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  1. I don't necessarily disagree with your observation, but he claims to have 12K+ positive transactions:
  2. Did anyone figure out what his public facing eBay account name is?
  3. Mostly. I think Pitfall II isn't supported, possibly others. But the handful I did try (Asteroids, Pitfall, Centipede) worked fine.
  4. I was one of the early adopters a few years back. I didn't have much success with the Concerto and eventually sold it. However, I got one of the new ones yesterday, and it works great! I put the Smokemonster 2600 and 7800 collections on an old Transcend 2GB SD card, and so far, so good. Very pleased!
  5. There's no lineage connecting it to the Atari of old. From Bushnell -> Warner -> Tramiel, there was a through-line - employees, products, culture carried through from one "era" to another, even if they changed over time. However, there's no connective tissue between 2020 Atari and any of the previous eras other than a logo and a handful of irrelevant IPs.
  6. Please add me to the list - thanks!
  7. Nooooo! Had the last one in my cart and someone snagged it first.
  8. Bump for new games added and some auctions closing tonight.
  9. I have several Commodore items up for BIN... here's what's available at the moment: SOLD: Cardkey numeric keypad for Commodore 64/Vic-20 SOLD Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Champions of Krynn (C64, Complete in box) Behr-Bonz Vic-20 127-in-1 multicart (NTSC) Lot of Commodore odds and ends (modem, MMC2IEC, MicroIEC, 64HDD, etc.) Vic-20 with three game carts, joystick, power supply, A/V Commodore 64 w/ manual and power supply Lords of Conquest (C64 - w/ box, manual) Epyx Jet Combat Simulator (nee Fighter Pilot) (C64, Complete in box)
  10. For my money, it was 1990-92; specifically Wing Commander and Ultima VII - those two games in particular shone on the PC, and the other platforms weren't able to keep up.
  11. Pocket and accessories available for pre-order August 3.
  12. As Daedalus said, there are inexpensive accelerators available. I have a Furia, and it lets me run WHDLoad without issues: https://amigastore.eu/en/480-furia-33mhz-fpu-for-amiga-600.html
  13. They're now offering a two month free trial for Stadia Pro - https://www.blog.google/products/stadia/try-stadia-free-today/ About 8 games are available to try for free as part of the trial - mostly of the indie variety.
  14. It's all in this thread. Short version - For all intents and purposes, it's indefinitely on hold. Though others are working on alternate solutions.
  15. You just described the people I work with in 2020
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