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  1. Okay, is there a very clear, well defined guide for setting up -2- SD cards for the Ultrasatan. I've been playing around with my internal US and have failed to get 2 working correctly together. I've successfully setup a handful of 2 and 4 gig SD cards by themselves, using HDDriver v11.01. With my Mega STe's hard drive bay open, and the internal US sitting with Lothareks' emblem *up*, I've been using the left hand slot. Works fine, as I said no problems with any single card. When I put another card into the right hand slot though, I can't ever get HDDriver to recognize it. The US does flash the right hand red LED once when I put the card in. I tried just booting up from floppy with HDDriver and the 2 gig card in the left hand slot, then set it up with 4 >500 meg partitions, then restarted with the 4 gig card in the left slot and the 2 gig card in the right slot but it still wasn't shown. Putting that 2 gig card in the left slot and booting up without the 4 gig card does show up. Booting up with the 2 gig card in the left slot and the 4 gig card in the right slot gives 3-4 bombs, requiring a physical reset. Any and all help appreciated. As I mentioned at the start, if there is a guide somewhere online, please point me to it and I'll go from there. Thanks all.
  2. Okay, gonna start a new message thread for this, and not hijack LED's n stuff. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/304895-using-2-sd-cards-with-an-ultrasatan/
  3. I love v2.06 and much prefer it to earlier versions. However, in the interest of compatibility what you may want to do is install a TOS switcher - that way you can boot up into what ever version you need/want. PS Keep in mind, going from TOS v1.6 to v1.62 is a matter of simply swapping 2 chips. It's a bit more difficult to install a TOS switcher.
  4. Not sure. I do not currently have 2 cards in play. I don't think I've ever even used 2 cards at once - how far (gigs) can you do that? I've got a 4 gig card in - can you still use another 4 or 2 gig card? Do you have to use HDDriver (or whatever software you're using) on it as well? Thanks.
  5. So as long as you're powering it (as I did) with an adapter from the original hard disk p/s to the internal US, the switch does nothing...except boot your setup into low res. Alright, thanks for the info guys, appreciated.
  6. Well, I tried flipping the switch from its current position (the way it came when I got it) and it did...nothing, apparently. My Mega STe still booted up from the SD card/US but oddly, in low res. Flipping it back caused it to boot up normally, in med res. Thanks.
  7. Hmm, off topic but what does the red switch on the back of the internal US do? I thought it would be for power but it's not. Thanks.
  8. Are these devices considerably different in the way they behave compared to one of Lotharek's Ultrasatans? I'm using HDDriver v11.01 with a 2 gig and 4 gig Sandisk SD card. I set them to TOS 1.04 and Windows compatibility and divided them up into 4 partition and 8 partitions, respectively. I can transfer either card to my Win7 box and they are recognized there, although it's only the first C partition on each card that is seen. That's good enough for me though, make transfers very easy. I also have a 2 gig card that on my STacy that I use with my Kubuntu Linux laptop, using Mtools for easy access, but it is command line driven and that puts some people off. However, using a config. file, you can access all the partitions on the card. For example, C, D, and E on the card translate to S, T, and U at the command line, so "sudo mdir s:" will show you the C partition directory, etc,... HTHs.
  9. The prize for April 2020 at the DarkForce! BBS is: A Monitor Master by Practical Solutions! This nifty little item will allow you to easily switch between a color monitor (SC1224 or SC1435) and a monochrome monitor (SC124 or SC125). Good luck and thanks to all our callers!
  10. Here's a picture of my STacy's US setup (sorry, not highest quality):
  11. Most of the time, I logon to Atari Age for great Atari content, witty conversation, and lots of camaraderie. Today, I got the above... /sigh.
  12. Well, I've got a US in my STacy, which has the opening on the right side so it's easily accessible. In the case of my Mega STe, the hard drive cover houses the internal US mechanism, so if you leave the 1 single screw loose, you can easily raise it up and access the US, which has the card section pointed right at you. I thought about running a SD card extension cable to the VME cover on the backplane but it was posted that there are errors with the cards when you extend them too far so I kind of abandoned that idea. I can see where it would be problematic on standard ST/STe cases though. You'd have to modify the case to have access, I'm assuming most people use the floppy bay.
  13. Okay, update. I went ahead and purchased HDDriver v11.01 from Uwe. The English manual will come later but I was allowed to download the ZIP file almost immediately. Using HDDriver v11.01, I was able to setup up a 2 gig Sandisk card with four partitions of 490 megs + and access them all with no problems. <shrugs> Still don't know what I did with version 8.46, but it's all good now. Thanks all.
  14. Well, that's an interesting app. Card needs to be formatted first, and they advise you in the docs not to use it on a card with files on it already. So as you mentioned, good for new cards that you've just set up. Not so good for cards already in play, with lots of files on them. I'll be using it on any new SD cards I get. Thanks again for pointing it out.
  15. Downloaded this and will try it out. Thanks for the link!
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