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  1. In great condition and I've personally tested it and works. Drop me a PM if you're interested in making a deal. Comes with: -Black Sleeve -CF Reader -CF Card Thanks.
  2. Happy Birthday BuzzTron451

  3. Pretty sure it was just Europe-only. Atari Inc. quickly caught on to phase out the two models that were below 520ST, specs-wise, due to TOS taking up too much space in the RAM with the weaker units once it loaded.
  4. Proof the land-fill theory is true, so you all can quit your bitching (lol).
  5. Not a bad find at all, for its coming with a comic book, original box, and the case's being in decent shape. Whenever I want more Atari games, I usually just head over to Game-X-Change and buy a five-pack of games (they'll let you sort out which ones you wish to buy) for a buck a piece minus tax; even though they don't have any books or boxes, they do come shrink-wrapped. Anyway, I'm not one to call something like this BS as it is entirely possible of happening. Wish I could find some of those in that condition here, though. I always keep the boxes IF the games come with them... which isn't really an option for the very old stuff like Atari, unless one's lucky.
  6. Warlords. Most enjoyable Atari 2600 game around, IMO. Then, later, there was also Asteroids, Adventure, and Pong.
  7. Why I asked which model was more rare is because... Well, this is what I did. I swapped in the old, defective Atari 2600 for a working 2600A. So far, I haven't had any problems with it. The wood-frame on the front is a little dinged up, and the pin-sliders where the cartridge is located is a bit grimy when you try to slide it, but other than that, it's in pretty good condition. Thanks again for all the help you provided...
  8. Hey guys, which is more rare: An Atari 2600 or Atari 2600A?
  9. All right, I FINALLY determined what the problem that started this whole ordeal in the first place. It is actually the UNIT which isn't working properly, NOT the JOYSTICK. So, what I need now is a method of some sort to fix the problem. My Atari 2600 Left Joystick Port cannot read the port's 6th pin. There must be something faulty about that pin, since it is the pin that reads the fire-button. However, what ultimately made me find out the problem was that I tried the RIGHT PORT, to test the joysticks in order to see if they were the problem! Well, THEY WERE NOT!! They played superbly! So, if anyone could find a link or just give an expalanation on how to fix a crappy pin, that would be greeeaaat, thaaanks.
  10. All I want to know, is if an Atari 2600 can recognize a joystick's stick-part, a paddle, button and scroll-thing altogether, but NOT a joystick's button. Because if it's my unit, then I don't want to waste time searching for joysticks, IF this is a possibility. However, if I've just coincidentally found 4 joysticks that have had faulty, unresponsive buttons, then I suppose I WILL have to look for some new ones. I tried AtariAge's store, but they don't have any for sale. My next step would be to try eBay, even though I dislike the bidding-system, or a store here locally... -Cheers, Brad
  11. A Sega Genesis/CD Mark 1 console would probably run you around $30 used. BTW, gdement, isn't there an eject-button on the CD add-on?
  12. Genesis version of Mortal Kombat Ultimate. Not only did it have a whopping cast of MK characters in traditional MK style, but it also had an unlockable game, Galaga! Plus, Shao Kahn and that horse guy were pretty damn cool bosses. But eh, there's better Fighting games out there that I've played.
  13. Nothing that a quick import couldn't fix! ;D
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