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  1. Thank you. Clearly I am useless with Google as I did try searching and totally failed 😁 Anyway, thanks for the link. I've emailed Daniel at that link to see if he's interested in a donation.
  2. After you have an account, just go to the link I posted and click on the green "New Issue" button. Give it a title, describe the issue, then click on the "Submit new issue" button towards the bottom.
  3. Please post this issue on the Phoenix 2600 GitHub so that it is properly logged. https://github.com/CollectorVision/Phoenix2600/issues
  4. Not mine, and not ColecoVision but ADAM related, I thought this auction may be of interest to someone here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VERY-RARE-AUGER-NEWSLETTERS-FOR-ADAM-USER-S-GROUP-No-1-TO-No-10/184170181802
  5. I acquired some C64 disks recently and there were some disks amongst them that I suspect are more likely to be PC DOS disks. So, does anyone have any idea what these disks are?
  6. Yes, CoolCV will work with any joystick and the joystick mappings are defined in a text file (coolcv.txt). It will work with any joystick that is connected and detected by the operating system. To physically connect standard DB9 joysticks to a USB port there are quite a number of options out there. If you want support for ColecoVision controllers with both fire buttons and the keypad then your choices are very limited. Even more so if you want to use a Super Action Controller with all four fire buttons and spinner support. Many options have come and gone, such as the RetroKit. Fortunately, one option that does remain and is a superb choice is the Ultimate PC Interface which works under Windows, Mac and Linux. This includes compatibility with an enormous number of controllers, including the the aforementioned ColecoVision controllers, plus the Driving Controller and the Roller Controller.
  7. Absolutely awesome looking game. And one of my favourite genres too. Very excited for this game and to explore the differences on my Phoenix.
  8. I'm selling a spare new copy I have of the colour edition here for US$30+shipping. Proceeds will be donated to nanochess.
  9. I'm selling a spare copy (new) of the superb "ColecoVision Games Guide" by Oscar Toledo G. All proceeds (after shipping) will be donated to Oscar to help with his wife's ongoing medical bills. This is the colour edition, is in excellent new condition but does have a few rubs along the edges of the cover and a slight dent at one of the corners. It is currently selling online for $54.23 + shipping + tax. I'm selling my spare copy for just US$30 + shipping from Canada.
  10. Wow - this is incredibly good news. Thanks to Dan and CollectorVision.
  11. Be aware that over the years I have been adding columns to many sheets to include additional information. These extra columns generally render printing the entire contents onto Letter sized paper as unusable due to the resulting small font size (assuming one sheet wide is used). Therefore, I have NOT been adjusting the Print Areas on the database sheets and as such any PDFs generated from the current Print Areas will not be an accurate representation of the database contents and will be missing information unless those areas are adjusted beforehand.
  12. The CollectorVision releases of Juno First and Sparkie were programmed by Opcode. Comic Bakery and Hang-On were programmed by others and therefore are unrelated to Opcode's prototypes.
  13. I have no experience with the ADAM disk drive but I do with those from Commodore. Was that a head cleaner disk you used? If so, then consider opening up the drive and using a cotton bud dipped in isopropyl alchohol to not only clean the head but the mounting that the head is in.
  14. The 5-11under mod that he sold for a limited time at the end of 2009 and into 2010.
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