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  1. On a similar note windows 10//11 users can install the latest Powertoys and access the keyboard manager where you can remap any key to any other key or key combo - so if you lack F keys (like my lounge Logitech keyboard) you can remap them - I mapped F1 etc to Shift-1 etc and ESC to § so it works with Altirra/Atari800 nicely. You can map keys across all apps or for just specific apps - so I have F1 (Shift-1) cross mapped to a different f-key for each emulator so it works as START in BOTH emulators for instance - as I launch through a frontend and never see which emulator is running which game... sTeVE
  2. Yes I know the colours are changing in realtime depending on the position of the light source, but the proximity of the light source to the letters makes no difference - i.e. letters nearer the light source are not MORE lit than those further away - so it is adjusting colours/register values depending on light source position rather than actually lighting the letters with a source of light - if that makes sense (in both the Amiga and A8 versions) - unless my eyes are faulty...
  3. Isn't that just changing colour register values rather than actual light source 😛 since all characters are affected equally rather than just those close to the light?!?!
  4. Like Preppie mentioned, my favorite way around the problem back in the day was the Compute Wedge, a really excellent little tool - http://archive.org/details/1982-11-compute-magazine/page/n209/mode/2up?view=theater sTeVE
  5. Donkey Kong Preppie Moon Patrol Ms Pac-Man Bandits Drol Last Squadron
  6. 1980 - ZX80 1980 - Atari 800 1983 - Atari 800XL 1985 - Amiga 1000 & Atari 520ST 1987 - Became a game developer - so every system ever released and many that are/were not, ongoing 🤣 Habitual Mac user now...
  7. ...in ROF you are flying behind Jaggi lines (its in the manual) - the Jaggi are the enemy and your lost pilots have crashed in their territory...
  8. I suspect in the intervening 21 years since the original post the OP has resolved their query 🤪
  9. Remember the goal was the whole game in memory in ONE tape load - so ALL of SOB from the Amiga in around 52K (it was for XL/XE only) 🤪 Anyhoo - it was a fun project, although I thought we did Menace better.... sTeVE
  10. I love those little CRT's - beautiful picture, had one for my 8bit set-up for many years... sTeVE
  11. Absolutely @Beeblebrox - Flob, PoP, Final Assault, and Albert are each superb - we have been really spoilt this year. And I have enjoyed all these and more in 2021… I just love arcade shooters 🙂 sTeVE
  12. Got my digital copy - absolutely awesome game, love it, Atari GOTY for me (yes I know POP is incredible too).... sTeVE
  13. The multicolour version looks really nice! sTeVE
  14. What an absolutely amazing game - that is fantastic work, @globe huge congratulations!
  15. Nice! I still use NVC as a file sorting tool as it is java and works on any platform (I am a Mac user mainly) - https://github.com/TheMontezuma/NVC But will give this a go when I next drop onto my Windows box! sTeVE
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