Atari's latest MyBIOS-V04. Both work great with my NTSC 800XL with U1MB installed. I also have two SIDE2 cartridges, both updated with flashjazzcat’s 2018 firmware, and they both work great on my NTSC 800XL U1MB AND my NTSC 1200XL with Antonia 4MB installed (Antonia 4MB Upgrade also purchased in April 2019). Unfortunately, neither MyIDE II cartridge works with my NTSC 1200XL Antonia 4MB. My 1200XL motherboard is DA 213 Rev. A. It has had its composite video cleaned up and +5V restored to the SIO port. All 1200XL IC Chips remain installed with my Antonia 4MB (in other words, only the 6502 CPU and MMU IC Chips were removed to install the Antonia 4MB). I also have Sophia DVI (NTSC 1280x1024) upgrades installed in both my NTSC 800XL U1MB and NTSC 1200XL Antonia 4MB. The results listed below were the same with composite and Sophia DVI video (the Sophia DVI video just looks much sharper and clearer). Here are the combinations I’ve tried: OPTIONS RESULTS Antonia 4MB Stock MyIDE II Upgraded My IDE II (MyBIOS-V04) RAMBO 1MB, Stock XL OS, Rev C BASIC No screen (Dark) Lit screen (Scrambled Title Screen) 800XL 64K, Stock XL OS, Rev C BASIC No screen (Dark) Lit screen (Scrambled Title Screen) 130XE 128K, Stock XL OS, Rev C BASIC No screen (Dark) Lit screen (Scrambled Title Screen) RAMBO 1MB, My-BIOS-ROM-FMP (V04), Rev C BASIC Lit screen (Jumbled Colors/Characters) Lit screen (Scrambled Title Screen) I've read in the AtariMAX forums and here in the AtariAge Forums that there were issues with Antonia and MyIDE II compatibility, and that Mr-Atari was working on a solution, but I never saw any resolution or solution offered for a NTSC 1200XL with an Antonia 4MB (unless I missed that memo somewhere???). Does anyone have a NTSC 1200XL with an Antonia 4MB that they have used successfully with a MyIDE II cartridge? If so, what and how did you do it? If not, is it that these two pieces of hardware are simply incompatible with each other and therefore simply will not work together? I don’t know what else to try. Any and all suggestions for resolution (whether compatibility is possible or not, I just want to know for sure one way or the other) are welcome. Thank you all for your assistance and feedback. Have a great day!! irich2
  13. I love the Atari Fonts!! Great choice Kyle22!!
  14. I agree!! Jon does some truly amazing work in installing new upgrades into our old hardware! Be sure to see the videos he referenced in Message #18 above for U1MB with Adaptus Adapter install. His YouTube Channel with his amazing Atari 8-Bit Installation videos can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4nx-i-2K34RDHyDn06i7Ng
  15. You can buy another 1200XL here: https://www.eightbitfix.com/for-sale/8-bit-hardware/
  16. You're not wrong -- here's how its done:
  17. I can vouch for the extender board above -- it works great and is SIDE2 Cartridge friendly. You can also get a 3D printed case for it here: https://corei64.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=62_87&product_id=186 https://corei64.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&path=62_87&product_id=187
  18. I installed an U1MB upgrade in an 800XL solderlessly using the Rapidus Adaptus Adapter for the 800XL this past weekend and I can tell you that it is possible and definitely does work. (Tip of the hat to Flashjazzcat and his awesome Atari 8-bit repair videos on YouTube for articulating this idea during one of his U1MB install videos -- Thank You!!). If you haven't ordered your U1MB yet, make sure you request Lotharek to include the Adapter (it's actually 2 PCBs with a connecting ribbon cable) and the 4-pin cable you'll need to connect the Adapter to the U1MB. The following video from Lotharek's site demonstrates how to do the install with the Adaptus Adapter for the 800XL: ATARI 800XL Rapidus and Ultimate installation This is the video I followed to install my U1MB in an 800XL.
  19. This video should help shed some light on the subject:
  20. Agreed!! Thank you SO MUCH, Bill!!
  21. Nir Dary of The Modern Atari 8Bit Computer made a video a couple of years ago on how to upgrade the SIDE2 cartridge:
  22. Check out this link for a partial answer: https://ultimate64.com and this link: https://www.cbmstuff.com/index.htm I'm sure others will chime in soon with other links they're aware of.
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