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  1. Extra special great! WOW! Nice!
  2. Any console/arcade magazines will be fine. I have plenty of computer magazines and would like to concentrate on just the console/arcade part of my collection for now! There were a bunch in 1981 but by 1984, there were few left. I do have 11 'PC Gamer's from 1993 I would trade for just 1 console/arcade magazine. I have Paypal and other things to trade outright or combine on a few other things of intrest such as: *'Cinefex' magazines from early-late 1980s ALL are out of print and ALL are in great condition! *Baseball cards from 1987-1995. thousands! Complete first set of 'Watchmen' comics all bagged and in great condition. * 'Cerebus' comics. * Mondo 2000 magazines. * First 15 years of 'Wired' magazines. * 59 'Fortune' magazines from the 1930s (no less than $15/each on EBay). * All sorts of beer cans from the 1930s-current (my collection since 1975 when the hobby was at it's peak!). and last but certainly not least over 4,000 NON-COMMERCIAL audio/video concerts NFS but trade AND a brand new 2TB drive to fill up! I have over 1,000 RUSH audio/video shows that took me over 20 years to complete! I also have a big Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen,RHCP, Led Zepplin,Styx and Eric Clapton shows! Thank You everyone! Sean
  3. As long as I have been a member here, it's embarrassing how few messages I have written here (mostly because of my disability has gottten progressively worse but I can't attribute that entirely to that!). Am I overlooking something or what? I came here today to just 'pal around' with people who are mostly 'Gen-Xers' and share many of the same interests as I do AND have always considered this place a 'one stop site' to find out ANYTHING about EVERYTHING'! I had some 'non-gaming' related questions and things I have found that I think would be of great interest to people here. Is there a place here for those things? If not, has there ever been and is there a site that Atari Age works closely with so I don't get too far away from the crowd here that has always been nothing but OUTSTANDING to me and just about everyone here? Thank You! Sean
  4. Sorry to read that. It sure was great at one time. I'll check it out anyway....you never know!
  5. Thank You so much for the great answers! I understand it still varies widely, but how are game programmers paid now (royalties,salary combonations etc.?) Is there an industry standard? Are there any great books on this topic? I find the whole history of video games fascinating! I just wish I didn't pirate all those programs in the 80's! But it was how I rebelled! I didn't go out and party....I pirated! But now, I don't download COMMERCIAL music,movies etc. There is PLENTY of PD music,movies,software etc. out there! I honestly don't think people know how destructive it really is. Music and Movie stars flaunting their bling don't know either. People see them and think that all of the workers in their industries are rich too! Know they are thinking of getting rid of CDs/DVDs and just download the songs they like. It's just sad really....so many truly great songs that were never meant to be hits were discovered because of how releases were put together. Some of my favorite songs are 'b-side' songs. Shopping malls and record stores were great! EVERYBODY benefitted....I still make an effort to support them, but others don't and I am GREATLY outnumbered! Getting older REALLY sucks sometimes!
  6. I understand that people, but it's local revenue that generates taxes that DIRECTLY affects the quality of life you,your friends and ESPECIALLY your family! You get what you pay for! I'll GLADLY pay the extra money to help everyone with their quality of life! It's a team effort! I don't have kids, but I want good schools. I don't drive, but I want good roads. etc. Crap revenue=crap quality of ALL our lives! It's not that difficult to understand! Do we want cheap warrantless shit from China, or a decent infrastructure?
  7. What about a 'manual/inserts rarity guide?
  8. $15-$20. About how much is a real one worth?
  9. At the risk of sounding like a Trump-a-phile'.... I refuse to buy anything straight from any Asian countries. It really kills our local economies. Heck if I wasn't disabled and broke (financially....I guess I'm 'broke' in two ways!), I wouldn't buy anything online if I can find it here at a store.
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