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  1. Lots of feedback here 😛 - my 10c it's your game you make all the calls. If anyone want's something different, they should boot up those tools and make it. I think what you have looks and plays brilliantly. sTeVE P.S. I wouldn't even have the optional sound bank, decide on one and go with it, strong direction always wins out over compromise...
  2. Jordan released a FANTASTIC book back in 2011 all about POP - bought it and read it digitally when it came out then - I wonder if it's the same material? sTeVE
  3. I never thought to preserve anything - it was just work then, and many people I know have likewise many lost/fabled projects that I see regularly asked about. I share when I find stuff (like the 7800 games my friend Amy had worked on) and always wish I had not lost things. I know there are many games or pieces of games floating around, like Winter Games for the A8 (which I saw alongside UFO at Atari UK)... sTeVE
  4. He's here on Atari Age - just look carefully... Sadly indeed, didn't even know it was in that book......
  5. Last Ninja II - like some other announced never shown games was signed with the respective UK publishers (System III etc), but never got further than a basic proof of concept demo. Unfortunately the assets are now lost to the mists of time, along with various other demos/software like Trap and Psygnosis Barbarian)... The agreements (I still have a few of the signed contracts) are only concerned with my/and or Harlequin's rights and responsibilities under fixed term publishing and development agreements. So nothing to prevent my discussion of this ancient material 🙂 Orall did some lovely music for Beast for me, but that track xxl is not one I commissioned for that game AFAIK, but it may have been one I had received, or was it from Richard? sTeVE
  6. That is fantastic, thank you so much! sTeVE
  7. Yeah - my bad, I lost a lot of the files from my old site sadly... sTeVE
  8. Most famous to gamers because of: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbarian:_The_Ultimate_Warrior and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbarian_II:_The_Dungeon_of_Drax Done by my good friend Steve Brown... sTeVE
  9. To be honest making games always has been more fun than playing them - that's why I still do it as the day job... sTeVE
  10. I loved GAD - despite it's mode 7 only functionality it's tools were awesome! I always liked your artwork! sTeVE
  11. I found Hoxs64 a bit variable, particularly with audio - video was good (although the default palette is pretty off) - I used it for a year or so, but now have returned to VICE as a more accurate sound wise. Not tired the latest (Nov '19) version of Hoxs - is it worth a look, does it do anything better than Vice? sTeVE P.S. I have finally given up with Atari800 and now use Altirra for A8 emulation, despite it liking to drop out of full screen mode occasionally 🙂
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