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  1. Jeez, you aren't kidding. 15 years ago 3DO stuff was super cheap, as in you could score FZ-1's for $30 on ebay all day long. Now everything retro has a huge price tag... It is the primary reason why I traded and sold almost my entire NES+SNES+Genesis cartridge collection. 3DO is starting to become too expensive too...
  2. I had wanted to do a longbox collection but it is now becoming out of my financial comfort zone. I may just settle on disc only and print up some quality DVD case inserts instead. I just hope the emulation gets better.
  3. I love my 3D Zero adaptor I got when it came out but I really just prefer to use my original OEM controller I got with my FZ-1 when I got it in 1995. I also have three Pro Pads that are shaped like that SNES programmable pad (2 sealed) but the Stop button is where the B button is on the SNES controller so I'm constantly hitting it and pausing when I play Super Street Fighter II Turbo. LOL It's annoying.
  4. Man I wish this wasn't expensive and required solder skills. I'm desperate to play my 3DO stuff without emulation but alas its probably good I keep my system is brilliant condition and just emulate. Same with my Saturn...but Saturn emulation is horrendous.
  5. This is a fascinating topic. Thanks for sharing. I ended up selling/trading my Japanese 3DO. Maybe I should of kept it?
  6. Updated the list after acquiring a few more. I still cannot seem to find the Korean releases on any site that ships to the US. The International HK/SG release is also proving difficult to find. Anyway, I'm still interested in acquiring any on my list I do not have and or any that are not on my list.
  7. *bump* Well I emailed Atari since they own whatever is left of Metropolis Digital & GT Interactive and of course they ignored my email inquiring about an old game. I won't give up on this!
  8. Don't throw anything away. I'll take the box/manual/etc and whatever else you don't want. I could use a box for display and I'd hate to see it tossed in the trash. I'll pay for the shipping box and the actual shipping cost.
  9. ^ This. I've already stated my opinion pretty much everywhere on how I loathe digital media and the whole push to digital so I won't rehash it here. All I will say is I literally just got an unlimited bandwidth ISP and I'm glad I did because the sizes of these games are ludicrous. Pretty soon my 1TB PS4 Pro will seem like a floppy drive. Good thing I bought a 2TB external for my XBOX One because my 512GB just wouldn't cut it nowadays. How assbackwards is that. I used to be concerned about my PC games fitting on my 25MB harddrive... My have things changed.
  10. Cannot wait for 3.0!! Going from space to a planet/moon and vise versa looks amazing.
  11. This guy, like almost all youtube people, over accentuates and yells too much. Decent info but horrible video presentation. He's quintessentially what I don't like about youtube and the gaming culture right now. But I digress. On this topic of the Seedi I'm disappointed that this is turning out to be a farce. But let me say this, I have no problem paying someone for a system that legitimately does play 90's CD based games and DOS games. I don't have the technical ability to build my own machine nor do I have the time. There is such a huge market for 90's gaming that we need something like this in an attractive package. I don't want a notebook nor do I want some half-assed Raspberry Pi concoction that I'd have to slap together with chewing gum and duct tape. With a ton of modern TVs not able to even use the HD Retrovision cables (like all 3 of mine) some retro systems are pretty much emulation only if you don't want or have space for a clunky CRT. Someone needs to legitimately come up with something that isn't a scam or whatnot for the community.
  12. It isn't pay to win right now because it is still in development.
  13. I already have a very good Harmon Kardon bluetooth speaker (similar design as the speakers I posted earlier) but I don't have a bluetooth receiver on my PC and I'd really want a 2.1 system.
  14. The ultimate solution to this is to allow players to earn money at a rate that you can get another ship better than yours without too much trouble. I believe I read somewhere that Roberts doesn't want or like pay to win so we'll see if that comes to be true once the game is fully released to retail.
  15. Ironically that Logitec you posted is below the model I already have. Altec Lansings have not been what they used to be about ~15 years ago. It is like they almost started to cheap out on their products the last 10 years or so. Anyone familiar with the Trust brand? Seems to be rated well on Amazon.
  16. Honestly, I have NO idea. If they have a "beta" phase after this "alpha" phase then I would assume maybe at that point since there will likely be dozens of ships to choose from. I made the mistake of buying the Aurora MR or whatever the starter ship was a was promptly had my ass handed to me by pirates. So I sold it back and bought an Avenger Stalker which a year ago was a pretty good ship. Now its a bit obsolete and I don't have the patience or bankroll to get another ship so I'm concentrating on non-ship combat stuff. I cannot wait to get to play 3.0 and go down to planet/moon surfaces and spend more time outside the ship. When the game is full launched to retail I wonder if everyone will start off with a basic ship of the job profession choice or the same ship that you then earn money to trade up? I'd hate to have this be pay to win at full retail launch because I'm NOT about spending $100+ for a good ship.
  17. To piggy back on this thread I also need to get another set of computer audio speakers. I had to give my Logitec Z232 to my wife for her workstation so I'm left with a nearly 20 year old Onkyo soundbar+sub. It sounds very good but I don't like soundbars as a general rule and it takes up a huge amount of space on my desk (*see attached picture). My budget will be ~$50 and I'm only interested in a 2.1 system--sound quality is somewhat important but not so much to spend more than ~$50. I liked the Logitec system's sound quality and all but I didn't like the fragility of the cables and connections. I had to replace one of my speakers because the cable plug broke. Found out the RCA jack wasn't metal... I love these Harmon Kardon's but they are too expensive. Thoughts?
  18. I hope you have a PS4 Pro because it looks even better on it since it was optimized to do so. Those cutscenes are stunning. I cannot play it for long at a time because I cannot stand the PS4 controller.
  19. Maybe I'm missing it, but, when will the original XBOX BC begin? I'm not talking about piddly little arcade games or whatnot like full fledged AAA titles like Crimson Skies or what I'm waiting for Morrowind? The internets is not telling me anything and or I suck at searching.
  20. Played some Star Citizen a few nights ago to get reacquainted with it in anticipation of alpha 3.0 and it plays pretty good on my new(er) system. I need to remap some things on my XBOX One controller but all-in-all I had a good time for a couple hours. I do need to make sure to get a ship with good weapons because my weapons suck and I cannot win a dogfight to save my life! I'll be looking forward to either being a miner or trader/merchant. Though the explorer looks like fun too.
  21. Thanks for the replies! My thrustmaster is so old it has a serial port. Besides I like using my XBOX One controller on my PC these days.
  22. Bump Added a couple additional versions. I could use someone who lives in South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, or Hong Kong to help me get them from those regions.
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