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  1. Scramble works on a regular Harmony as does Draconian, Space Rocks, Mappy, Super Cobra, Stay Frosty 2, and all of the other DPC+ and CDF games. There are a handful of games that only work on Encore; to name a few off the top of my head: Zippy, Stella's Stocking, MegaBoy. There are a number of demos that only work on Encore as well.
  2. Hi, I haven't been on the forums in a bit, but I did get one of your messages and sent the tracking number along on April 22. However, if you still don't have it let me know.
  3. I second trying on another console. I have seen similar issues with flaky TIA or RIOT chips in the console where the Harmony menu doesn't work but most of the games do.
  4. Never mind, Moon Patrol wasn't that hard to fix either. In either case let me know how these work. Moon Patrol (1983) (262 Scanline Fix).bin
  5. Yep, these are bugs in the games themselves, and the reason it won't display anyway isn't due to any issue with the Harmony Cart but the apparent inability of the RetroTINK to display a non-standard frame. I have hacked Fast Food to have the proper number scanlines. Moon Patrol isn't as easy to fix but I am talking a look. Fast Food (1982) (262 Scanline Fix).bin
  6. It's been over a decade now. How about a second hint. See my first hint, and this:
  7. Harmony Encore supports X07 and Stella's Stocking works on it. However, as said, I don't think the ROM has been released. In case it ever is released, though, it will work
  8. Wow, thanks for this! I just saved $99.33 with this coupon
  9. I updated the links. A while back, Albert and I discussed the software and could provide feedback. I can't seem to find that discussion but I will keep looking.
  10. A version of the ROM that works in Stella does exist, but it has never been released, of course.
  11. I adjusted the price of Harmony to be more competitive, and I think it's probably time to open source Harmony after I sell down my current stock. I just wondered something. Once you open-source something like this do you basically lose all rights to it? I mean, couldn't anyone start making Unocarts right now and the creator wouldn't be able to do a thing about it? My concern with Harmony is once I open-source it, some inferior clones will start popping up everywhere. That is why I want to sell down my stock before I release the source.
  12. A semi-working site is up now. Currently I need to change a couple of things because adding to the shopping cart takes you to a new tab and you have to switch tabs to get back to the original screen. Kind of clunky but hope it works for now. I will take another look in a few days when I get a chance.
  13. I have been meaning to do something like this for a while anyway. Maybe this will encourage me to work out those final bugs in Concerto and actually release it? Yes, I think the current labels are better.
  14. Hey all, Due to recent competition and that I have a lot parts sitting around that were already paid for, and people have essentially stopped buying Harmony carts, I think it is time to lower the price and change the pricing structure. The new price for Harmony will be $39, and the new price for Encore will be $59. For this price you get a bare board and a label. You supply your own cartridge casing and cut the slots in it for USB and the SD card. If you would like your cart put in a cartridge casing, add $10 to the price. You may order a printed manual for $1.00, a color manual for $6.00, or a USB cable for $4. You can purchase a SDHC card with some homebrews, Harmony software, drivers as was formerly available in the Deluxe version for $12. The order pages will reflect this change soon. This offer is for a limited time only, while supplies last. I have enough to make a few hundred carts, I think. When the supplies are exhausted, that will be time to release the source for Harmony, and I will decide then if I want to make more. Give me some time to change the order page. It is currently down.
  15. Oh I see it now. Right there in my junk mail folder
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