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  1. Adrian

    The Stacks

    I hope this comes out soon!
  2. "Ataribox" was actually a pretty cool name, and described the product perfectly. "Atari VCS" is unfortunately just going to be confusing, while alienating their core retro-gamer customers. While the hell? *facepalm*
  3. Adrian


    Ooooh yeah, put me down for one too!
  4. I'm using a Wico joystick.... I don't have a Genesis controller, but I've got the late-80s Atari joypad.... maybe I should try that....
  5. Did I say Level 9? I meant Level 6! The problem is that when it gets too difficult, the game stops being FUN. It becomes a chore. Which decreases re-play value. If it was possible to continue indefinitely, it would be better. But after getting sent back to Level 1 too many times, a certain frustrating resignation sets in. Which is disappointing, because I want to see all the different levels, but .... I also want to have fun playing a video game, and not have it feel like a slog.
  6. OMG this game is awesome. BUT BRUTAL. I spent 90 minutes with it and couldn't get past Level 9. The difficulty level is set just WAY too high! It's gorgeous, but I do wish the "continue" feature was ongoing, and not just good for two more games. Because that first screen is still stupidly frustrating, and I never want to see it again.
  7. I'll talk a lose cart w/ manual. Put me down! Thanks!
  8. Yay! Excited that AtariAge will be there.... missed you guys at CGE in Vegas last month! See you in Portland!
  9. Not a bad twitch game... not stellar, but wins points just for the random-looking game sprites, and the kitzch value of a vintage videogame that plays "Don't Stop Believin'" ... a song arguably more popular now than when it was first released. It's now become an American Songbook standard. So at least it's a conversation piece!
  10. I got mine too ... all six of 'em ... but my damn Atari 2600 won't connect correctly to my HDTV. Grrrrr!!!! As it now, they are just (extremely ugly) collector's pieces. And I do mean UGLY. The box art is so bad, you'd think it was done intentionally. But I don't think it was done with any irony. It's just laughably horrible.
  11. Quick Step was always my favorite, yet it rarely gets any love.
  12. Imagic was my favorite Atari 2600 developer back in the day. What, no love for Quick Step? Frenetic two-player action and the computer AI ain't no slouch in one-player mode. And Fathom is pretty great too...
  13. +1 on the party idea! After the minor fiasco of getting the CGE after-party set-up, I told Joe Santulli that I'd be happy to help organize something... after all, I make my living these days throwing parties! NEXT YEAR!!
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