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  1. Hmmm - I'll double-check my cart tomorrow. So, is your cart one of the re-releases from a month or so ago?
  2. Have you pressed 1,2,3 or 4 on the keypad to select your skill level? My detailed game manual can be found here:
  3. Quite a good video, although personally I think it would have been better to include some images from newspaper/magazine articles covering this story back then rather than the awful stock video footage used.
  4. So, as I managed to get 2 out of 3 of them working 100% with the OSSC: Battlezone : set Vsync threshold to 19.53 Starmaster : set Hsync tolerance to 12.15 With Empire Strikes Back no matter what I've tried so far, the screen blanks briefly when an AT-AT is destroyed, i.e. during the rapid colour cycling that occurs in that event. I checked this out in Stella and there is no reported change in scanlines or frequency during this, and my OSSC shows no loss of sync. So the problem seems to come down to whatever programming trickery was used to get the colour cycling that CRTs have no issue with but that modern LCDs just don't like. I've updated my Google spreadsheet accordingly.
  5. I suspected the RetroTink would be like that. That's one of the nice things about the OSSC (and Framemeister amongst others) are that they are user configurable - if you have the right signal to feed them. I managed to get Battlezone working flawlessly with the OSSC by bumping up the Vsync threshold setting so was pleased about that. I'll have to check Empire Strikes Back and Starmaster and add them to my table.
  6. Thank goodness for the talented programmers we have today who occasionally correct these issues. I've found the 262 scanlines fix for Moon Patrol eliminates all issues with the OSSC.
  7. Thanks, I did come across that before. It looks like that was derived from both the Z26 and Stella emulators.
  8. I thought it might be better to share this as a Google sheet, so here it is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XUqZOmy9LsffDte8LxgFAvk0jNz3tHgzdosF-UPLEa0/edit?usp=sharing
  9. I have an NTSC 2600 Jr. modded with a Tim Worthington RGB video mod that I pass to an OSSC to get HDMI to my monitor. This image from this setup looks great to my eyes and taste (not to everyone's taste which I totally get). Recently, I've been exploring the 2600's game library and I found quite a few games that didn't work well with this setup using the default OSSC settings. So, I started searching the Internet for answers. Unfortunately, I really didn't find them. The Classic Console Upscaler wiki states that both H=PLL pre and post coast should be set to 3. However, I have so far only found ONE game (Air Raid ‐ PAL) that benefits from these settings and even then the game is still unplayable. Even BuckoA51, who recommended those settings, admits he only tested this on a few common games. I also found a good discussion on the VGP forums where user chandlerdepMODE highlighted some additional settings that helped with getting some games to work. So, I decided to explore this in more detail to try and figure out what settings do in fact work best. So far, I've worked my way through around 35 to 40 games and the results are quite interesting. I've found that only a few settings have a beneficial effect to get problematic games working. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a suitable combination of OSSC settings to fix some games and they remain unplayable. Attached are my findings so far, along with my recommended OSSC settings for widest game compatibility. I plan on testing more games and adding to the table in the attached. I'll also update the recommended settings as necessary. If you have a similar setup and want to contribute to this then please let me know. What settings do you use and why? Hope this helps. 2600 RGB OSSC Settings.pdf
  10. Perfect - just removed the wires and my joystick behaviour is back to normal and I can now enter my initials in Track & Field. Also, testing player 1 joystick 'down' no longer triggers the reset indication. Wahoo. I now feel somewhat foolish for installing these wires in the first place, I should have realised I only "needed" them if I was also installing the extra joystick switch. Well you live and learn. Thanks @alex_79 for providing me with the solution so quickly - very much appreciated.
  11. @alex_79 When I installed the RGB mod I decided to NOT install the extra switch in a joystick, but I do believe that I installed the 5 wire ribbon cable to the joystick connection and also likely the 2 wires for Reset and Select. Seeing as I don't have or want the extra switch, could I not simply remove the entire 5 wire ribbon cable to solve my problem? I'm also assuming that the other two EXTRA wires that go to the Reset and Select are likely also not needed (optional). Do you think that's correct?
  12. I installed some of these in a CV after I fried and replaced one of my controller chips. Just want to say that these ESD protectors are very easy to install and I'd highly recommend them.
  13. @alex_79 Oh wow - thank you. I'm so relieved that this isn't due to something failing on my 2600. I'll dig into the solution proposed in the thread you linked to and figure out my preferred method for fixing this. I'll post back here when I've got it sorted.
  14. I have an NTSC 2600 Jr. that a few years ago I modded with Tim Worthington's RGB mod and it has been working great. Over the past few days I have been testing games and adjusting my OSSC settings to get them to display on my monitor. I started to test Track & Field (actual cart and also the rom via a Harmony cart) only to notice some very strange joystick behaviour that I cannot understand or explain. After I press the joystick fire button to start the game, as normal I'm prompted to enter player 1's initials by moving the joystick left and right to select a letter and then press the joystick fire button to select that letter. However, when I press the fire button to select a letter I hear a crunch sound to acknowledge the button press BUT the same letter continues to flash, it never moves on to the next letter in the sequence. If I start a 2-player game I can enter the second players initials no problem, i.e. pressing fire on joystick 2 moves the flashing character to the next one as it should. However, when I now press the player 1 fire button, it not only doesn't move the player 1 character to the next one, but it also resets the players 2 name which then starts to flash the first letter again. I've tried a range of different joysticks for player 1 but get the same behaviour with them all. So, I tried testing the joystick behaviour with a range of other games and it seems to work fine in all of those I tested. I tested a range of joysticks in the left port using Paul Slocum's 2002 test cart (the rom via my Harmony Cart). This gives a strange reading when I move the joystick down. Not only is down registered for the left joystick but RESET registers at the same time. When I press the fire button it correctly registers just that button being pressed and nothing else. So, why does Track & Field not work with this for entering initials as the fire button seems to be registering fine? Is there a problem with my left joystick port? It's so weird as playing games like Defender and Asteroids the left joystick works exactly as I'd expect in all movement directions and when firing. I'm so confused and would be most grateful for any help in diagnosing what the problem is. Or am I just being dumb and missing something obvious?
  15. Never heard of a shock like that before - so no, not a common occurrence. Those are indeed the chips you need to replace. Not a common fault but one that can occur.
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