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  1. Quote me where I said that anyone can't say "that's wrong". Please...
  2. Hmm...rude much? And apparently a mind reader as well. I do find it odd how many positive reports/experiences there are vs the negative ones. I certainly do KNOW how Brad is, and I don't have to look the other way. There's no reason to. Please try to keep these conversations civil. Thank you.
  3. This subject has been, in various forms and places, talked to death... Just going to throw my 2 cents in here. I've dealt with, and bought Atari items from Brad and Best Electronics for 30+ years. Not one bad experience *ever*. 'Nuff said...
  4. I'm really wondering if I bought a second WiModem 232 and setup it up with DarkForce what our results would be? Seriously considering trying that. I do have a Lantronix MS100 like Tillek used to use with Star Fleet. I've never set it up though. I reckon one big advantage it has is that it can do both "raw" and "telnet" modes.
  5. It's okay about the offline/online thing. I've got that sorted out now (WiModem 232 wasn't saving the baud when I changed it from 300 to 19.2k, got it now though).
  6. That's weird. I'll reload those particular pictures into FANSI and check them. I use STalker for plain text, TAZ for VT52, and ANSITerm for ANSI. In that order, those 3 give the best visual results for me. FZDT, as much as I like it, uses a black background for VT52 and "flips" the colors on DarkForce. TAZ doesn't do this. When I get the chance, I'll try FZDT in ANSI mode on DarkForce. Thanks. I'd love to know what's going on with the WiModem 232 and downloading... PS I wonder if the UDS-10 and the WiModem 232 are incompatible?
  7. Okay, just a quick follow up with some additional information. On my WiModem 232 equipped Mega STe, running STalker, with the translation set to "0", I was able to logon to the Star Fleet Headquarters BBS and download successfully. However, if I set the translation to "1" (telnet), it failed to download, giving a bad CRC error. Thanks.
  8. Guys, I posted this topic/message over in the ST section. Thanks.
  9. So I've got my WiModem 232 setup on my Mega STe. Took awhile but I think I'm finally starting to get used to it. With one big catch...I can not successfully download anything from my BBS with it. This is using ANSITerm, FZDT, STalker, or TAZ. All of these downloaded from DarkForce okay when I was using a UDS-10. I looked at the manual (PDF) and found where you can set the translation to 0 (none) or 1 (telnet). I tried it both ways and this made no difference at all. Still subpacket errors or bad CRC errors. I know downloading from DarkForce works, given that you must use TELNET and not RAW. I've downloaded fine with the ST comms packages mentioned above, with a UDS-10, as well as SyncTerm and the shell under Win7/Win10, and as well with Ztelnet under Kubuntu Linux. So something is going on with the WiModem 232. Does anyone have any ideas? This is a real showstopper. Thanks.
  10. I think that was it. Using STalker I tried again this evening and had the same response, so I went into settings and changed it back to 300. Boom. Immediate (slow) connect with the WiModem 232. Turned it off, back on. Bam same thing, defaulted to 300 again. So I did the AT&W and hopefully it will remember it the next time I power it off/on. Did the update, success, no problems. Saved again. We'll see the next time I power it up.
  11. Okay, I just watched your video. Thanks to taking the time to make that. That pretty much how a session of mine went with the UDS-10. However, with the WiModem 232, where you're typing and get characters like "ATZ" I get" ".... There's no return when I type...
  12. My Mega ST4 is jealous though - you've got *stereo*!
  13. Finally, with lots of help, I've got this installed. Even though it's mono, it's a huge improvement over the monitor speaker. I've got a pair of cheap Altec-Lansing speakers set up with it and it still sounds soooo much better. Thanks to everyone who pitched in, appreciated!
  14. I was unable to complete the mod at this time. I need more information. Until I can get that information, I'm putting DarkForce back up, albeit in a semi-disassembled state. As soon as I get the information I'll be taking it offline again to complete the mod and then back online... Thanks everyone and sorry for any inconvenience.
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