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  1. #3, actually. I'm trying to make the game load into memory without corruption, and the integrity test should reveal any corruption that exists. As for #2, with the help of RevEng, we have found the probable cause for that as well, but this current BIOS doesn't yet have these fixes. #1: Crashing at the splash screen likely has a similar cause to one of the above issues, and a similar resolution. As for booting to a black screen, the cause of that isn't known yet.
  2. The output is different. The good news is that the difference was exactly in line with my error, given that I did not work around the problem quite right, which confirmed the source of the issue. There are some more issues that were recently discovered with the help of RevEng, and the solutions he presented to me will be implemented soon, but for now, I'm just trying to tackle the corrupted game loading. This latest attempt is a more robust workaround of this particular issue. concerto_test3.cbi
  3. Yes, I expect that it did change. To what exactly, I don't know though.
  4. Thanks. Can you post up the 8480 page from the memory explorer? That could reveal some useful info. Much appreciated. I tested all 12 of my consoles again, and once again, all green.
  5. There isn't much change, only some small things to test a theory. The hope is that it will least improve the loading errors. If the integrity is improved, I am on the right track. Can you tell me if the integrity check is improved with this version?
  6. For Concerto, just copy the file to your SD card, boot up your Concerto and select the file as if it were a game. The Concerto will recognize it as a BIOS file and update the BIOS. Once loaded, turn off the 7800 and back on again. You can also update firmware over a USB cable, but as long as your Concerto has a functioning menu, there is no need to do it this way.
  7. The consistency results revealed a probable cause of loading errors! I am posting a firmware that attempts to work around the issue. This is considered a test firmware, and provided I did it right, it should fix or at least improve loading. Note that it slows down the loading slightly, so don't update your firmware unless you are experiencing issues with a particular console and want to test it vs. the prior firmware. To update firmware, select the file attached here in the menu. The firmware will update itself automatically, and ask you to press a button to reboot. The reboot feature is broken right now, so don't worry if it crashes after pressing the button, just do a power cycle manually. concerto_test2.cbi
  8. SD uses FAT16, and the size limit for that filesystem is 4GB. That said, there are some oddball 4GB SD cards out there that were released just before the SDHC spec, and I have heard reports of some who were able to format a SDHC card with FAT16, which might require making a 4GB (or smaller) partition if the card is larger. IMO it's not worth the effort to do this, but it is worth the effort to partition SDXC cards as FAT32 because as you said, you can use up to 2TB with it.
  9. For Concerto, max ROM size is 512k, it supports cart RAM and Maria DMA. Pokey location is currently $4000 but it might be possible to support other locations. For Concertino, ROM size is probably around 480k, and while it may be able to cope with cart RAM, it likely can't handle Maria DMA. POKEY is probably only capable at $4000.
  10. Between yours and the other user showing consistency errors, it may be enough. I’ll take a close look at these tomorrow and report back with findings.
  11. Oh, and to those who posted screens from the utility: that is exactly what I needed! Thanks so much for posting screens. It will take me a day to analyze the data but once I do a solution should make itself clear! I may post up some test BIOSes as well.
  12. The blue text you quoted from post 1617 refers to Concertino, not concerto. Sorry for any confusion.
  13. The "old" Concerto is essentially the same as this "new" one. The only functional difference between the two is to correct an issue where some users had trouble flashing new firmware over USB with a POKEY chip installed. I think (but don't remember) that I also changed the boards to fit better in a shell. So yes, new firmware will work on all Concertos out there. I have no intention to abandon the carts already out there.
  14. What is more interesting is the bankswitching is done using just two logic chips. I'm assuming it's not F8, and the games have been modified for some other, as yet unknown method.
  15. There will be enough for everyone eventually, assuming the most egregious issues can be solved. But for now, priority for the remaining 20 is for game developers first, as there are several who are making 7800 games but have no way to test on hardware, so I'd like all game developers who want to buy a Concerto to get one. I am sure there are less than 20 game developers out there, so if you want to help test and have a number of consoles to test on, I am also willing to sell you one of the 20. The price for Concerto is $99. I would knock off $10 if you just want a bare board, not in a cart shell. There isn't a label for Concerto yet. I will of course have a label eventually. I am also still working on Concertino, by the way, if $99 is too much and you are willing to wait a bit!
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