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  1. This is true, but you can always turn it back into a Concerto by installing the Concerto firmware. It is a bit of a hassle just for playing a game or two, but if someone does not have a Harmony Encore at all, it is an avenue for playing games that otherwise are not yet supported by the Concerto firmware.
  2. More Concertos should be available by the end of this this weekend. Haven't been able to get ahead of the curve this week but I should be going again on Saturday/Sunday!
  3. The shift register idea has 7 extra ICs. It may work but this seems far, far more complex than it needs to be? A CPLD by itself should be enough with suitable programming, no bus transceiver needed if you can find a 5v one (or 5v tolerant 3.3v one) instead of the 1.8v one as shown. Maybe even a single SPLD would work. I will think about that one. A bus transceiver may be enough on its own with supporting resistors, with no CPLD needed (I think I mentioned a possible way this could work earlier.)
  4. I have thought of $4C4C (and also, $6C6C for JMP indirect), but I believe a mirror of INPT4 lives there in both cases. The TIA read register is what we need to be concerned with, not the TIA write register. The TIA only drives bit 7 there, but bit 7 will almost certainly be 1 unless the joystick button is pushed on boot. There are limited areas in TIA areas that aren't driven ($xE and $xF), and there are possibly some addresses in the RIOT timer areas, but overall I think the best results (and most useful instructions) will be those that correspond to addresses in cartridge space, with an opcode with an odd first digit (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, B, D, F).
  5. You can install the Harmony Encore firmware on a Concerto and play all of the ARM games. I'd only bother with that option if you don't also have a Harmony cart though. Eventually the ARM games will be supported natively by Concerto firmware, though.
  6. Yes, I can provide replacement labels for those wanting to install a POKEY (or HOKEY, when the time comes.) I figured this might come up!
  7. Concerto doesn't yet support 2k games, which is why this doesn't work. Until a new firmware is released that fixes the issue, you can use 4k conversions of these 2k games. Attached are are some 4k conversions of 2k games that I have found. 4k_conversions_of_2k_games.zip
  8. This new law is based on similar laws in some states that have been in place for years. I don't know how many individual states began enacting the $600 limit but I understand that several already do. From what I understand, some gig companies then chose to also enact a $600 limit (or $0 limit, even) company-wide and not just in individual states that require it. So it's possible that there are not many gig companies left who don't 1099 everyone, and the new law is just following older state laws. The fact that it's been in place for years in some states tells me it is unlikely to get repealed (100%. There may end up being exceptions to the law, though, and it would be nice if online sales were one of those things, but we will see.)
  9. As I understand it, the $600 limit was not focused on online sales like the previous 20k/200 transactions limit was. It was intended to target gig workers as many don't pay any taxes. They are supposed to, of course, but without 1099s it seems they can get away without paying anything. I understand why the IRS wants them to pay taxes, because income from gig work is almost entirely taxable, while eBay sales may not be. The current $20k/200 transaction law was not set up to handle the gig economy. That seems to mean gig workers could work for many places simultaneously, and as long as they were under $20k from any one source, no taxes. So for that reason I get why the rules are changing. But, I have to agree that changing the threshold from $20k to $600 is extreme. Sure that will make the gig workers pay up, but that is going to affect things that the new laws weren't meant to affect. I can see why some are fighting that ruling. However, I doubt it will be repealed because the IRS does still want gig workers to pay their taxes.
  10. Just take out the screw and the shell should come apart pretty easily. If you are going to put in a HOKEY later, I would wait to apply the label until then.
  11. When the time comes there will be information available upon request for those who have the skills to do the upgrade themselves.
  12. Sorry about this, but the version numbers shown on the screen are not accurate. If you had 0.94a you likely had the latest version, and installing 0.95 actually reverted to an older version of the firmware which had loading issues on some consoles. I would revert to the last posted version of the firmware, even though it does say 0.94a on the screen. There are some bad versions of Commando out there. I would only use Trebor's ROM pack as this has known working versions of most binaries.
  13. Honestly, I wasn't aware they were sold out again! Give me 2-3 days and I will have some more stock.
  14. I worked it out with Albert. For non-bankswitched 7800 homebrews (up to 48k), a HOKEY will only add $10 to the price. The non-BS boards will be using the Basic HOKEY. If the game is bankswitched, it will be a few dollars more, but still this will be reasonable. The bankswitch boards will be using the more capable Standard HOKEY. I don't want to clog up this thread so I will post more about the various HOKEY versions in another thread.
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