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  1. Jeez, you aren't kidding. 15 years ago 3DO stuff was super cheap, as in you could score FZ-1's for $30 on ebay all day long. Now everything retro has a huge price tag... It is the primary reason why I traded and sold almost my entire NES+SNES+Genesis cartridge collection. 3DO is starting to become too expensive too...
  2. I had wanted to do a longbox collection but it is now becoming out of my financial comfort zone. I may just settle on disc only and print up some quality DVD case inserts instead. I just hope the emulation gets better.
  3. I love my 3D Zero adaptor I got when it came out but I really just prefer to use my original OEM controller I got with my FZ-1 when I got it in 1995. I also have three Pro Pads that are shaped like that SNES programmable pad (2 sealed) but the Stop button is where the B button is on the SNES controller so I'm constantly hitting it and pausing when I play Super Street Fighter II Turbo. LOL It's annoying.
  4. Man I wish this wasn't expensive and required solder skills. I'm desperate to play my 3DO stuff without emulation but alas its probably good I keep my system is brilliant condition and just emulate. Same with my Saturn...but Saturn emulation is horrendous.
  5. This is a fascinating topic. Thanks for sharing. I ended up selling/trading my Japanese 3DO. Maybe I should of kept it?
  6. Updated the list after acquiring a few more. I still cannot seem to find the Korean releases on any site that ships to the US. The International HK/SG release is also proving difficult to find. Anyway, I'm still interested in acquiring any on my list I do not have and or any that are not on my list.
  7. *bump* Well I emailed Atari since they own whatever is left of Metropolis Digital & GT Interactive and of course they ignored my email inquiring about an old game. I won't give up on this!
  8. Don't throw anything away. I'll take the box/manual/etc and whatever else you don't want. I could use a box for display and I'd hate to see it tossed in the trash. I'll pay for the shipping box and the actual shipping cost.
  9. ^ This. I've already stated my opinion pretty much everywhere on how I loathe digital media and the whole push to digital so I won't rehash it here. All I will say is I literally just got an unlimited bandwidth ISP and I'm glad I did because the sizes of these games are ludicrous. Pretty soon my 1TB PS4 Pro will seem like a floppy drive. Good thing I bought a 2TB external for my XBOX One because my 512GB just wouldn't cut it nowadays. How assbackwards is that. I used to be concerned about my PC games fitting on my 25MB harddrive... My have things changed.
  10. Cannot wait for 3.0!! Going from space to a planet/moon and vise versa looks amazing.
  11. This guy, like almost all youtube people, over accentuates and yells too much. Decent info but horrible video presentation. He's quintessentially what I don't like about youtube and the gaming culture right now. But I digress. On this topic of the Seedi I'm disappointed that this is turning out to be a farce. But let me say this, I have no problem paying someone for a system that legitimately does play 90's CD based games and DOS games. I don't have the technical ability to build my own machine nor do I have the time. There is such a huge market for 90's gaming that we need something like this in an attractive package. I don't want a notebook nor do I want some half-assed Raspberry Pi concoction that I'd have to slap together with chewing gum and duct tape. With a ton of modern TVs not able to even use the HD Retrovision cables (like all 3 of mine) some retro systems are pretty much emulation only if you don't want or have space for a clunky CRT. Someone needs to legitimately come up with something that isn't a scam or whatnot for the community.
  12. It isn't pay to win right now because it is still in development.
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