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  1. Yes, that's the case. The BIOS was designed to have a configurable startup duration so it's in effect an original feature of the design. However, the fire skip BIOS is a hack that can have unintended consequences with some games. Here's my 3.3 second delay NTSC BIOS if you need it. ColecoVision BIOS OS7 (2019)(Ikrananka)(NTSC)[3.3s Title Delay].rom.zip
  2. The game that has issues with the fire skip BIOS is Sewer Sam. ChildOfCv documented what the problem was here and highlighted that the fire skip BIOS may cause issues with other timing-critical games. I remember a few others saying that there was possibly another affected game but I can't recall if that is correct or not. I also summarise the various BIOS alternatives here. Because of this issue I now use, and recommend, a BIOS that simply reduces the startup screen duration (my choice being that of what CBS Electronics chose for PAL systems, i.e. 3.3 seconds instead of the 12.65 second NTSC default). Here's more info about that.
  3. Issue 220 of Retro Gamer magazine recently included an interesting interview with David Thiel. David was responsible for the sound/music in a number of ColecoVision and ADAM games, namely Beam Rider, Pitfall!, Jeopardy, Richard Scarry's Best Electronic Workbook Ever and Rock n' Bolt. This was all while David briefly worked at Action Graphics who I assume were contracted by Activision to do conversions to the CV of a number of their Atari 2600 games. Unfortunately the interview barely touches on this period of David's career. Retro Gamer 220 - David Thiel Interview.pdf
  4. Makes perfect sense. And I guess this means that an SGM1 will still be a perfect accompaniment to a CV for playing legacy and SGM1 games via existing analog outputs if one wants to do so.
  5. Yeah, that's one of the reasons I asked and also pleased with the reply. I guess the next worry will be when will TV manufacturers start dropping support for 480p 😢
  6. Very excited about the content of the newsletter. My biggest questions at the moment are: Will the original CV palette be user configurable? At some point later this year Falonn and I hope to be releasing details of our findings from investigating the actual TMS9928 palette that has to date been incorrectly interpreted everywhere else. Has the HDMI output been tested with video recording devices such as those by Avermedia and Elgato? Is the HDMI output upscaled? Does the HDMI output retain the 4:3 screen ratio or is it stretched to widescreen? Is this configurable? Is the screen resolution the same between the legacy mode and the arcade mode? Am I correct that this not only bypasses the existing TMS9928 but would also bypass an installed F18A? Am I correct in assuming that the existing video out options from a CV would also work with an SGM2 connected but only for legacy and SGM1 games? Probably more questions to come but there my biggies. Great times ahead 😀
  7. Yeah, this was suggested before. Both phattyboombatty and I have tried resetting the system many times but this doesn't solve the problem - still garbled graphics. My F18A has the 10uF mod on the reset line while phatty's system has the original 1uF capacitor so that also makes no difference with this cart.
  8. I have a European Moonsweeper for sale but it's missing the black plastic tray. Click on the link in my signature for photos and for a list of other games I have for sale.
  9. Works in CoolCV. Only played it through to the second screen but seems fine.
  10. Oh no - just spotted a spelling mistake in game 2 😲 With a two player game when player one dies, the game displays "JLAYER TWO".
  11. No worries, I misunderstood. It's just frustrating not knowing where the problem lies. I too am not a technical guy in this area so take what I say with a grain of salt as well 😁
  12. phattyboombatty experiences the same problem on his F18A modded CV so it's not exclusive to my modded system. Also, afaik megacarts are the only ones that appear to exhibit this behaviour. Other carts, including problematic games such as Penguin Adventure and Risky Rick, work perfectly.
  13. No idea, well beyond my knowledge. But it would be good to know what the root cause of this is as this kind of thing keeps happening with new games.
  14. That's really useful to know. Mine has the 10uF C3 mod so this confirms that the fault seems to be independent of that (unless 10uF is still not large enough for this game).
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