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  1. Well, theyre not. That sticky out heat sink thing on the left, the different arrangement of the chips on the board, the left facing RF unit, the Atari logo on the rear of the switchboard.. Those are not 1978+ features.
  2. Hi all - not been here for a while I had a bit of time today to fix up some 2600s. Had a (PAL - Im in UK, this is important) 6 switch woody with no TIA so I grab another dead unit to act as donor. This one: On opening it, I discover this: Now, correct me if Im wrong, but thats the innards of a Heavy Sixer is it not? There are a couple of other discrepancies too; the switch fascia has a thicker orange bezel than usual, the type is further from the switches and the TM is an entirely different font from my other 2600s. Could the reason that its apparently not working be that its an NTSC 2600? How could I check it works (aside from composite modding it which seems drastic at this stage)? Is there a chance that its PAL? Now I think about it, I was given this about 10 years ago as a non working Atari from a town nearby that houses a US airbase - so theres a good chance it IS an NTSC half-sixer (is that what they call these?).
  3. I definitely have the PAL cartridge of Toyshop Trouble (I did the label art and I live in UK). Superb game and a must play every Christmas.
  4. If I'm buying a physical version of the game, usually deluxe. But that's only because my game buying is now overwhelmingly non-physical editions. There are so many patches and updates to games these days that I don't really see the worth in physical copies. After all, the buggy day one mess on that disc is definitely not the game you've actually been playing.
  5. Controller pad. Joysticks are superb on an arcade cab but in the hand.. not so much.
  6. PS4 for indie support (and the upcoming 'No Mans Sky'). I'm sick of Nintendo. I didn't play Mario as a kid so their 'nostalgia field' doesn't work on me.
  7. Hi all! Whenever the 2600 comes out, Fall Down is always the last man standing. Great game (slight disclaimer, I did the label but had nothing to do with the game) Toyshop Trouble is also, as many have said, a thing of joy. We actually used it at a primary school I work at in a literacy exercise: Let the kids play the game without instructions and they have to write the manual. They loved it too.
  8. I did a little shill mission for the thieves guild (who I hate, but I figure if I become their boss, my inaction will slow them down ) - crept in, planted the item, crept out. Now Vex is having a go at me because she reckons I murdered someone in there! I cant guarantee I didn't step on a couple of dust mites but that's all! Stupid thieves guild. Serves me right for even visiting them.
  9. Currently playing through Oblivion to see if I like it. It's very nice but, after playing Fallout for ever, I'm REALLY missing VATS and the convenience of seeing enemies on radar. I'd love for them to find some 'fantasy magic' excuse to get VATS into Skyrim.
  10. I have almost no faith that there will be any compelling long term third party support. Nintendo increasingly rely on customer nostalgia of their own franchises and, as I have no nostalgia for Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc., I'll pass. New games please. Also, it looks as it if was designed by an overexcited 8 year old in a "let's cram in all the controls and bits of all other systems - that'd be awesome!" kind of way.
  11. I'm fine with it. Companies are always going to get hacked (it could just as easily have been Xbox Live). This is the risk you take when you step on to the Internet. At least Sony are taking the time to make their service more robust. Sure, I'd rather it hadn't happened but I'm sure hitting such a big target will land whatever idiots did it in major trouble. With any luck this'll send a message out to all the other losers in the world who will attack a service just because they're pissy at it.
  12. Pokemon Black or White for certain. Like any long term franchise, the games got slowly more complicated and bogged down with 'stuff'. Not only that, but the RPG element of each subsequent game seemed to fall further behind the battle system, favouring more pokemon over story. I think that really changed with Black and White. We're back to just 150 Pokemon, all new, there's a good plot and a lot of the baggage has gone. They just kept all the good bits.
  13. Just finished Dead Money, the DLC mission for Fallout:New Vegas. It was an utterly punishing and thoroughly unenjoyable slog. I love all things Fallout but I recommend you give this a wide berth.
  14. Nothing like in the score contest here. Best I could manage was just shy of 5 mil. And I died about an inch from the extra life too. Is it worth using continues? By which I mean, do later levels yield more score?
  15. Just to clarify, are you guys playing through in arcade or 360 mode (and, for scorings sake, does it matter)? Also, I take it we're playing each stage at difficulty 3, yeah?
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