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  1. Page 25 of the attached provides the detailed comparison of the manuals I completed as part of the CV ROM Update Project. ColecoVision ROM Update Project - Commercial Releases (1982-198x) - v2.01.pdf
  2. Yeah, same here which is what makes this even more confusing. No big deal, I'll figure something out.
  3. Many thanks for this. However, I'm having a problem opening the pdf in Adobe Acrobat X with it crashing as it tries to open the file. I know that this is an old version of Acrobat but I haven't experienced this problem with any other pdfs. So, I was just wondering if you know if the technical manual pdf has been created with limits on backward compatibility with older versions of Acrobat?
  4. Yep - it is definitely only 2 bytes difference.
  5. Just tried again and this time the corruption happened spontaneously without any specific event occurring, e.g. I was just climbing as normal. I've attached a CoolCV snapshot which hopefully may help you track down the bug. I also just tested this in ColEm v5.5 and hit the same bug under the same circumstances. As ColEm has a debugger I've attached a snapshot for ColEm as well. Hope this helps. coolcv_snapshot.bin CCR.STA
  6. Not sure if it makes any difference but I'm using the latest Windows version of CoolCV (v0.6.9)
  7. Yep - same here - it kept going.
  8. Same thing just happened to me using the rom with CoolCV. Happened after I got hit for the first time with a flower pot.
  9. Looks like the links to videos and pictures are currently broken at that website. I found an earlier version with working pictures on the Internet Archive here : https://web.archive.org/web/20150209070756/http://hirudov.com/misc/MazezaM-40.php There are also videos and these are still up on YouTube, e.g.: Congrats on finishing the game. This is one I need to dedicate some time to.
  10. Great to have you back and awesome news about Monster Bash.
  11. Titchgamer is a guy called Andy Johnson and he is just someone heavily involved in making videos and giving advice on how to setup the Sinden lightgun. AFAIK he is not affiliated in any official way with Sinden Technology. I think your confusion is that they're both called Andy. BTW, Andy Sinden and Titchgamer have completely different accents. Andy Sinden - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ9VO8pC_cg Titchgamer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7sRVspoSH8
  12. Titchgamer is someone completely different and is not Andy Sinden.
  13. Really haven't played it yet beyond a few minutes of testing. But first impressions of the graphics, music and gameplay are all excellent.
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