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  1. Figures, forgot to search reddit (assumed Google would index it better than Reddit's search).
  2. I'm mildly interested in it as a media/streaming/emulation box, using the OtherOS capability. But I can't find any information on actual benchmarks. Has anyone loaded another OS on this thing yet and run 3dMark/Passmark/etc? The closest thing I can find is this but this is another SBC using the same APU.
  3. Update Notes: I added a new PCB design using SMD components to the simon.plata's Composite Mod entry, which was passed along to me via Reddit. @simon.plata
  4. Update Notes: Added a link to an installation guide for a 4 switcher to the Darktim's 2600RGB Mod entry.
  5. Fixed. Thanks again for the help!
  6. Added to the new blog - http://atariage.com/forums/blog/762/entry-15774-generic-one-transistortwo-resistor-ebay-mod/
  7. Fixed in the new blog entry - http://atariage.com/forums/blog/762/entry-15771-simonplatas-composite-mod/
  8. Fixed it in the new blog post on it - http://atariage.com/forums/blog/762/entry-15773-ultimate-atari-video-uav-rev-d/
  9. Great idea, It's done - http://atariage.com/forums/blog/762-atari-2600-av-mods-wiki/
  10. Links Forum Topic Notes Composite output Two versions: Single and dual transistor Removes RF box Design only, not a premade kit Simon says the two transistor version is better PCB is designed, Eagle files are available (contact him on the forums!) Two transistor PCB design using SMD parts from /u/albrugsch on Reddit
  11. Links Example - eBay Auction -- Item Number: 311634197062 Notes Single transistor design Composite video only Premade kit
  12. Links Website Notes Composite output Single Transistor design Premade kits available Removes RF box NTSC & PAL support Very, very small
  13. Links Website Forum Topic Notes Composite and S-Video output Video only. No audio output Premade kits available Plug n Play version available for revisions containing a CD4050 chip Keeps RF circuit intact. Can use RF in conjunction w/ Composite and S-Video to output to multiple TVs at the same time NTSC & PAL support
  14. Links Website Notes Composite, S-Video, and RGB output Easy install if TIA is socketed Six different color palettes Supports NTSC and PAL Premade kit available 4 Switcher Installation Guide
  15. Links Website Notes Composite output Single transistor design Premade kits available Ships from Turkey, can take a while to arrive Removes RF box Also offers a combo AV/Pause kit (I've used this one, it works pretty good!)
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