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  1. This is a genuine Harmony Encore cart. This seller bought some Harmony carts from me and is reselling them.
  2. The biggest problem is that the cart has an extra 64 bytes of RAM. It may be impossible to convert it to any format that doesn't also have extra RAM.
  3. If anyone remembers anything about that outfit selling pirate flashcarts, feel free to PM me and I'll do what I can to get them shut down. Low quality pirate UNO and Harmony carts don't just harm the creators, they also harm the community.
  4. Do you know anything more about this? Just seeing this today. If they are selling pirated Harmony carts, I can file a DMCA takedown notice and make it harder for them to sell Harmony and UNO carts.
  5. How old is your Harmony cart? You need BIOS 1.05 or higher to play the ROM posted above. Basically, if you bought your Harmony anytime after around mid-2010 you should have the correct BIOS.
  6. I don't know, as I see no logic at all to the bank organization. The PP banking scheme makes little sense to me and the underlying hardware supporting it is equally weird, and the 3-cycle delay for bankswitching is also strange. The game chip appears to be on an ASIC, which is curious, or if not an ASIC, what is the chip exactly? I heard a rumor that the reason this game was never released was because of the unavailability of the hardware which makes me wonder what exactly they did?
  7. Harmony binary. Let me know how this works. Pink_panther_harmony.bin
  8. Try this. It's a harmony-only ROM with the custom bankswitch code added to the binary itself. Pink_panther_harmony.bin
  9. There will be multiple 7800 flashcarts out there, and I am sure each will have its own strengths. Maybe one will play games the other can't and vice versa, or each will have features the other doesn't. And as Concerto will have multiple levels of feature sets and price points, there will be choices even there too. The way it's currently designed, full 2600 compatibility, including the Melody schemes, are possible on all levels of Concerto. Since they are possible I might as well add these features to the cart. Although this is less important to those who already have Harmony carts, some might buy a Concerto because of it.
  10. Yes, true, but 2600 binary support is something people will want. Though the big draw is 7800 games, I think being able to play the full 2600 library, including DPC+ and CDF games on Concerto is a big plus.
  11. Since the topic mentions Concerto, I want to reassure everyone that Concerto will indeed be released if the hardware issues are resolved to my satisfaction. The hardware has been changed. It hasn't changed significantly (I stuck within the same chip family so DPC+, CDF and existing Harmony stuff will still play without too much trouble on my part), but definitely, the new hardware has all changed enough so the firmware will not be compatible. Because of the hardware change, existing Concerto owners will be able to send theirs back to me and get the new cart with all the bells and whistles for no charge. They could of course choose to keep their old Concertos and use them as is, or load up Harmony firmware and use them as Harmony Encore carts. I decided to make several versions of Concerto instead of a one-size-fits all, and it is no longer 100% hardware-compatible with Harmony Encore as before. This helped me to simplify a lot and make it cheaper. One version will be a base model. I would guess it will support 95% or more of games. But by making these compromises, I can price it in the $60 range. The base model will be fully upgradeable. The fully-loaded Concerto is intended to support all current 7800 games that I know of. As implied, existing Concerto owners can trade theirs in for a fully-loaded Concerto with everything. I don't have a price on this but hope to get under $100.
  12. That is the hope. I think the biggest issue (aside from the inherent evilness of the 7800's hardware itself) is that Concerto was built atop Harmony Encore hardware and it's just too complicated. The new version is simplified a lot.
  13. Sorry. I suppose I still could do that but Concerto has changed a bit. Since this thread asked specifically about Concerto I should post something up. Better to wait for the new version at this point...
  14. I have been refunding the difference for those who order from the old page, which is pretty rare, but you are right, I will put in redirects to the new pricing. The main reason Harmony costs more because it has USB connectivity on the board. I can't really make the price any lower because of that.
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