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  1. it's apparently law now that i have to state on whether i blog for corporate profit or not, and i do it for free. i state that i do this not for profit or for any corporate cobranding.. i did it for me. i guess there's a first for everything, but why me? why not someone else. it always seems to be me that has the need to come back every so often just to check up. as for my picure (sorry for the mess), it's just that at one time , i wanted to be atomic betty so bad i made a mask of her face and wore it. i did it out of love. i really did it at a time of my life when i thought i knew everything. but now, i realize i'm not free of the future. i don't think this is the last time you'll hear from me right now, though.
  2. what? no battman or wonjder wojem?
  3. i'd like to see a 3 year long mule game with the playfield extending out after the 18th month, tripling the size of the playfield... (have good vision)! and hope the $$$$ counter can be extended, maybe to 6 digits....
  4. owch.. any ideas how to fit in a splat sprite for the chicken?
  5. iu think this is going to be a nice gmamamamamammamamamamamamaaaagame
  6. Not only that but legend has it there was once a gatefold version. :-o you know, with all the homebrews truly rare that keep coming out, wouldn't these games used to make the homebrews someday become rare themselves? THINK ABOUT IT. OR NOT, AND PUMMEL YOUR HEAD AGAINST THE WALL KNOWING YOU SOMEDAY WON'T BE ABLE TO AFFORD ONE. ESPECIALLY WITH HIGH GAS PRICES...
  7. or be forced to become one when you watch and fire at them too many times
  8. hey, go for it... maybe you could even make a cart where you have the machine say sentences...
  9. Show us all of your ideas. It's not hard to mock up screenshots. How can programmers judge the value of working on the project if all you have is a list of what you can't do? How is your game balanced? What are the level designs? Do enemies stalk the player or only fire if X is at Y? How many objects on the screen simultaneously does your design call for? Are you willing to sacrifice high resolution/multicolor sprites for speed and better enemy variety? Other people here can probably come up with better questions for you to consider; I'm not a programmer either... But you've got a good start. Don't stop now. good start? even now it looks great.
  10. i actually missed playing turbo
  11. that should be plausible.. after all, people recycle the atari's all the time.
  12. well... looks like i'll have to get a new tv myself sooner or later... thanks for reminding me.
  13. nearby my house are about three thrift stores, the only ones i know of in town (others sell clothing and stuff like that)....i have never really seen atari's or many other games, though i have found dolls and things that make me angry... nobody would ever like me angry!
  14. are there any plans to make the labelmaker print out: ...5200 ..7800 .. nes labels ... wii box covers ... sega genesis carts
  15. a shame really.. they could have made it portable btw and kept it going....
  16. Crap, was $13.99 at the one I checked. looks like some fine deals... too bad i don't have any video game systems right now, but now looks like a good deal to jump in....
  17. well... i don't see any nighttime excursions for mario in this game, what i played of it.
  18. but where is that nice woman and that vocally challenged little kid that hung with them
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