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  1. Me too - verysimple little game, but fun for a blast and has a nice strong yet minimalist visual style. I seem to remember having it on tape rather than cart though... sTeVE
  2. Looks like the source is still in GitHub - https://github.com/jhusak/envisionpc-reborn sTeVE
  3. Google is your friend... https://atari.miribilist.com/envision/ sTeVE P.S. NRV - exceptional work, love this stuff!!
  4. I also feel that the palette on the 5200 games generally looks off to my eyes, Ballblazer for instance looks grim and a few others look muddy and muted IMHO. sTeVE
  5. Sorry - probably not much use, but don't use EMU7800 - I use A7800, which works flawlessly on windows 10 with .A78 rom files... The RetroArch 7800 core works very reliably too, but has the usual pro system emulator issues (some games have visual uglies), which I do not see in A7800. sTeVE P.S. Just took a look at EMU7800, it's not been updated since 2015...
  6. That is simply fantastic! sTeVE
  7. Really nice - keeps the 2600 vibe and adds lots of nice graphic details.. Nice tunes too - but I think I prefer the squish spider and pot smash sounds in the original 🙂 sTeVE
  8. Yes that is exactly what happened with vanilla wine, only with PlayOn did I manage to get file associations working (it also works with CrossoOver created bottled apps). I tried to wrap the wine app in an AppleScript shell to get file associations working, and that failed too... However since I shifted to Catalina I have abandoned using Wine/PlayOn and instead use full Windows 10 to access Altirra. Perhaps when PlayOn is 64bit I will return to this, but to be honest having a Wintel box for games is a great Mac peripheral 🙂 sTeVE
  9. Analog #46 - a fantastic issue (LA Machine was a awesome utility).... Funnily enough despite being UK based I was never a fan of Atari User, it's content was so many years behind the US and it was written in a rather prosaic way - but I did love Page 6 from issue 1, sadly their covers were much more fanzine, so not memorable 😞 sTeVE
  10. Good grief - that is Awesome! Wow - what a lovely piece of work - very smooth and fluid, exceptional! Here's hoping you can put the finishing touches to this - what with Bosconian being so great it's Namco time on the A8!! sTeVE
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