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  1. Dolphin Plaque Attack Thanks for looking!
  2. szndrlvy

    [!]? [o1]?

    I, too, would like to understand what constitutes a good dump. Is there an explanation of this somewhere?
  3. Hello, there. I'm mainly interested in assembling a collection of the more common Atari 2600 silvers and reds, boxed, factory-sealed (shrinkwrapped) and in mint condition. When I say "commons," I'm refering to E.T., Phoenix, et cetera. I'm posting here because I don't trust buying these items on eBay where only a stock photo of the item is offered and the seller thinks mint condition means that it's new/sealed, and nothing more. I'm such a stickler for perfect boxes, being without crushed, worn or rounded corners, tears in the shrinkwrap, shrinkwrap that is not original (i.e., factory-original), creasing, warping, et cetera. If anyone has commons in the desired condition, please shoot me a PM or e-mail, so that we can work out the details. But remember, and I don't mean to sound like an anal retentive ass, but I expect mint to be mint. Thanks for looking! -==[szandor]==-
  4. How can I get MAME32 Plus to work? I've tried downloading several ROMs, which appear to be a jumble of different file names. When I attempt to play a game, it tells me that it's missing all the files that I already have. The directory is correct. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  5. szndrlvy


    Why do start-up resolutions differ so greatly (i.e., no standard) where Atari 2600 games are concerned?
  6. szndrlvy

    Panda Purity

    Does anyone out there have the actual dumps from the Panda cartridges? Wherever I go to get those ROMs, they're always the Sancho versions. I'm a bit of a purist, and would like to have the actual dumps from the Panda cartridges. Anyone? -==[szandor]==-
  7. Can an alternate dump be alternate if there is only one other dump which is an overdump? Upon reviewing the most recent version of stella.pro, I've found the following entries for Cosmic Swarm by Commavid: "Cartridge.MD5" "9dec0be14d899e1aac4337acef5ab94a" "Cartridge.Name" "Cosmic Swarm (1982) (CommaVid) [o1]" "Cartridge.Manufacturer" "CommaVid" "Cartridge.ModelNo" "CM-003" "Cartridge.Rarity" "Rare" "Display.YStart" "27" "" "Cartridge.MD5" "e5f17b3e62a21d0df1ca9aee1aa8c7c5" "Cartridge.Name" "Cosmic Swarm (1982) (CommaVid) [a1]" "Cartridge.Manufacturer" "CommaVid" "Cartridge.ModelNo" "CM-003" "Cartridge.Rarity" "Rare" "Display.YStart" "27" "" There are three other entries, all of which are PAL, though. What is the alternate an alternate of? I'm trying to make sense of how these are broken down. -==[szandor]==-
  8. Many of us are of the Atari generation. We grew up playing these games when they were new. Through collecting (and playing) them, we are reliving happy (perhaps happier), more innocent times. I cannot honestly see how a younger generation would hold the hobby in the same esteem. Relatively speaking, will these collectibles hold their value? Undoubtedly. Will they continue to increase in value? There are too many variables to be figured into the equation to make an accurate prediction. -==[szandor]==-
  9. I know it's not a big deal, but I thought I would point out the broken link. I'm an anal website designer. What can I say? -==[szandor]==-
  10. szndrlvy

    Atari Logo!

    Thanks, man! This is just what I needed.
  11. szndrlvy

    Atari Logo!

    Does anyone out there have a very clean copy of the original (or any) Atari logo in EPS format? I'm working on a little project and would love to get my hands on a scalable (vector) image to work with. Please send me a PM if you have such a file. Thanks! -==[szandor]==-
  12. My Golf by HES (PAL version) Link: http://atariage.com/2600/roms/MyGolf_HES.zip on Page: http://atariage.com/company_page.html?Comp...emFilterID=2600 The link yields a "File Not Found" error, though the NTSC download appears to exist. -==[szandor]==-
  13. If you win the costume, will you squeeze into it for us? I, for one, would like to see a picture! -==[szandor]==-
  14. szndrlvy

    [!]? [o1]?

    What do [!] and [o1] mean to stella? Are these used merely to indicate different releases of the same title? -==[szandor]==-
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