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  1. Yeah, I'd love to get the SD for my SG, but that's a real steep price for just the CD functionality.
  2. Yep - I recall trying to get C64S to run on my 386SX. I'm sure it ran stupidly slow, but the mere fact that I could run C64 games on my PC was pretty amazing at the time.
  3. Nice... I had mine recapped and installed a Furia a few months ago. Haven't done much else with it yet. One of these days I'll get a proper WHDLoad build on it.
  4. I have both, but typically use the MiST over the MiSTer. While the MiSTer is undoubtedly more powerful with more long term potential, it's also quite a bit more work to get up and running. The MiST is much more straightforward; complete out of the box. All you need to do is provide an SD card with the appropriate cores and images.
  5. Yep. THough now I have it powered off the USB port on my TV, so when I shut off the TV the SG powers off as well - so I don't have to touch it.
  6. Everything I've tried from Smokemonster's packs works fine.
  7. For funsies, I signed up for another Playstation Now 7 day trial this morning. The last time I tried it was around 2015-2016, and since then my internet service was upgraded to 120Mbps down/10Mbps up. I also assume Sony has been making tweaks behind the scenes. I put about an hour into it, playing a handful of games. Experienced significant, gameplay affecting stuttering and lag - not consistently, but often enough to be frustrating. And the picture quality, while not terrible, is still obviously softer and more compressed than playing locally (sitting 15 ft away from a 43" screen) Granted, Sony != Google. They may have some magic up their sleeves to make this work better than Sony has been able to so far.
  8. I was born in '72. My aunt gave me her old Radio Shack TV Pong not long after I got my 2600 for Christmas - within a year or so. That would've been '80 or '81. I recall playing it a bit, but it didn't make much of an impression compared to the Atari. Of course, now I've put a Radio Shack TV Scoreboard on my eBay watch list... thanks
  9. Interesting read, though I don't necessarily agree with it. Way too early to call it one way or the other. Though I do wonder why some people seem so invested in pushing this as the inevitable future of gaming.
  10. As this appears to be a service - versus an actual box you have to buy - I'll give it a whirl, just out of curiosity. Not expecting much, though. I have yet to see a WAN game streaming solution that wasn't riddled with lag and macroblocking.
  11. Hm. I liked the slimmer full-size case they initially mocked up. If it just looks like another breadbin, I'm less interested.
  12. The MiSTer is a bit more on the hobbyist side of things compared to the MiST. I have a DE-10 board ready to go, but haven't been terribly motivated to get MiSTer up and running on it, because the MiST does a great job as it is, and is more plug-and-play friendly. The thing that may sway me to the MiSTer (and its HDMI output) is that my VGA CRT seems to be dying.
  13. Sure we can. Number of units sold has no bearing on quality.
  14. The kiddos are getting a Switch and Smash Bros. I asked for a Terasic DE-10 for MiSTer purposes, but we'll see if it actually happens.
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