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  1. http://www.robotron2084guidebook.com/home/games/berzerk/alanmcneil/interview/ Maybe this one? Definitely has some of the same stuff, just too tired to compare the whole thing.
  2. For those of you here long enough to remember me, I was a big fan of Berzerk. Quite a long time ago now. I knew early on about the significance of that era of video game history and that many of the games and devices that I enjoyed were created by people, pioneers, who were largely still with us 20 years ago. On occasion, I could find the contact information of some of these individuals and talk about "the good old days"... I found one for Alan McNeil the programmer for Stern's Berzerk. I found the email while waxing nostalgic. I thought I would look him up again and discovered he had passed in 2017. I had a number of questions for him, but he offered me a lengthy writeup about Berzerk that he had originally written for an British video game magazine. I don't know which one it was, and none of the text is coming up with any results online. Maybe it's out there somewhere but he copied his original responses to the questions which for all I know could have been abridged, reduced, edited, modified in some way, etc. He invited me to use his writeup as I had always planned on sharing it with AtariAge. I just never got around to it. That was in 2008. I'll just paste the good part, the actual body of text rather than the kind words I had for him and Berzerk... what I offer are the unabridged and verbatim responses for the unnamed magazine. Maybe you can help identify it?
  3. Any update on this? Curt's website is important to me, and others, and I know we all just want to see it back online as soon as possible.
  4. Al, I sent ya a message... ❤️
  5. Hi Albert, I sent you a message in the forum messenger the other day, hope you have a minute to check it out.

    1. CPUWIZ


      I would hire an airplane, to fly over his house and draw his name in the sky.

    2. Kiwi


      He might not look out the window at that time.

    3. Atari-Jess


      oh you, CPUWIZ ❤️ it's been too long. Remember me? ;)

  6. Jan, thank you for making this game. It's nice to see the ol' VCS still can get an enjoyable game out of it. I think the sequel, especially if some random-ness could be managed (with some help from our friends here) then that game would be quite incredible. Congratulations on your release, I look forward to more!
  7. Ive bought my copperclad and some ferric today along with some parts for a test unit. The plan is to make several PCBs, manufacture one - test it to ensure it functions... then take orders for the rest of the PCBs from the etching. I plan on etching as many as possible and going from there. I want to thank everyone who has shown interest thus far, and I look forward to providing you all with the demonstrative unit via video in the near future. Anyone still looking to nab one, there is still plenty of time before I go out to buy the parts in bulk! I'll also give the final price, I hope to be as close to possible as my estimate
  8. I used the shipping calculator from Canada Post as an international shipment to the netherlands. I was admittedly suspicious of the price I received as well (the next price up jumps to about 40 euro) but the quote I got was the quote I got and I've yet to be surprised once I reach the counter... I'd be happy to see it be accurate (naturally) and I appreciate your experience in the matter
  9. Best price for shipping to the Netherlands would be somewhere about 15 Euro, maybe closer to 10 euro. I don't know if there is any tracking for that price.
  10. You'll need to provide your own SIO cable, however if someone wanted to ship one to me, I could slice in the sio cable directly. What the sdrive pcb is designed for is a DB15 connector... What I usually do is shove wires in between the port there, and the sio cable and tape it together. I've done that with my old SIO2PC cable for years with no problems. You could even hot glue it together without worrying about permenant damage to the sio cable. I find this works just fine. And yes, you'd only need to provide your SD card, sdrive .atr file and your user .atr files just as it is intended.
  11. anybody else? Looks like with this response I'll be making 5 (4 to spare)
  12. I calculated shipping to oregon, but I assume prices will be similar across the continental US ~$8 for small packet surface ~$10 for small packet air, ~$20 for expedited parcel All these prices may vary, could be much cheaper for NY, MI, NJ, or much more for NV, TX, FL etc... You can calculate it yourself with any generic toronto postal code Estimated service times here: http://www.canadapost.ca/cpo/mc/personal/productsservices/send/parcels.jsf Assuming an 8"x8"x3" at about 1lb. Please use this as a general guide, I might add a buck or two for the actual packaging material, but I'm not charging for my time to ship it.
  13. I'm looking to make myself an SDRIVE (or few, if anyone is interested...) I'll be in a basic case. Cost will probably be around $35 CAD/USD or 25 euro. Just checking interest right now...
  14. Selling my K-TEL Vulture Attack 2600 Cartridge. (R9 @AA) See pictures. If anyone here can *strongly* beat my current 'offer' of $115 -- this is your chance to own one of the rarest Atari 2600 cartridges. Buyer pays actual shipping (no BS handling charge) There are rarer, and yes, some may critique the "rarity" of this cartridge, but "it is what it is". Would make an excellent x-mas gift for yourself As you can see cart works, features the funky black handle and has typical K-TEL label mottling (just like your standard Activision cartridge) I'm not getting out of collecting, just getting out of this "burden" I know it would make someone else happier (and I could use the cash!) I will accept Paypal or Interac Etransfer if you're a Canuck.
  15. loose carts wanted, things to trade? looking for: Mario Bros, Dark Chanbers, Star Trek, Star Wars: Death Star Battle and Jedi Arena, Montezuma's Revenge, Video Olympics TRADE FODDER: All of these I'd need most/multiple/several+cash to part with trade wise... Ipac 4 (4 player arcade to usb/ps2 thing) Final Fantasy 3 (6j) for SNES Atari 130XE (with box but missing screws and psu) boxed c64 (Obviously the shipping on these items would be significant...) OR: Or offer me a reasonable price! located in Toronto Canada, and as you can see I'm something of a veteran of this site
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