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  1. Yup - great emulator, screen shader not a patch on RetroArch... sTeVE
  2. Nope - they were both listed with a £20 start price... sTeVE
  3. I've just gone back to the core in the latest version of RetroArch - it still has issues with sound, some games just sound wrong or have glitches/interference in the sound. It resets if you toggle the audio to 48K and the back to 44K, but when you next boot the core the audio issue is back - this is on Mac and PC (2 different machines), so not a hardware issue my end AFAIK. It also likes to crash if you fiddle with too many settings and the real deal breaker is it does not support extend memory properly 😞 I also remembered why I like standalone Atari800 - you can setup a much more flexible input bind and then use keypadder to setup the left and right analogue sticks on a single controller to be two separate joysticks and play Space Dungeon and Robotron properly! sTeVE
  4. Altirra is a great emulator, just not a great one to use behind graphical front ends IMHO - I find it likes to occasionally wig out and drop out of fullscreen on a whim 🙂 I use Atari800 on PC and Mac behind Launchbox and Attract Mode or Pegasus it's very reliable. It's also very easy to customize controls etc. But I do use Altirra on my Launchbox PC for one game - Space Harrier, it needs the blended frames feature to look good. And if you are into shaders - and I am not so it does not color my opinion - there is no comparison with the features of RetroArch compared to Altirra's offering. So horses for courses, sat at a PC Altirra is great 🙂
  5. I'm letting eBay Global shipping take care of all international stuff - so yes! But on the hardware front I am very nervous of doing so - so likely pickup only. sTeVE
  6. Before I get round to flushing out my remaining hardware, and after many bitter discoveries that much of it is no longer working, I have a few last games to let fly free to new owners: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/jetbootjack_uk/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= sTeVE
  7. I found the Atari800 RetroArch core (on Pi/PC and Mac) to have horrific audio issues - that said I had not tried it in the latest releases of RetroArch - is it any better? sTeVE
  8. Awesome ~Thanks! sTeVE
  9. Love this game, bought the steam version and it is great!!! Slightly left field request - do you have a high-res image of the 7800 box you can share. I ask as I use launchbox as my FE for all PC games - and have popped Rikki & Vikki windows into my 7800 collection, but lack good artwork to use... sTeVE
  10. So further discoveries - looks like all the issues are related to using a DS4 as the joypad controller. Turned off the controller (I use over bluetooth) and reverted to an 8bitDo SF30Pro (again wirelessly) and no crashes at all and the HAT can be mapped as a joypad (which was not the case with the DS4). Anyone else using a DS4 and been successful? sTeVE P.S. Mathy - no, but it reminded me to update
  11. Yes I should have been less verbose in the thread I have pulled all the support files from the install. And it runs again, but if I crash it the app get stuck in the loop again, requiring a complete removal (I use a tool to get all the installed files that are hidden away) and re-install each time sTeVE
  12. Okay I have updated - didn't crash first time I ran it, second time, connected a DS4 via usb, pressed right on the dpad, the application crashed and now we're back to the circle I described above :-( sTeVE
  13. Wow - I did not realise that was an issue, how did I miss that 10.14.3 was dependancy?! sTeVE
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