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  1. Thanks so much for your time in answering my questions! I have the standard commodore 16k (yes, not gigs lol!) cartridge. Ok, now it makes a lot more sense! My memory from when I was 14 is a little fuzzy haha! To confirm my understanding, if I want to run I tried to run the Ms. Pac-Man-a000 (8k file size) in the games directory of the SD image that I referred to above, I need an 8k or above extension. Unfortunately, it does not work with my 16k. I ran your program (about 4 minutes or so), and it went back to the ready prompt after a few minutes so I'm assuming no memory errors. I did run this code that I found elsewhere: 10 B=1:C=B+48 20 B=B+1:IF B=12 THEN END 30 C=C+1:?"$";CHR$©;"000:"; 40 A=B*4096:E=A+4095 50 FOR I = A TO E STEP 256 60 FOR J = 0 TO 255 70 POKE I+J,25 80 IF PEEK(I+J) <> 25 THEN ?"X";:GOTO 110 90 NEXT J 100 ?"O"; 110 NEXT I 120 IF B=7 THEN B=9:C=55+B 130 GOTO 20 It seems to get stuck at a loop and display X's (errors) in the $3000 range. So from the SD image that I downloaded, how do I know which .PRG files require what memory? Do I have to look at the dump file sizes? The cartridges are labeled based on memory requirement, and I assume will only run with the correct memory configuration. Can cartridge images be executed simply by loading them and running them using the run command or is there another way to do it with SD2IEC? Where is the best place to buy a switchable memory card? Thanks again!
  2. Hi, I just bought an SD2IEC for my vic 20 that I recently bought to play "blitz"! I have a 16GB memory expansion card for the vic, and a ms paceman cartridge. I download the SD card starter pack from thefuturewas8bit When I executed the following command LOAD”FB",8<return> RUN It loads the CBM file browser (the black 8k one) and I am able to navigate and select games. Unfortunately, for most of the ones I tried, it loads them (green lights flash) then it goes back to basic I removed the memory expansion card and some of the games that didn't run before ran (e.g. alien blitz) but a lot didn't run I also tried renaming some of the files so they are all in lowercase and <8 characters, but that didn't really help. 1- Any ideas how to debug? 2- How can I test my memory expansion card? Is there a SW or a HW test I can do? 3- How can I convert my favorite game from a .TAP format to a .PRG file (Blitz). I tried using tapclean-0.34-OSX but despite fixing the tape first (which ran fine on Vice) it will not produce an output file. No error messages nothing. THANKS!
  3. I'm only using monitor out (have two cables that work fine with my atari 800). I also tried using the RF out, but was experiencing the same issue. Does the rf modulator control the monitor out as well? Why does unplugging and plugging in the monitor cable force it to go white and then start working? Is there voltage I can check?
  4. When it doesn't work, I switch it on, the screen flickers and then displays black. Previously if I came back in a while it may start working again. What I have now discovered is If I then take out the video and put it back in and fiddle with it, I get a white screen, at which time turning off and on again restores video operations.
  5. Please see above for before/after. The board worked great for 24 hours after the clean up, until I started moving it again... then I ran into the white screen workaround listed above
  6. Here are pics of before/after I cleaned the contacts
  7. Ok, so I cleaned the PCB there was some corrosion under the composite out. I also used contact cleaner in the monitor input. It then worked perfectly for 24 hours- everytime I turned on/off. Now, it started acting up again (the contact cleaner dried?) If I gently shake the monitor cable nothing happens. What I discovered is if I unplug/replug the monitor out, I then get a white screen. At that time, I can power off then on then it works. Any ideas what can cause this?
  8. Ok, so I took the machine apart, and checked with the multimeter behind the power plug the two pins that go to the PCB. I get a steady 5.10 v before powering up, and a 5.04 after powering up. I initially plugged in the keyboard and when I was moving that around, the machine suddenly started displaying. Measured the voltage again, and it was still a steady 5.04. I removed the keyboard and it kept displaying. I inserted 10 cartridges to test (and moved the machine around and it kept displaying. Then, on the 11th cartridge it stopped displaying and voltage was still 5.04. Is there anywhere else other than the two pins that come out of the power socket that I should be testing? I've sprayed a cleaner and am now waiting for it to dry.
  9. It suddenly started working again... without moving it. I simply switched it on and it works... I did leave it plugged in overnight. Any ideas?
  10. Thanks, I'll try to do that. It seems that when I lightly shake or bang the computer that that changes things. Other than socketed chips, is there anything that can be loose and affect it? The RAM is soldered. When it was working I ran the built in diagnostic and the cpu and ram check and everything was ok. I also ran the Salt diagnostic and everything tested ok.
  11. I recently brought my 65XE out of storage and am having issues with the startup. When I first turned it on the red light came on, and the monitor flickers (using monitor connection) but stays black after the brief white flicker. Tried hooking up to a TV and had a similar issue where it changes from static to a black screen. I was trying to diagnose it and moved the machine and put in a cartridge and suddenly it started working perfectly. I then tried some other cartridges and it worked fine. In fact I played with it all morning and it was great. During that time I turned it on and off multiple times and it worked every time. I then moved the computer to reconnect it to my monitor, and then it stopped working again. I turned it on and off in the same position, it worked one time out of 10. (no physical movement other than use of power on switch). My came over with his working power supply and it now still doesn't work (with TV or monitor- i.e. only black screen). I suspect it's the act of physically moving it that messed up some connection. I remember when I was moving the power supply the screen flickered for a while. Any suggestions on how to diagnose? I clearly don't want to mess up my computer.
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