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  1. I don't know if its been suggested yet or not, but it could be cool to have a Secret of Mana type RPG on this, where you have the option for mulitplayer. Do you have plans for RPG's at all on the platform or is that not really something you are interested in?
  2. New logo feels a little too Fisher-Price "Baby's First Computer" Toy to me to be honest. Really not a fan at all. I think the launch logo was much nicer, sleeker, and appealing to Adults as well as Children. This logo sort of only skews in the direction of a very young child's toy.
  3. wow page 69 nice. this thread just saw more action than the Ataribox ever will
  4. Just saw half the VCS software library for sale at Walmart!
  5. Hopefully they don't sell out while i try to raise some funds to buy these!
  6. Ok i mostly just lurk here but i need to chime in about how absolutely hilarious it is that someone wants to make an Atari VCS Supercomputer Also which comes out first? Phillips CD-i Classic or the Atari VCS??? http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/09/random_fans_ask_for_a_philips_cd-i_classic_philips_says_we_will_try_our_best My money is on Phillips on this one. At least they are a company capable of doing it - and yes i know that they literally never will (Just like Atari)
  7. This was just announced in the comments on Indiegogo https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/06/27/1530353/0/en/Atari-VCS-Team-Officially-Welcomes-Rob-Wyatt-System-Architect-of-Original-Xbox-Console-and-Innovator-of-Notable-Game-Hardware-and-Graphics-Projects.html
  8. Me unga. Me have Jaguar. Tried stored but no no no want. You send money. Me unga. Me unga take money.
  9. Maybe EA will buy out Atari and make the AtariVCS the Official Microtransaction Console™
  10. Dropped my pledge today. They don't even have concrete proof of a working prototype. I'll take my chances on it if it ever comes out in a year and buy a Nintendo Switch with the cash in the meantime.
  11. Looks like Atari finally reached out to Jeff Minter about it http://www.yakyak.org/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=87410&sid=77bcb401b566392dd951a4335128c0eb&start=240
  12. Tempest 4000 footage is starting to come into question over on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Drama/comments/8pagjo/drama_with_atari_sas_new_console_atari_vcs_it/ https://www.reddit.com/r/AtariVCS/comments/8p9it6/developer_of_tempest_4000_only_new_game_shown/
  13. Looks like they just took off the time limit for the "early bird specials" for the onyx and reduced its " quantity left" number by about 24,000 units
  14. I'm gonna wait until after i pay rent and see where i'm at. Probably gonna back the Onyx early bird while its discounted and hope i don't get totally ripped off. Seems unlikely that Atari SA would purposefully nuke their brand by not intending to ever deliver but it's not unheard of either.
  15. Atari will be vending tacos in the food court at E3
  16. Maybe this has already been brought up but ive seen videos online of a FPS Doom clone on the Falcon called "Running" that i would love to see ported over, and would totally pay for a cart of. I never had a Falcon and with the price of them these days i doubt i ever will
  17. Got mine for $100 at a game store in Louisville KY while i was on a roadtrip a couple of years ago with all the hookups and a controller and Cybermorph and Iron Soldier, not a bad deal
  18. If you can afford Towers II and dig old school dungeon crawlers, pick it up! Also, not a lot of people bring up Hover Strike or I-War, but i think they are pretty good over looked games on the Jag
  19. Oh you must mean Supercross 3D right? I know it can be a spendy jag title, just bide your time im sure it will pop up.
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