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  1. I can't give an exact number on that, as Albert publishes the games. But, as the main point of HOKEY is to make POKEY-enabled homebrew games affordable again, I can say with confidence that it will be reasonable.
  2. Some HOKEYs are already out there in and AtariAge homebrew games, so in a way, yes they have been released publicly. For uses other than homebrew games, I first need to simplify the firmware update mechanism. That is the only hurdle left before I can release them to the public. Concerto owners will have the first crack at them, first those who had reservations, then the remaining Concerto owners, then the general public. Should be a matter of weeks at this point.
  3. The production Concerto isn't sold out right now. Apparently the link on the first post was showing only the the pre-production version (which is currently sold out) rather than the main page that also shows the production version.
  4. Good to hear. Removing the Pokey often helps but I don’t expect people to be thrilled about having to do that, so I’m working on fixing that. The WIP version addresses the bug where the Pokey interferes with communication, but currently it isn’t ready for public release.
  5. Concertos are back in stock: see https://concerto.atariage.com.
  6. You're all wrong. Opcode $80 is BUM because it doesn't do anything useful; it only wastes time, takes up space and uses resources while contributing nothing.
  7. No, that file (hbios_concerto_0.95noflash.bin) goes in the root directory of your SD card. The eeloader_NTSC.bin file is included with the programming software. If you can't find it, you can use this one I am posting here. eeloader_104e_NTSC.bin
  8. It isn't a downgrade, I just forgot to change the version text in the menu for this version.
  9. It shouldn't be bricked. The EEPROM loader download didn't succeed but you can try downloading it again until it does succeed. If you have to, unplug the Concerto, plug it in again and wait a moment before pressing "download EEPROM." If the software keeps giving similar errors in the download, PM me as there is a WIP version of the software that fixes this issue, but is not quite ready for release yet.
  10. In the EEPROM loader box, use "eeloader_NTSC.bin" (or similar) located in a subdirectory in the install folder of the software (typically something like \Program Files\HarmonyCart\arm\) then click "Download EEPROM."
  11. I knew that was the original idea. However, adoption of a new device for the system seems to take years if it happens at all, so I thought it would be better to look at something that already exists, or at least, to revamp an existing device that is already connected to many systems for easier adoption. The only successful external devices for the 2600 I can think of (in the homebrew era) have been the AtariVOX/SaveKey and the Quadtari, and the former is already established, so why not build upon that?
  12. Sure, and by adding some extra hardware, it could potentially utilize the flash and play samples directly from that. There is a chance that it could be done without hardware as well, as AtariVOXes have a PIC already on them that is apparently not actually used for the 2600 (it's only needed if the device is used on a Vectrex). Might be worth asking Richard Hutchinson if this PIC can be used (perhaps, if reprogrammed) for digital samples on the 2600.
  13. The screen flashing has been changed in the firmware in development. This firmware is not ready for the public yet. However, if the flashing bothers people that much, I went ahead yanked the new splash screen out of the WIP version and put it into the May 26 version. There are no other changes to this version today vs. the one posted on May 26: Only the flashing screen is changed. hbios_concerto_0.95noflash.bin Since this changes the bootloader, you need to load the new firmware with a USB cable. Here are instructions if you need them. NOTE: After the firmware update is complete, do a power cycle on the console to use the new firmware. Although the screen says to press the joystick button when complete, that doesn't work at the moment, but a power cycle does work.
  14. There's AtariVOX. I wonder if that can be built upon? Seems to me that building upon something that already exists is a better route to adoption than an entirely new device.
  15. Concerto fits most easily in a standard Atari 7800 shell, the kind without the dust door. I will also fit in the kind with the coil-spring dust door with some minor mods to the dust door. It also fits in a 2600 shell with a few more minor mods. I have begun using 2600 shells for Concertos due to a shortage of 7800 shells and in many ways these shells are better.
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