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  2. I was able to make multiple changes and use object 0C without any problems. Must be something you are trying to do. Perhaps you are trying to put too many objects on a screen. If I recall, Bob told me there was a limit. -Jeff
  3. Ok. I'll try to see if I can replicate the problem tomorrow. You are saying once you make multiple changes and try to save it no longer will start the game?
  4. Bob would have to answer that question. I would assume both TIA and Pokey are in the same bin. -Jeff
  5. I think I found the actual cause of the problem. Here is a complete package that should fix the sound issue. -Jeff BentleyEd.Build33.zip
  6. Walter, For some reason a few bytes are getting the wrong data breaking the music. I haven't figured out where it's going wrong, but in meantime I hacked in a fix at the end to path the binary with the correct values. Please see if the EXE in the attached ZIP file fixes the music issue for you. -Jeff Bentley Editor32Fix.zip
  7. Yes I was able to reproduce it. I think the problem is earlier releases of the game were going to have more levels. Somehow it's writing empty levels to the area where the music resides. I'll have to look. Thanks for letting me know. -Jeff
  8. @sh3-rg. If you make any change and save it you get that error? If you post the steps you are taking that don't work, I can test it in the debugger.
  9. Hello Atari Age, I was going through some older projects and came across my Bentley Bear: Crystal Quest 7800 Game Editor. The back story on this one. Back in 2012, Bob had just started working on Bentley Bear. I had written a few level editors for some of his previous games (Failsafe, CrazyBrix) and some editors for 7800 Pacman and he asked if I could put something together so he wouldn't have to do all 48 levels by hand. I loved the idea of helping Bob with his most ambitious project and from about Feb to Sept I worked on the following editor that he eventually used to expedite level design. Bentley Bear has been available for purchase and it's been nearly 5 years since I stopped work on this, so with Bob's blessing I decided to share it with the community. This works with the final A78/BIN release found here. I built this using the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 (My Windows 7 machine and Windows 10 machines already have this, but you may need to download if you get an error running it) BentleyEd.Build31.zip Using this tool, you can completely customize Bentley bear with: Graphic (board tile editor / sprites) Level editor (create completely new levels and enemy placement) Create new parallax levels (by modifying the zone speeds) Color settings (change the color palettes for levels and graphics) I didn't write a manual for this, so you'll have to figure out how to use it via trial and error (maybe somebody in the community can write one up). Here are some screenshots if you're wondering if it's worth your time. Enjoy, Jeff
  10. The latest version in my blog support s DPC+. If you didn't download it from my blog then that would explain this.
  11. I am not sure I got burned. My 7800 at the time was temperamental. I remember a bunch of Bob's homebrews would fail as well. I've since replaced it and in retrospect, I wish I had just kept the highscore cart and tested it with my current 7800 - might have actually worked. I am still hopeful I'll get a replacement.
  12. vbB != bB. Everything you mentioned is part of Visual batari Basic which only runs on Windows.
  13. The color coding is problematic. I wrote it and I generally turn it off. The .NET Framework doesn't really have an intrinsic control that lends itself to the task so it's very limiting. -Jeff
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