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  1. Dang just missed it. Got my fairchild in the mail yesterday
  2. Is there a difference between TMS9928anl and TMS9928an chips? Looking for a replacement chip and the original is an anl but the ones I’m finding cheap off eBay are only designated AN
  3. Well I’m def gonna want 2 of those. One for my colecovision, and one for my Ti99/4a I’m gonna have to swap some chips on to get it to work
  4. This should work for the TI99 also like all the other rgb boards do right?
  5. I tried Stellar Track, it looks perfect with no sparkles. Ive also noticed that when moving through menus too fast it glitches out also. My Atari has all new caps and voltage regulator.
  6. My harmony cart I ordered at the end of Jun has had white dots flickering like static during the menu screens but the actual games when loaded look perfect. Do I have a glitched our cart? I have an RGB modded 2600. I tried emailing directly last month when I first got it but didnt get any response
  7. I've had no issues installing the NESRGB board, but I'm having trouble with the 2600rgb. I followed the install guide and I'm using the same cable as my nesrgb but I get squeeling audio and no video. The light on the chip only comes on for a brief moment when powering on. I'm using a third party power supply from console5.
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