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  2. You might some interesting info in this old post of mine about using the Ultra Racer PC via PC joystick to adapter... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/93130-pole-position-with-the-ultraracer-pc/?fromsearch=1
  3. Here is one I have wanted for a long time. It is a suggestion for the awesome homebrew Man Goes Down: Keep all control as is, but also map the right/east control to button C. This will enable play using independent thumbs for left (on left arrow of the D-pad) and right (on button C) movement. This will increase your accuracy and improve response time when playing. If you are lucky enough to make it to the bubble in the game, then you can still use your left thumb on the D-pad to navigate the bubble in all 4 directions. Last version of this brilliant but still unfinished game is here. I hope someone with skills (not me) can map the right movement control to button c.
  4. The patch is beautiful. I can't wait to buy the full package!
  5. nems

    Controller Advice

    :lol: I love Best Electronics, but you are soooo right about their web site design.
  6. Nukey's 2-button hack of Montezuma's Revenge is awesome!

  7. Nukey's 2-button hack of Montezuma's Revenge is awesome!

  8. A 16k binary sounds good to me.
  9. You might want to contact Bayview Electronics.
  10. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa... my brain just exploded. That is awesome news. I'm ripping open my Genesis controller as soon as I get home.
  11. The 2600 console was born ready to accept a controller with three buttons (i.e. the standard button over pin 6, plus two others via the "paddle" pins 5 & 9), yet it never materialized. If only Atari had introduced something similar to the Sega Genesis controller. The Booster Grip by CBS Electronics seems like another missed opportunity. CBS could have introduced a stand-alone controller with 3 buttons, rather than a band-aid fix for the CX40. It seems the closest the 2600 has to a 3 button controller is the Sega Genesis controller. It has 3 buttons (A,B & C) and two of them (B & C) are already wired for compatibility with the 2600. Unfortunately, the A button is not wired correctly for communication with the 2600. So close, yet still so far. The only solution I can think of is to create a custom circuit board (based upon a simple design) which mimics the footprint of the board found within a Genesis controller. Then have a small run printed up and sell them to Atari fans who pop open Genesis controllers and swap boards, creating a 2600 controller with 3 buttons.
  12. The game manual could offer a fictitious high score patch based upon the original design by NASA. Who's good with photoshop? Just replace "APOLLO 11" with "ATARI", replace "1969" with "2600", and drop the "5" from "LEM 5". It would be so cool if the cart release could include a patch, but that would probably double the cost.
  13. nems


    There are also some very fun 2600 games modified to take advantage of two buttons on the Sega controller which you can find here.
  14. Tested and works just as you described. Excellent job. Though I have to say that once someone experiences the two button version, I doubt they will ever go back to the single button version. Having 2 button control really elevates this game. That is how you did E0 the very first time, then I asked you to flip it (which you did). Currently both E0 and F6 are set up such that: Atari standard button (Sega B) = jump left 2nd button (Sega C) = jump right Either button + joystick up = jump in place ...which seems like a natural order for Sega and modded CX40 controllers. Thanks again.
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