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  1. I think I broke my thumb I was firing so much.....ouch!!!! 86,785
  2. Congrats. I'm sure electricadventures will do us proud. Really looking forward to this one.
  3. One of my favourite genres - fantastic 👍😀
  4. For a first game this is mighty impressive. I'm another puzzle game lover and this looks like a good challenge and a lot of fun. Very nice graphics and the music, oh the music, I never thought I'd ever hear music of such awesomeness coming from a ColecoVision. (Just kidding about the music 😀) What sound effects/music will there be?
  5. Is this a point-and-click style adventure? Looks gorgeous 👍
  6. Thanks NCG - great tips 👍 I'm sure I do too much unnecessary movement when changing the tyres and waste time there. I may just create a save state on lap 4 just before the pits and spend some time repeatedly practicing the tyre changes. I still hate the perspective of the track and the bumper cars though!!!!
  7. Any tips on the pitstop other than start the gas man first? I reckon my tyre changing is where I'm losing most time.
  8. Good grief, tried so hard this time and thought I did a lot better, but only shaved 1 more second off. Definitely losing valuable time in the pits - this time I think I was in there 26 seconds. 05:26
  9. I really think I've reached my limit with this game. 05:27
  10. LOL - shaved 1 second off my time with hand cramps!!!! 05:29
  11. Getting better - much easier with a standard controller. Pitstop [Semipro, Le Mans, 9 laps]: 05:30
  12. Getting better but will try next time with just a standard controller. The driving controller steering wheel is nowhere near as responsive in this game as it is in Turbo (not that I'm any good at Turbo either - lol). Pitstop [Semipro, Le Mans, 9 laps]: 6:01
  13. Aghhhhhh - been trying to play this with the driving controller via emulation. So frustrating - holding the foot pedal down seems to be read like rapid fire and so trying to negotiate the pits is nigh on impossible. Lost valuable time in the pits this game because of this. I wonder if this is the same on a real CV (unfortunately both of mine are down for mods and maintenance)???? Well, at least I beat my last time. I do think this game is let down by the unrealistic bumper car action. Pitstop [Semipro, Le Mans, 9 laps]: 6:18
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