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  1. OK, I deleted the config file then restarted the computer and re-downloaded the linked file, just for good measure. That appears to have fixed the sizing and frame rate/speed issues. The "PC Keyboard" option still doesn't work, but that's fairly low priority for me. I'll post back if anything odd happens again. 👍
  2. Will do—I'll let you know how it goes!
  3. First, thanks again for making this. I know an emulator is an extraordinary amount of work, especially for a platform that doesn't have a large community. The debugger is something I absolutely need while I'm plodding along with Aquarius dev. However, I'm running into a lot of bugs. When I first launched AquaLite, everything seemed great. I poked around the menus, checked out the debugger, typed in a few BASIC commands, etc. and had a solid 60 FPS at 100% speed. I then made a few Options tweaks—I clicked the 'PC Keyboard' and 'Pause emulation...' options, selected NTSC timing, and changed my View to 200%. Once I dropped back into BASIC, I first noticed that the PC Keyboard option didn't work. Quotes, for instance, were still mapped to SHIFT-2, Aquarius-style, instead of standard PC keyboard quotes. I also noticed that the frame rate and emulation speed had dropped to half, creating significant lag in input. I thought I'd start again, so I deleted the folder and re-unzipped the download folder. The same problems continued. (I'm assuming some configuration file got written when I first launched the program?) When I tried switching Display options from GDI to DirectDraw and Direct3D (without a shader), a new bug appeared—the AquaLite window shrunk by half, so now 200% view looks like 100%. It's also clipped the menu text and information text at the bottom of the window. Closing and reopening the application doesn't help, nor did a fresh "re-install." I'm running currently-updated Windows 10 Lenovo ThinkPad w/ a core i7. It's about 18 months old, and it's not my primary computer—I use it almost exclusively for dev. I'm happy to help troubleshoot issues if needed. I really want to use this as my sole Aquarius dev emulator, but I fear I've "broken" the app with no way to get it back to its usual state. And at half speed, it's not particularly usable. The screenshot below shows the crowded lower display and speed (19%). I can't see the FPS 😕
  4. Thank you—I'll be giving this a test drive tomorrow!
  5. jaybird3d, these docs are SO helpful—thank you for sharing them! So if I'm reading the tech specs correctly, it looks like the VSYNC status can be read from bit 0 on port $FD. And now I'm curious about your website/tutorials—what topics were you planning to cover? I was thinking of doing some of my own, since I may integrate some Aquarius work into a class I teach.
  6. After programming my first Aquarius game in BASIC, then getting a bit of assembly working via BASIC's USR command, I've been looking to switch over fully to Z80 development. I now have a working program courtesy of SB-Assembler 3 and Virtual Aquarius, but I'm running into some major gaps in knowledge about the Aquarius' technical specifications. Namely, there's very little info online about the Aquarius' hardware registers, how to poll the keyboard, how to wait for VSYNC (if that's possible), etc. I'm aware of the Machine Language Programming thread here, the scattering of documents online, and the Aquarius Yahoo Group (which I can't seem to access?) but I'm wondering if there's some source(s) I'm missing. So, if you know where I can find more in-depth technical references for the Aquarius, source code examples (beyond the system ROM disassembly), or other helpful references, please let me know. Especially those folks that might still have access to the Yahoo Group and might want to share some of the info there. Thanks!
  7. Hmm, curious. May be tough to diagnose without real hardware. If it's not a bother, could you let me know the line number(s) that caused the error?
  8. So were the FC errors immediately on boot and then resolve themselves, or did you need to manually restart to get it to work? And thank you for testing this out!
  9. Oh nice—are there any other details other than the start time? I have a conference that day but I might be able to drop by for a bit. And yeah, a short run of carts might be nice. Just let me know what might be involved.
  10. I recently wrapped up development of a new Aquarius game, rood, based upon an abstract board game I designed last year. I'd be delighted to have some folks test it out, especially on real hardware. I'm calling this release a beta, since there may be a few bugs or quirks I missed. If you're interested, I created a tiny web page with the ROM download and instructions for how to set things up properly in the Virtual Aquarius emulator. Due to the title screen and instructions, I had to require the 16K memory upgrade. Presumably this should work in MAME, but I haven't tested it there. And for those interested, the game was programmed with the excellent BLBASIC. The Aquarius is an odd, constrained system to design for, but that tool helped a lot. Please post back here if you try out the game and/or run into any issues. (Or you can ping me @circuitlions on Twitter).
  11. Fantastic demo! Would you consider sharing the source code?
  12. Hi all, I've been hunting for Peter Goode's rare Aquarius Program Book (mentioned in this old thread) for almost a year, and I finally tracked down an eBay UK seller who was willing to ship it my way. I've now scanned the book and uploaded it to the Internet Archive (and attached it to this thread), so it is rare no longer. I haven't typed in any of the programs yet, so if you do, please share the results here. ========== Nathan metopal.com pre83.com Peter Goode - The Aquarius Program Book (1983).pdf
  13. Wow, pretty incredible news! So are these actually available to order anywhere yet?
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