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  1. batari

    HOKEY demo

    I made a quick video of a standard HOKEY playing Commando. Sorry about the video quality, this is recorded on a phone with one hand while I try to handle the controller with the other hand. On boot it plays a jingle that's hard-coded into HOKEY memory to let you know it's there and working, which I may leave that in as a signature (though it could be disabled.) Sorry, these are not for sale yet, but will be released this year! IMG_2166.mp4 There will be multiple versions of HOKEY and prices are expected to start at $10. All allow new sound drivers to be uploaded, such as the upcoming driver for GCC's Minnie chip, and possibly other FM synthesis chips, and support for PCM and ADPCM playback via a ring buffer for seamless playback even during heavy Maria DMA (no IRQs needed!) For $10 you get the basic HOKEY, which is a single POKEY and ability to add (likely) one additional sound driver (or, possibly dual POKEY.) For a little more you get the standard HOKEY, which has more memory that should allow for dual POKEY and more sound drivers on the same chip. For the ultimate experience, for slightly more, there is the advanced HOKEY. This uses faster, more powerful hardware that should support quad POKEY, dozens of sound drivers, plus many waveforms, digital samples, and more. Also, the advanced HOKEY uses a DAC chipset for a CD player, so you can get CD-quality stereo sound if you want it. A standard 3.5mm stereo jack can be used for output.
  2. Yes, just waiting on one thing and they will be available. Hoping within a week.
  3. Chips are in and many more are on the way! I'll make a new HOKEY thread for details.
  4. Sorry I did not see this posting until today. It looks like the Harmony cart might be detecting paddles as your controller and it thinks they are turned all the way to the left. In order to bypass this detection, hold down the left joystick button while turning on your console and it should work normally. The reason it detects paddles when none are connected could be due to a faulty component in the console. Most likely, the paddle controllers will not work with this console.
  5. Right now the game requires that upgraded CPU. However, John (the author) and I have talked about adapting it to work with a regular Harmony. I am planning to run some tests to see if it is even feasible. I don't know yet at this time.
  6. The comparison between bB and CDFJ is a bit contentious. Yes, CDFJ optionally supports coprocessor coding in a high-level language and bB is a high-level language, but that is about where the similarities end. People do know that bB lowers the bar to entry, and that you can write a working game in a short amount of time and/or without years of programming experience, and never really need to know one whit about assembly or 2600 kernels to do it. CDFJ, however, does NOT lower the bar to entry at all. CDFJ only saves the programmer from doing game logic in 6502 assembly, but it does NOT save the programmer from writing a 2600 kernel. Pure 2600 assembly is tough to be sure, but it's the kernel that is the toughest and takes a long time to understand. Programming for DPC+ or CDFJ is actually a level above that, like 2600 programming on steroids, as you have to already know 6502 assembly and how to write a 2600 kernel before you can even begin, as CDFJ interacts directly with the kernel. You not only have to understand how a 2600 kernel works, but also have to understand the inner workings of the CDFJ scheme as well to understand how it interacts with the kernel. Now if someone were to abstract out the 2600 kernel with CDFJ or another scheme in the future with some C libraries or something, we might have something to talk about regarding comparisons between bB and whatever that will be.
  7. There are 16k and 8k versions of ARM chips similar to Melody (same core) but no 4k version. You could just use 4k of the space, though? There are, however, ROMless ARM chips out there that are intended to be used with an external flash/ROM/EPROM, so in theory I suppose you *could* possibly use a 4k chip with one and create a 4k ARM game?
  8. FPGA reproductions of hardware are lazy. Using modern HDLs with zillions of macrocells that were not available in the day and not designing chips at the transistor level is cheating! 😛
  9. I am reading that the MiSTer supports GBA which has the same ARM core as Melody. Would this core run at 70 Mhz? And in the "laughing shoes" thread someone says the MiSTer already has not one, but two ARM cores already.
  10. Just seeing this discussion now. I am reading that the MiSTer supports the GBA, which has the same ARM7TDMI core used for CDFJ and other games. So will the GBA ARM core run at 70 Mhz? If so then the discussion seems moot.
  11. I am glad to hear the early success. I noticed that loading goes considerably faster with the screen blanked. By my measure it takes about half the time. I didn't realize it would make such a difference. Because it's so much faster, I may just leave the screen blanking as it is and not worry about the percentage display. Well, the screen isn't blanked, there are color changes to let you know something is happening.
  12. If NTSC users are having game loading problems, then they should try it to see if it improves loading.
  13. It is just the NTSC console where you can't get to the loading screen, or the PAL console too now?
  14. I have worked on several ideas (such as checksum/CRC checks, data redundancy, error correction and even just using the Harmony Encore method of loading.) I have partially implemented some of these ideas but before I get too deep in the more complex solutions, I should let people try the simpler ones. This is the simplest I can think of. This version of the firmware blanks the screen during loading, to rule out the possibility that it's MARIA DMA interfering with the loading process. To install, make sure you have 0.95 already, boot your Concerto and load the file from the menu as if it were a game. The automatic reboot after loading firmware doesn't work properly, so manually power cycle to try the changes. hbios_concerto_0.95test_dmaoff.cbi
  15. No ETA yet, but I will soon be posting some test firmware versions for those with loading issues to run, so that I might get some more information on possible solutions to the problem (particularly, the PAL loading issues.) Since I don't have any problem consoles right now, the test versions I am working on are intended to try various ways to test or work around the loading issues, and I want to see the results on problem consoles so that I might find a proper solution.
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