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  1. Insensitive? Using the term gimp? Be quiet and stop pretending to be such a victim over nothing. The difference is, this is just an internet messageboard. Text on a screen, if you will. Does not apply I'm actually a very nice person and well respected. Tis great fun to come here and watch you people overreact over the slightest thing. You guys react exactly as expected too!
  2. Apologize for what? I admitted to making the mistake (not editing out the "gimp" part before posting the initial message). I don't see that as a reason for apologizing. I've seen worse comments made on this board with no ill consequences either. But, if you children are going to get all upset over seemingly nothing by posting your hatred, then of course I'll simply sit back and enjoy the ride as yet another thread degrades into a flame war.
  3. Actually I did have an interest in the Hanicapped NES controller in that I was wondering which games came packaged with it. But once again, the babies in this forum started to cry and complain about my accidental usage of the word gimp in the initial message. You guys get so riled up over nothing. Sad really. But yes, the ensuing drama is always good for a cheap laugh!
  4. So what? Stop being so thin-skinned! If you find it degrading or offensive, move on. This from someone who goes crying to the mods every time something doesn't go his way and gets offended when someone says Microsoft sucks when he says the same exact thing about Sony. You have to be the biggest hypocrite on these boards. Try saying something other than "Stop being so thin-skinned" when you KNOW you fucked up for a change. Actually, I don't go crying to the Mods. I'm not sure where you come up with that. I did report Moycon once, but of course, the mods did nothing about it. And when someone says that Microsoft sucks, I just shake my head and laugh at the poor souls who think this way. So anyway, a gimp is a gimp. No sense candy-coating it. And stop being so thin-skinned.
  5. So what? Stop being so thin-skinned! If you find it degrading or offensive, move on.
  6. Those are pretty cool controllers...specifically the one on the top left. Amazingly, they were using genuine arcade buttons on these controllers which was pretty unheard of for the era. I'd have bought one simply because of that reason alone!
  7. I like women who wear low-rider jeans. But I hate when they wear them to show off their ass-crack tattoos. God how I hate tattoos on women...
  8. Yeah, I was just about to make a similar comment. -S I meant to take that out after typing my original message, but for some reason I left it in. Regardless, let's not be so P.C. and all that. Now, anyone know anything more about the Hands Free controller?
  9. You know the one I'm referring to. They had pics of it in the earliest issues of Nintendo Fun Club News (pre Nintendo Power for those of you who were late to jump on the NES bandwagon in the 80's). A handicapped kid (or adult) would strap on this chest module and control the joystick with his chin, whilst activating the A and B buttons using "puff" and "sip" commands via a straw-like apparatus inserted in his/her mouth. Not very hygenic to say the least and probably not a good way for a gimp to play games like say, Star Soldier or Commando (I can just imagine the poor kid puffing and sipping like mad to fire continuous streams of bullets and passing out in the process! ). But what intersted me most was that in the earliest article, they stated that this was only avaialable direct from Nintendo and that it came bundled with a game or two. Now, did anyone ever buy one of these direct? Which games came with it? From an operational standpoint, how effective was it?
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