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  1. I just wanted to close the loop on this thread. Thanks to your encouragement, I was able to replace my bad 32K RAM card and hook up a modern monitor, and-- many of my programs came to life again! Some didn't, sadly. When diskettes get that old, they're not guaranteed to survive. I was pleased at how many DID work, after being in non-temperature-controlled storage for over 20 years!
  2. Ha! That's a good one (I had to look it up).
  3. Ah! The autocorrect always bites me, too. I'm just new to this, so I'm never sure when there's an unfamiliar buzzword.
  4. "Ashtray?" I'm not familiar with that feature?
  5. Thank you both! The HxC sounds like a really useful option. The main idea is to take these past projects into the future. If there are any worthy of sharing, I would bring those into the online community, etc.
  6. I'm happy to say my TI system is in better shape than I expected. It did boot in TI Extended BASIC and I was able to load some smaller programs from my 5-1/4" disks. The bad news is that my 32K RAM peripheral is dead, so many programs won't load. There also seems to be data loss on a number of diskettes (I couldn't execute CALL DIR(1) without errors). I've ordered a replacement 32K RAM on eBay, so in a few days I'll see if my larger programs (and the best ones by far) can load. It's quite suspenseful. This assumes the 32K RAM module is what's in disrepair-- and not the buss of the PE Box itself-- or the firehose cable. Re.: Gotek/Lotherek. Can these drives be used as a second drive in my PE Box? (i.e. Can I do an exact binary copy from DSK1 to one of those devices in order to preserve and migrate the content to an emulator running on PC? I would need to mirror the content of the drive, including both Input files and program code.) I never owned two drives and I was hoping there was an easy way to duplicate a disk. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.
  7. Wow! The F18a looks really cool. Thanks for turning me on to that. I just received a basic video converter in the mail, though I have obligations this evening. I should be able to hook up my old system in the next couple of days. Very curious to see if anything still works!
  8. These are all great options, thank you.
  9. I ran into a really novice barrier last night: I no longer own a TV with VHF screw terminals! Is there a recommended adapter for modern TV hookups (coax would be fine)? I called Best Buy, but they didn't have an adapter that fit that description. Radio Shack is gone, so I'm forced to hunt online... What do you folks use?
  10. @adamantyr, @Sinphaltimus, @arcadeshopper: Thanks for the offers of support and the range of ideas! I'm going to unbox my TI diskettes and peripherals tonight and put it back together to see what happens (last time I tried this was 16 years ago, when it failed.) I will follow up with a description of the problems I encounter to see if that pushes me toward a more specific strategy.
  11. I used TI Extended BASIC and 32K RAM expansion to write games and create music in the 1980s, and I'm trying to easily resurrect this content 35 years later. There are a variety of emulators and gizmos like the CatWeasel, but before I go too far, I'm wondering if there is a setup that can handle all these requirements: - Ability to read original 5-1/4" disks - TI Extended BASIC required - 32K RAM exapansion required - Games include custom "data" (strings of custom music and graphics) which must be periodically loaded during gameplay... not just code...this must be accessed using the "INPUT" (with files) command I'm trying to decide upon the right approach: 1. Repair or replace my original hardware and get it to run it on the original platform 2. Try to build a conversion / emulator system and bring these files into the 21st century 3. Find someone with existing conversion capabilities who might be willing to help I assume someone could help a software restoration newbie like me navigate the technical gotchas? The content is mainly text parser adventure games (rather goofy ones at that) and music and graphic utilities I authored myself. Thanks for all sage advice!
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