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  1. Hmm, surprised no one has mentioned this yet, Star Raiders is a great game, but you really need to play the 8bit version for the best experience. Don't mean to come off sounding negative, but I think I'd be remiss if I didn't point this out (and I actually like most ST games over their 8bit versions). It's like Alternate Reality - the City. Awesome on the 8bit, not as good on the ST...
  2. I'd agree with everyone else. Not as good as the first but happy we got *something* that was halfway decent.
  3. Just be ready to change that port address to something other than the standard "23" if you start getting slammed. I had that problem as well as several others here.
  4. I've not been able to connect to them for some time either.
  5. Hmm, thought I had started a message thread entitled "DC-Port" but I can't find it now. The thread(s) I'm talking about cover more of the physical hardware, btw. There is a similar message thread:
  6. Nope, no offense. I love Guild Wars 2. It's a great MMO and I play it, my son plays it and my brother (occasionally) plays it. I like GW2 better than quite a few ST games. But it would be pointless of me to compare GW2 to ST games. Apples and oranges, wasting time. Coming into an ST forum, asking about ST games, comparing them to other ST titles (or even games from other platforms of the same era) makes sense. When you start comparing them to (much) more modern games, kinda lose focus though... I hope you can see the point I'm trying to make here.
  7. There's a whole thread about the ST setup used to run this. I tried hard to get the hardware but apparently the current owners/possessors expect boo-koo bucks for them I never could find common ground with them...
  8. Oh, sorry. Thought we were talking about Atari ST games here. If you're going to compare to later PC games, you're wasting your time.
  9. You should definitely look at some of Douglas Little's stuff. He's done amazing things with the Photochrome line. Not sure about an editor but worth a look...
  10. Combat in Dungeon Master is awfully cool - if you're not tried it.
  11. There are usually a few around. If you're lucky, you can get multiple ones for a low price. I've had that happen a couple of times.
  12. Here is the lucky winner for June 2019 at The DarkForce! BBS: June 2019 1. Paradroyd wins the 4 meg RAM upgrade board for an Atari ST! -------------------------------------------------------------- Also, here is the July 2019 prize: July 2019 1. Courtesy of Exxo's Online store, we are giving away a free 4 meg RAM upgrade for the ST line of computers, as seen here: https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/atari/last/storenew/#0035 Congratulations to our winner, and good luck to this months callers! PS Paradroyd, I need your actual/physical address!
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