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  1. Looks fantastic. My vote would be to just burn an image of a skull. No name, not label, just a burnt in skull. Can't wait for my wood. Have you tested the wood in all Atari system models to make sure it fits correctly? If not, send it to me and I'll run it through all of them just to make sure
  2. Drama Llama. First time I've been called something that feels deserved. Not in 6 years, but definitely in the past few threads. The wisdom of a close friend has helped me understand that even though Al's policy may seem wrong, he likely has responsibilities as the leader of this community that would be difficult for someone on the periphery of the community to understand. Makes sense, especially considering the emotional responses people were having towards this game. +1 for pr0k too. In the end, even if Al already had my money on the game, he indeed was selling these at an extremely reasonable price, so I can see how placing the game up for bid may have been perceived.
  3. @Al The posts have been long and the risk is that things get misunderstood. I would never in my life suggest that you don't have the right to put up a BIN copy of Halo on eBay. That isn't what was written. What I question is your reason for doing so. Why were you so opposed to anyone else putting up a copy of Halo on ebay while your were working on putting more together? You had said "Be forewarned that if copies do pop up on eBay, I will list auctions with a $20 BIN for the cart." Well, why? If you've already made your $ on the game, why would you care what the person did with it, and in this case put forth a warning about how you'll respond if anyone disobeys. Cebus might smash his with a hammer, any problem with that? Sounds silly, but seriously, doesn't he have the right to do what he wants with his cart and sledgehammer? There is a big disconnect for me with this message, and the only thing I can come up with is that you are standing on some moral ground and using your power to prevent me from doing something that I want to do with my own property. That's it right? Profiteering, as some were calling it. Or, for the rest of us, the typical lifestyle of a vintage game collector. We buy auctions/items cheap, keep what we want, then sell the duplicates back. This we do on ebay, antique shops, goodwill stores, flea markets, garage sales, plug for game gavel, etc. This keeps a steady flow of collectibles moving throughout the country/world. Sometimes we make money, other times we break even or lose money. Listen, I'm not here to argue morals. If that's what you feel strongly against, then fantastic. People will disagree, and my issue with it is that you threatened to imposed sanctions against those who do something that is in discord with your beliefs, and in my opinion that isn't right, and beyond your jurisdiction. I just purchased a boxed Sears Heavy Sixer by using the BIN, and WAY overpaid. I didn't need Al to save me from that. It was my choice to overpay, it happens every day. You get the final word.
  4. Wow. I really appreciate the support from some those who responded, especially those senior members who do so much to support this community; you know who you are. I speak for myself now when I say the following: My trouble in the Halo topic started by asking Al the unpopular question about whether or not Halo was going to be made in limited quantites (note: after I purchased the carts). Now, I have to do something even more unpopular and disagree with Al about something. Al, respectfully, I fundamentally disagree with the policy you set regarding placing Halo carts up for bid on ebay. You own and operate Atariage, not ebay and not the free market. Threatening to place BIN auctions of the same cart if anyone puts the Halo cart up for auction (as stated in the Halo thread) borders on abuse of power, no? You have the right to ban me from any or all AtariAge topics, or suspend/delete my account here, but when you suggest strong-arming me or others by taking away our right to sell an item that we have already paid for, even for a short period of time, that's when I feel you cross the line. This game didn't come with a disclaimer or waiver of rights. I own it. I was a supportive, contributing member of this community while I was here, and yet you feel comfortable weilding your power this way? This cannot be, and I'm having trouble believing it. Everything about it feels wrong. Make-believe Story #1 I'm a baseball card collector and one day I decide to buy an old box of 1985 Topps cards. Amazingly, I find a Bounty Bob rookie card inside one of the packs. A few days later, Bob breaks the homerun record. I'm excited because not only am I a fan, but the value of my card just went up. I decide this would be a good time to sell the card. When Topps finds out I'm placing the card up for bid on ebay, they threaten to place an unlimited number of Bob's rookie cards up on ebay with a Bin of $25 if I put mine on ebay. Is this acceptable? Make-believe Story #2 It's early in the holiday season and I'm low on cash, but I have enough money to buy a new doll called Talking Elmo at Toys-R-Us, which is in high-demand. My plan is to wait in line all night, purchase the item and then sell it on eBay so that I have more money for the holidays and someone else who wasn't able to make it to the store will have an opportunity to get an Elmo. When Fisher Price hears that I'm going to sell my item on eBay, they threaten to put an unlimited number of pre-order Elmo Dolls up on ebay with a Bin of $25 if I put mine on ebay. Is this acceptable? I'm sure it's possible to punch holes in these examples and make arguments for how these are not parallel examples, but they feel quite similar. It's impossible to come up with an example where the seller doesn't expect to earn more than what he paid because that's the nature of most auctions. Did I expect to earn more than I paid? 90% yes, but I had a plan for what I would do with those funds, as I've already explained, which in the end would have yielded more money for AtariAge. It also should be noted that I wasn't forcing bidders to buy the cart for more than I purchased it for. The starting price was set at $19.99. At that point it's up to the buyer to decide whether or not they want to spend more for the item now or wait for it new. What I said to the new AtariAge member was indeed disrespectful and vastly disproportionate based on what he said to me. Unfortunately, he was getting blasted for more than what he had actually said. I have thought about it, acknolwedged it, and apologized for it. Now I ask you to do the same by re-examining your stance on this policy, because it doesn't seem concordant with the fairness you've shown in the past. I'm condemning the policy here, not the person.
