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  1. Ok so Im from BC, Canada and my buddy with the extra PSU is in the UK, so itll be a little bit before I receive it. In the meantime, I'll order a Gotek this payday and go about running a diagnostic (cant afford a UltraSatan right now) Sorry about the TOS, I just figured it was like any other OS and could just be updated.
  2. Rampage brought up 2 Bombs on the screen but its the only game to do so. I have three floppy drives and all of them ran into the exact same issues. I also went through after opening it up and pushed down all the chips. Also, all of the games I tried were 512kb and out of 12 games, the only games to load all the way and allow me to play was Air Bucks and Millennium 2.2. By the way, I have to apologize, I made a big mistake at the beginning, my Atari ST is an Atari STf not an Atari STe. I dont have a PC that I can download a diagnostic program from and then write it to a floppy. My only option for something like that would be for me to buy a Gotek (or an Ultra Satan) and then run the diagnostics that way. The TOS just says 1985 on the screen, so Im assuming that is outdated, so once again a Gotek would enable me to upgrade that if that is part of the problem. Some good news at least is that if its the PSU, I have a spare one that a friend can send me. By the way, thanks to everyone that has taken the time to help me so far, its all very much appreciated.
  3. Well......not to be rude but I was looking for some advice other than being told to have someone repair it......I mean thats kind of a given that it needs to be repaired. Are you saying that its not possible from the videos Ive posted that someone cant narrow down the field a bit and maybe tell me what parts to inspect myself? Ive repaired several old video game systems in the past but Ive not really worked much with computers.
  4. Thanks ParanoidLittleMan, hopefully I can find someone locally that can help me with that but it'd probably be easier to get it repaired if I know what needs to be fixed. That way, I can at least order whatever parts are needed ahead of time.
  5. Hi there guys, so after talking to some of my friends about the problems with my 1040 STe, we wernt able to figure out whats wrong, so they suggested that I post on here and see if anybody can help me. Basically, almost every game I try to load either gives me a black screen after the main screen or it shows bombs or goes red and freezes. Ive only owned my owned my Atari 1040 STe for about 5 month and Ive only gotten some games for it in the last 2 weeks, so I dont have much of history with it. Here are a couple videos I uploaded to youtube that can probably show you better than I can describe. https://youtu.be/Nj1wB4KnbUg https://youtu.be/76pGk_AkMAI Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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