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  1. Search for Gotek Atari st. You should be able to install a Gotek instead of the 3.5 mechanism and use a flash drive to simulate floppies.
  2. Can anyone 3d print one of these cases for me or know how to get? This guy in Italy won't ship to US https://www.ebay.it/itm/ATARI-ST-SIO2SD-case-Stampa-3D-Colore-a-scelta/283404642903?hash=item41fc3baa57:g:67EAAOSwhEla7Gom
  3. Well its almost 30 years abandonware and a discontinued product AND company so I dont see why not. People have posted similar items with no issue.
  4. A good phone camera can take pics and using apps can convert to PDF but it would take a while to do it this way. Maybe 10 seconds per page to line up and take each shot. Samsung Note 8 does really good magazine shots
  5. Hopefully they clean up nicely for you, and lets hope they fire right up when you get the supply I didn't know they had such differences in ram slots, TOS and blitter even in the same model numbers. wild!
  6. NetUSBee sounds like a good use for the port - ethernet and usb ports for ST http://hardware.atari.org/netusbee/netus.htm https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=46
  7. I think you set the dial to 000 then reboot the machine. At that point you have to assign which file goes to each dial number from 001 and up
  8. The question to ask is 'if money was not an object, which machine to keep?'. Sounds like the STE is better for software and ST compatibility The Falcon to me is cool because I am more of a hardware guy and like that it has built in RTC, true SCSI and IDE HD and more memory and has a true VGA support so I can easily connect to anything. I can easily connect a CD rom to Scsi when needed. Since it was discontinued the software just didn't happen except for Demos and such. However things like Cubase Audio are nice and was ahead of its time
  9. My TI-99/4a cassettes from 1982 all were readable in 2018 when I archived them. As long as they were not heated up or soaked, they should be good
  10. Well worst case you can go to Ebay. This guy has the 4 disks for 16 dollars including shipping https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macintosh-System-6-full-install/192796548747?hash=item2ce391de8b:g:elEAAOSwq2JbkBrs:rk:4:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  11. I don't have Satandisk(yet) but with SIO2SD on Atari 8 bit I always have issues with sdhc (16gb or greater) gives errors randomly. When I switched to 2GB regular everything works.
  12. Wow yes I could imagine a BBS heating up the ram with constant flow of data
  13. I might have one of those at home. Will check later
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