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  1. I had the same issue as you with the Montezuma's Revenge rom from atarimania on the Phoenix. However, try the rom in Swami's superb pack below. The rom in that pack worked on the Phoenix for me with no setting changes. Thanks Swami 👍
  2. I'm glad to know the Adam group is aware of this. It will be interesting to see how he further develops it.
  3. I have nothing to do with this project but stumbled across this very recent video on YouTube where a guy is designing a new internal PSU for the ADAM and I thought others here on AA may find it interesting/useful. Just placing it here for information.
  4. Very interesting. Lots of different behaviour amongst all of the displays we all use. The key thing is that if the LED is red when turning on the Phoenix it will not start properly. So do whatever you have to do to get the red LED to go out and then you can reliably start the Phoenix.
  5. The reason I ask is that if the red light turns off by itself then there is no need to unplug. This works for me - with my display I just have to wait about 5 seconds for the red LED to go out and then I can turn the Phoenix back on without issue.
  6. With your bedroom TV does the LED on your Phoenix turn red when you turn the Phoenix off? If you wait a while does the red LED then turn off?
  7. Is this the CollectorVision release? I just tried my cart and the game started and played fine. Perhaps try cleaning your cart contacts and see if that makes any difference.
  8. I just tried it on my setup and didn't notice any odd music or sounds (tried both ROM and cart and skill 3).
  9. I just tested Road Fighter and it doesn't work, along with a few other early Opcode Games release (Magical Tree & Sky Jaguar). I've reported the issue here: https://github.com/CollectorVision/Phoenix-Colecovision/issues/18
  10. Your first issue sounds like the tv isn't scaling 480p properly. The SNES mini is either 720p or 1080p (I forget which), which the TV scales properly. Check your TVs scaling settings, hopefully one of them will allow you to get it to scale the 480p output from the Phoenix to fullscreen.
  11. Hi Ed, I replied to you newsletter which auto sent an email to info [at] opcodegames [dot] com and today I got an undeliverable error email. I'll resend to your email above.
  12. Can you describe the glitches. I just played it with flicker on and off and didn't see any graphic glitches.
  13. Great work - huge thanks to the team. The voices in QBIQS and the flicker menu work great now. Also thanks for adding the core revision numbers to the service menu 👍 Only issue I've found (and this may not be new to the CV core 6) but when I try and play Wizard of Wor via ROM on the Phoenix SD card the game does not run. The ROM runs fine on the AtariMax Ultimate SD cart inserted into the Phoenix as does the original cart. I've added the issue to GitHub.
  14. Thank you, but I couldn't have done it without help from nanochess ☺️
  15. Yeah, sorry I've been a bit slow on the uptake. I've been doing some reading and have a much better (not good, but better) understanding of it now. Some good reading here and this image is good. That said, the differences in aspect ratio shown in the video Swami linked to is not representative of the difference between a non-F18A and F18A system. The difference is actually much less than shown. I'd say there's some display scaling going on there exaggerating the difference. Anyway, sorry for taking the thread off-topic (but I enjoy learning new things so thanks for educating me). I'll shut up now.
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