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  1. It makes sense, since both machines used Microsoft's interpreter. Does MSX Basic use a screen editor, or a line editor?
  2. I have two RS tape recorders, a CCR-81, and a CCR-82. Both of them have problems. The 81 has a broken Eject mechanism, while the 82 has dodgy belts and/or slipping gears. I would like to have them repaired, but I don't quite have the chops to do the work myself. Can anyone refer me to someone skilled in tape machine repairs in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area?
  3. Okay, so putting the computer, software, and manuals along with the PEB would give a ballpark figure of 50lbs. That shouldn't cost too much to mail. I'll give arcadeshopper a couple weeks to sell me a dual-drive install kit. Once that's done, it'll be time to put the system up on eBay.
  4. I'm asking the question because I need to estimate the total weight of a TI 99/4A system for the purposes of quoting a shipping estimate.
  5. I'm eyeing a couple sales of OS-9 lvl 2 on eBay, and there's an issue that makes me a little nervous. The labels have that look of either very old adhesive or a soak in WD-40. In case the data on them has been rendered unusable, have these disks ever been imaged?
  6. This listing is currently available for Local Pickup/Delivery in the greater Seattle/Tacoma region only. 1. Beige case TI 99/4A (NOT QI) with documentation. 2. PEB w/ the following cards: Cable Interface, 32KB RAM, RS-232 Serial, TI FDC(attached to a single Full-height SS-SD drive) with manuals for the PEB, all of the cards, and the disk drive. 3. Speech Synth NO manual 4. TI Extended BASIC cartridge with manual. 5. Editor/Assembler suite(cart and both disks) with manual. 6. Loaded Final GROM cart. 7. Some random carts and tapes. Includes Scott Adams Adventure with 5 adventures on tape, and Tunnels of Doom with disk version of the pack-in adventures. I'm asking $400 for the lot. Local Pickup/Delivery only, due to the weight of the PEB.
  7. Myself, I'm preparing to unload my TI 99/4A and its peripherals and software. I was planning to have a true iron setup available for the purposes of testing software that I write. However, after experiencing the barriers that TI put in the way of anyone vaguely serious about 3rd party software development and publishing, I've decided that it's not worth the space that it takes up in my home office.
  8. Does anyone know of a reliable source for PHP 1220 PIO cables, aside from Redmond Cable?
  9. If the OP isn't interested, I just might be. How complete (documentation and extra software) is your system, and what is the price that you're thinking to ask for it?
  10. Thankfully, Arcadeshopper sells untwisted cables and mounting adapters for half-height drives. So I'll be good to go once I source a couple drives. Now if only a DD-capable FDC were to make itself available for a sane price.
  11. Okay, so if I install two half-height drives as dsk1 and dsk2, I can then have a floppy emulator such as an HxC acting as DSK3. Just one question here. How do I terminate the chain? Bonus question: Does the PHP1240 care if a twist-cable is used between it and the two internal drives? If the FDC does care, how can I find and purchase an untwisted two-drive cable?
  12. Can the PHP1240 FDC communicate with IBM-style half-height DSDD drives? Does the PEB's power supply have enough "oomph" to power two drives? I'm hoping to install a couple Atari XF551 drives or two random "IBM" half-height drives. Two drives are practically a must, and I have hopes to one day purchase a MyARC FDC to replace my current PHP1240.
  13. Multi-track tapes is explicitly why I'm looking for a stereo tape recorder.
  14. I want to move Atari tape images to real tapes so I can load them on vintage hardware. Any advice for a suitable stereo recorder that I can use for the transfers?
  15. Yes, please. If you are Marlin4 on eBay, I just purchased an UnoCart from you. You can send me an extra label that way.
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