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  1. Ozmoo only packages up a z-code interpreter and data file into a disk or prg image; thats the part that will let you take a pre-existing z-code story and make it Plus/4 compatible. It does not allow you to create the adventure itself - that's where the real work lies. You would need to create the story (plot, items, descriptions, logic, etc.) first. Something like PunyInform - https://www.vintageisthenewold.com/punyinform-a-new-library-for-writing-text-adventures-for-old-computers - is reasonably easy to manage for a non-programmer. While it's simple to understand, creating a text adventure of any sort of complexity is going to be a very involved process. I am not a programmer, however I was was able to recreate my home in PunyInform in a few hours. But there was no plot or environment manipulation to speak of, which is where the real work lies. -- If you wanted to go the choose your own adventure route rather than a proper Infocom-style text adventure, there are tools such as Twine - https://twinery.org/ - that can help. No idea if it's possible to port that work to a Plus/4 though.
  2. I’ve gone through the same thing a few years ago; lousy VGA converters, flicker fixers, trying to source 1084s/PVMs (and if they weren’t DOA thanks to poor shipping, keeping them up and running), etc. That said, the Retrotink you already have, plus one of these (http://amigakit.amiga.store/scart-amiga-cable-with-audio-p-226.html) is your best, most future-proof solution.* SCART is painless, and pretty ubiquitous as you get deeper into the retro thing. (*there’s also PiMiga, MiSTer, etc. if you want to remove old hardware from the equation completely)
  3. This. There was always a lineage, some connective tissue between each owner through the mid 90s. That was severed once the Jaguar was cancelled and Atari Corp ceased to be a standalone entity.
  4. I'm not sure if this has been brought up in this thread.... One reason I imagine the Amiga wasn't able to continue in the C64's footsteps in the states was due to Tramiel shutting out the dedicated computer stores in favor of big box/department stores. At the time you could sell a $200 home computer at K-Mart, but a $1000 Amiga was another ball of wax entirely. And even though he was no longer with Commodore by the time the Amiga was released, the stores that Tramiel had burned previously weren't going to be quick to forgive. So on one had you had vendors that couldn't sell it, and on the other, stores that wouldn't sell it.
  5. Agreed. The "scam" label was a bit overblown by the supporters. I always assumed Atari SA's intentions were genuine (i.e they weren't going to take the money and run), that they truly wanted to create a console. However, the problem from day one has been that they had no solid vision for it beyond "Hey, we got a cool case." As such, it always seemed like a solution in search of a problem.
  6. While the C128 was little more than a glorified C64 in terms of how it was utilized, it ended up selling nearly 6 million units. Purely from a sales perspective, it was a success. It was never meant to set the world on fire, but rather to fill the gap in Commodore’s lineup as they prepped the launch of the Amiga.
  7. Hm. Doing it that way introduces more oddities. Booting the Apshai disk directly in MiSTer seems to be a bit more stable.
  8. It appears to work in MiSTer, kind of. I tried the "hacked" .dsk available at Macintosh Garden, and I could get to the gameplay, but it's fairly buggy. Not sure if it's the game itself or the core.
  9. There you go generalizing again.
  10. I have few memories of my great uncle who died in the mid 80s. He handed out the presents at Christmas and was a bus driver... that’s about it. But he also owned a Chaka Khan cassette, which has always made me chuckle when I think about it.
  11. I don't necessarily disagree with your observation, but he claims to have 12K+ positive transactions:
  12. Did anyone figure out what his public facing eBay account name is?
  13. Mostly. I think Pitfall II isn't supported, possibly others. But the handful I did try (Asteroids, Pitfall, Centipede) worked fine.
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