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  1. To clarify: Concerto will look and work like it does now, but the hardware has been simplified to reduce complexity and cost, and to control feature creep. Some features are being cut, as under the new design I am not sure yet all that is possible. I have ported the menu over to the new hardware but much still needs to be done. Concerto should support most games, but some games with RAM will not work. E.g. Impossible Mission is unlikely to work because of the way it uses the RAM. There may be others that do not work. POKEY: only support for the standard location $4000 is planned. Nonstandard areas might be possible eventually but I make no promises. High Score Cart: No support planned. I may be able to get it to work eventually, but no promises. Rikki and Vikki: No support planned. The scheme looks pretty complex, and I may give it a shot someday, but again, I can make no promises.
  2. In my experience with Concerto, there is no rhyme or reason that I could find as to why one console would behave and one wouldn't. I could literally have two consoles with nearly all the same chips (same manufacturer, same markings, etc) and they would not act the same. So, I would say the best testers would simply be those who have many consoles at their disposal. One thing that was frustrating for me was that I have around 12 consoles and I could not replicate some issues people were having. I even offered to buy the consoles of two people who were having different issues and couldn't get anywhere with that. They were also unwilling to loan me their consoles for testing. It is not fun having to try different theories as to why things aren't working by working on code, sending files to someone, waiting for results and so forth. It is so much more efficient to just have the problem console in your hands, especially as the testers are not willing or likely to be able to hook up their consoles to a scope or logic analyzer if that is needed. So I would also say that beta testers should also be willing to loan their consoles out in case any are not behaving properly. All this said, I am still working on Concerto but it will be different than the ones already out there. I have decided to strip it down and not support the full 7800 library. The Mateos cart shows that there is demand on the low end for a flashcart as well (with commensurate price point, of course) so that is the demographic I intend to focus on for the standard Concerto. There may also be an upgraded Concerto available but this also will not be intended to target the full 7800 library. That will leave plenty of room in the 7800 flashcart market for a higher-end device with more features and support for the full library of 7800 games.
  3. This is a valid concern. I never liked having to use a third party utility like Drivesort to sort the files on the SD before using in Harmony. So, after some brainstorming, we have figured out a possible way to sort the entries in the Harmony menu automatically, and if we succeed, this will be in the next BIOS release.
  4. Yes, that makes more sense. That would kill the idea much faster than any DRM could.
  5. This was discussed several years ago. But because some authors don't want to (or simply can't due to licensing) release their ROMs publicly, a simple, effective DRM scheme was proposed for these cases so that people could not simply download one copy and disseminate it or create bootleg copies of the game and put them on eBay. That idea was pretty unpopular at the time, but I wonder if times have changed. Now that every modern game system, phone, media companies like Netflix, or for that matter pretty much any content provider uses some form of DRM, maybe people would be more open to the idea?
  6. Oh, I see. No, the 6507 sets up all addresses on the address bus. The ARM can't (or, shouldn't) output an address to the address bus.
  7. You could even take it a step further and do a NOP INPT0,x (with x preset to 1) and this will access both INPT0 and INPT1 in 4 cycles
  8. You could. It would have to be coded into the driver, but this could be done. No need for ldx, as you could do a NOP INPT0 and the ARM could still capture the value.
  9. So much for eBay wanting to do the right thing. Somehow none of this is surprising.
  10. I have been trying to figure out how to report a seller with an obvious shill bidder. By chance I clicked on the bid history of one account that seemed fishy and found this: 30-Day Summary Total bids: 2285 Items bid on: 347 Bid activity (%) with this seller: 95% Bid retractions: 348 95% of the bids are for the ONE seller in question and there are almost exactly as many bid retractions as items bid on. So, I clicked through eBay and got to an ebay page that said: How do I report shill bidding? If you think that another member is shill bidding, you don't need to report it to us. eBay has a number of systems in place to detect and monitor bidding patterns and practices. If we identify any malicious behavior, we'll take steps to prevent it. Clearly that is total BS, as if the bidder above got through, they have fucked up standards and this thief is sneaking just under the radar. So I went through the steps to try to report the seller anyway. On the way I saw a page about there being serious consequences for filing a false report, as if to scare you. But I seemed to get somewhere, and after a few pages I got to a page that said: You should only report a seller if you think they're violating our policies, for example: They offer to sell you a listed item outside of eBay They don't intend to complete the sale They sent threatening messages or used abusive or vulgar language They published another member's contact information The seller has provided you with false contact information You suspect the seller is under the age of 18 This isn't an exhaustive list – you'll find all of our policies here. We take all reports seriously, and if we find that a member has been violating our policies, we will take appropriate action. For privacy reasons, we're unable to discuss any actions we take against other eBay members. Done Clicking "Done" DOES NOT take you to a page where you can actually report someone. It brings you to a generic help page with no way to report a bad seller except on an item you didn't receive, and there's a generic "chat with ebay" link that I bet wouldn't do anything. Any advice on how to actually report shilling?
  11. Very interesting. I wonder how many so-called 27128 EPROMs are really a 27256 in disguise?
  12. We are working on firmware 2.0 that will include many new features, some of them exclusive to Harmony Encore. There has been talk of native ExFat support, but that isn't certain to happen as Harmony will support 64GB and larger SDXC cards if they are reformatted with FAT32. As far as I am aware, this has to be done with a third party utility, but it's not difficult to do. I did it in a few minutes and my own SDXC cards work fine with Harmony and everything else I have tried them on.
  13. I’m pretty sure this is F8. there’s many ways to do F8 with 3 chips. You need a 12-input AND, a few inverters and a latch of some sort. the solutions I’ve seen used a 13-in NAND as one of the gates which eases the selection of the other logic chips. However they only used a 7430 which is a 8-in NAND. So they had a lot of gates to make up. With the 7442 they can use this effectively for four of the AND gates and two inverters if you choose the output pin correctly. Then the 7400 can act as another inverter or two and the other two gates on the 7400 can act as a SR latch. but that’s not enough Logic. You need one more gate with this choice of logic, thus the diodes, as two of them and a resistor can act as an additional AND gate. That’s my analysis of what I see anyway, or at least one way you can do F8 with the components I see here.
  14. I have seen a screen like that, yes, it's come up in testing once in a while. In my case a good cleaning of the cart slot pretty much always seems to fix it, but it can have other causes.
  15. To me the issue looks like your console is doing many false starts in the first milliseconds after the power switch is flipped before starting up for good. From our testing, all consoles do several false starts before starting for good, but this usually takes a few milliseconds at most. In your case it might be happening for far too long. On a normal cart this would be of no consequence as each start would hit the reset vectors, restarting the cart too, which clears the TIA. However, Harmony has a multi-stage boot process, so if the console goes down during the second stage (or later) of the boot process and the Harmony stays awake the whole time, this can happen. If your caps are shot, you could certainly see such transitory spikes well into the hundreds of milliseconds. I think a dirty power switch or dirty contacts on the 2600 or Harmony could cause the same. I did some testing a while ago using a digital power supply that showed instantaneous voltage and current. While the Harmony did use more current at times, if I recall right, the difference was not great. I want to say it was never more than 100ma more than a typical cartridge. I am sure this is still well within spec of the stock regulator and PSU and with a normally-functioning console it should work fine. Let us know if you do anything with your console and if it helps.
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