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  1. Jesus I had no idea, thanks a million. I love the game but strange and arbitrary puzzles like this are driving me bonkers.
  2. It should be in the room right after you beat the Werewolf and Minotaurus. Tempest See that's the thing, I can't get into the colloseum at all. There's a stone pillar blocking the path there.
  3. Genesis saturn and ps2 are the systems you NEED to keep around.
  4. Hey, haven't been posting in a while here. But I figured I could ask this here, figured there would be a vania fan or five. I'm really stuck in SOTN, I need to get the mist transformation, but it's in the colloseum(sp?) and I can't figure out how to get in there. I really need some help, thanks a lot.
  5. Seriously I get asked for ps3s when I work there at least three times a day, people are just stupid.
  6. I can only aspire to have your lightning wit one day flo.
  7. Hold on, realistic games=not fun? Way to pigeon hole a whole style of games. You said that, I didn't. Realism is simply not the most important thing to me. Stick that in your pigeon hole. Must have been the way you worded it.
  8. Hold on, realistic games=not fun? Way to pigeon hole a whole style of games.
  9. When reading his post you don't get the slightest tremor of wit in his post so he wasn't using figures of speech. He really thought that Crysis was the only game worthy of next gen praise.
  10. I don't get it. What's to get? I see what you mean. Your comment was pretty stupid. Oh jbanes what would I do without you? So I'm the only one who thought "crysis is the only next gen game" was stupid? Alright then.
  11. So far this http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=97949 is the dumbest thing I've read about the next gen.
  12. What an asinine first post, crysis looks pretty but the game play also looks ho hum. Oh and bio-shock>>>>>>Crysis, no it isn't using the newest graphic card but speaking from an enviromental point of view it looks far more interestimg. Crysis looks like another generic FPS that just uses the latest graphics card, maybe this wont be the case in fact I hope it isn't. But I can't say I was impressed by the game play one bit from the videos I saw.
  13. You will find tons of posts like this all over the site, regardless of how many topics discussing new games there are.
  14. You can't compare sports and board games with video games, football is football it may change slightly but the the idea will always be there. Video games are changing constantly, a game of chess never changes. When games stop evolving you can start comparing them to sports and board games. But that simply isn't true, take kaboom. Would any modern gamer that grew up with halo or gears of war play it for more than 20 minutes and not laugh? Unless you grew up in the era the games just aren't fun, they are too simplistic and limited to be anything more than a momentary diversion. Yes in 25 years they will most likely get panned. But that is because games will keep evolving, and then they too will seem limited and quaint. That doesn't mean they aren't great games now, just like kaboom was great when it was released. Standards change, and while game play will always be the focul point HOW it plays will always change. Right, trends do change and so does what people want out of games. While they will always want a fun game how it is fun will continue to evolve as the old ways become dull and stagnant.
  15. Are you telling me some people aren't? Anyway gears of wars IS the 360s killer app. The people saying how it needs a killer app are really just saying "they need a game that I want", gears has sold over a million copies in under a month. And it will remain on the x box, that sounds like a killer app to me.
  16. That's just unfair, they give good reviews to every type of game. That isn't to say you should agree with them, but they just do not love war games. Very subjective, and I doubt many people out side of a classic game board would agree with you. Most games made today have game play that's just as solid as ever. But of course some of it is going to age badly as we progress, all eras do. I honestly think games are better now than they have ever been.
  17. Why wouldn't it? Was the game not fun back then? Sure, I can see something superficial like graphics and load times bringing a game's review scores down if judged by today's standards, but if the game is really good, it will stand the test of time. If it's repetitive or has limited replay value, that should have been reflected in the original review as well. I really want to know what makes a game that was awesome in 1980 LESS AWESOME in 2006, other than graphics, sound, and load time, which I think are all superficial to the game itself. If a game has great graphics but terrible game play, it's a bad game. If a game has terrible graphics but plays great, it's a great game. So, I will repeat myself: what makes a game that was awesome in 1980 less awesome in 2006? Nothing at all if the game is really classic, what I was getting at is most of those games never deserved the reviews they got in the first place and are being fairly judged now. BUT many will view games such as defender or space invaders as limited, which they are. So that could also be a reason for bringing down a score, or the whole concept may just be tired in this day and age. Both of those things could go a long way to bring down once high grades.
  18. I'm not sure if you noticed but sony has no exclusives to pry away anymore, final fantasy and what metal gear? I honestly can't think of anything else. A lot of of games are hitting both at the same time, that will most likely be the order of the day this gen.
  19. I'm sure everyone advocating a price drop is aware of the fact MS has just now started to make money on every 360 sold. So why would they want to start losing money hand over fist like with the last x box? And the "I see systems everywhere" arguement is all here say and not very meaningful. I see ps2s everywhere but it doesn't mean they are selling poorly. Not to mention the 360 and 7 or 8 good to awesome games that came out this month that's more than the other systems can say.
  20. Intelligent reviewers don't do this with movies or books, so doing it here is stupid too. Is the original King Kong now a 1 star movie since it's black and white and has effects that don't even begin to stand up to modern movies? What about Shakespeare? No one says "thou" any more, so the language is so outdated it just can't compare to today's writings. Judging old art by new standards shows intolerable ignorance and a complete lack of appreciation for the art form you're supposed to love. Movies and books are not interchangeable with games. The day the earth stood still is still a fantastic movie even by todays standards. And Asimovs, clarkes or cards work is far better than a lot of modern sci-fi writters. That's why it doesn't work games are not timeless like literature. Of course you have your exceptions like pac man or galaga. But those aren't the norm, I honestly think reviewing these old games at all is pretty stupid. But I agree with the way they are doing it even if they under rate games I personally love, but literature =/=games.
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