  5. I'd like to start with this: I'm Sorry. As I was writing my last post in the Halo topic I realized I was reacting emotionally, and quite frankly I'm disappointed in myself that I wasn't able to handle that situation more level-headedly. Cursing and calling someone a newbie is totally unacceptable, and I crossed a line. After being called greedy, entitled, sucky, and being told that I was screwing everybody, I simply had enough and felt the need to lash out. Now, I'm being called a profiteer. So, with that I have a few things to say, as this will be my last post. After I write this, I'm going to immediately cancel my HALO cart auction. There is no side deal and there will be no profit made on my extra cart. Someone mentioned in the topic that if Halo was put on ebay it would be a great promotion for this cart on Atariage. Since I had an extra cart, I figured what the heck, I can always order another one. Anyone who took the time (thank you Pioneer) to look at and read my ebay auction would have realized that I was plugging Atariage. I did so in the description, and then when someone contacted me and asked me to do a side deal I explained that I was selling this item to promote the sale of this cart on Atariage and any side deal would defeat that purpose. I went on to ask that anyone who wasn't bidding please sign up on the waiting list at atariage.com. I didn't know for sure if the cart would sell for much more than $20, but my plan was to put the extra money towards becoming a subscriber here. I've thought about it a lot, clicked on the subscriber link many times, and it seemed like the right opportunity. Now, after being called the many names I've been called and subsequently having people question and spectulate on my reasons for purchasing two carts in the first place, I'm sure my story is met with a great deal of skepticism. I can't change that. What I've learned from this is that sometimes words are not enough to convince some people that you don't have bad intentions, even if you try several times. Al, I don't want credit for the carts I sent to you and please don't send them back, they're a donation. I don't blame you for banning me from the topic, but I had no intention of posting there again after the moderator asked me to stop. I'm totally stunned by the fact that putting the cart on ebay caused such a strong reaction. I honestly thought that would be seen as a really nice gesture since I had two and it would be great publicity for this cart on Atariage. I meant no harm. I find people fascinating and it saddens me when I fail at communication, and the Halo thread was indeed a big fail for me. There is more to say, but sometimes enough is enough. Enjoy this great forum and be better to people than I have recently.
  6. Check out this post with video and explanation. I'm assuming this is 'magic land'.
  7. Al, 21 carts are on their way!
  8. I don't give a rat's a** what you think IS or IS NOT sucky, newbie. I purchased my carts before anyone knew Al was going to postpone orders and put people on a waiting list. So what are you saying? You think you should have say over many copies anyone can buy from AtariAge? You make that decision? F U. People are starting to piss me off around here with their knee jerk reactions and trying to read into things INCORRECTLY. 1. It's evidently, not eventually. 2. I or anyone else can buy as many copies of a game as we want to from here. 3. YOU do not dictate how much anyone can sell anything for around here. 4. I had planned on keeping both copies, and only made the decision to sell today. 5. I'm starting the bid off at $20 to make the game available immediately to anyone who doesn't want to wait. That's a good thing. You're a joke. To everyone else, sorry about the rant. People are having crazy reactions to this game not being available and I've been stuck in a defensive position and trying to be polite, but this is ludicrous. By the way jacka** I just got back from the post office where I just mailed Al 20+ carts for him to use for your freaking copy of HALO. Have a nice day.
  9. Tonight (Monday) at 8:00pm EST I'm putting my used 'silver' version of Halo 2600 on eBay if anyone is interested. I ordered two, one for my collections and one to play with. Now that I'm done playing, it's available. Selling in slightly used condition. I'll put the link in this thread when the auction goes live. Tks.
  10. That will change tonight. I'm putting my used version (I ordered two) up tonight for a three day auction.
  11. I second that one. I did notice one missing from it, and I added it in myself. The prices are best called "guidelines" but it is a nice prebuilt list. It has macros to make have and want lists from the data you enter. For those of you who were totally confused by Pioneer's response, I think he was actually responding to my latest post in this topic. How'd you manage that?
  12. Try this. It's a downloadable spreadsheet already setup for you. I cannot speak for its accuracy, but if nothing else, it's a great start.
  13. I can't believe they did that to perfectly good asphalt.
  14. Another cool little thing... if you're off-screen on the bottom, and you go to a screen where there is an enemy and a bottom wall, if you press 'up' to make your square appear, and it appears where one of your remaining lives are indicated (Master Chief Heads), your own head will kill you
  15. This bug is freaking GREAT!!! I've been playing around with it for about 90 minutes. Here's something really cool to try. Hyper-warp to the boss, like the video shows, but don't shoot him. Instead, make your way to the top of the screen and walk through the top wall. You wind up on a screen, but the enemies cannot shoot you because you're actually up above the screen. You can move left an right to advance through all screens. If you hold 'up' you'll move to the bottom of the screen, still hidden. At any point you can re-enter the screen if you're at the top and there is not top wall, or if you're on the bottom and there is no bottom wall. I won't say any more, but check it out. Tons of fun! I'm not sure if this faux wall is there when you reach the boss without hyper-warping or not, haven't tried it. If anyone's looking for a new challenge, try to find the Fake Master Chief and find out whether he's good or bad (see pic below). The Real Master Chief is off the screen.
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