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  1. Hi Peter. I was looking for 2 titles and I couldn't find them on your website. Bismark: The North Sea Chase and Dreadnoughts Sometime when you're not busy, if you could do you magic on them, making them hard disk usable, newer TOS version compatible, and all that wonderful stuff, it would be much appreciated! Thanks. PS I noticed that in the most recently updated list several links result in a "404" error when you try to download them.
  2. I just received a post VCF Midwest 2021 show e-mail update. More pictures and a video playlist. Make sure you check out the "urinal guy" story from the Youtubers panel video! http://vcfmw.org/past.html
  3. Got an post show e-mail update from VCF Midwest 2021. There's more pics and even a playlist for their video's. Really cool stuff! Make sure you listen to the "urinal guy" story from the Youtubers panel discussion! http://vcfmw.org/past.html
  4. As usual Peter, you've got all the "technical" stuff down pat. It seems I misunderstood the Cloudy/Lightning ST/STorm ST docs when I first read them. According to them, you can use earlier versions of TOS under specific conditions. I think I might have glossed over the pertinent section since it was an option I wasn't going to use. Here are the links to the articles covering them, in case anyone wants to read them: https://wiki.newtosworld.de/index.php?title=Cloudy https://wiki.newtosworld.de/index.php?title=Lightning_ST https://wiki.newtosworld.de/index.php?title=Storm_ST I currently have a Cloudy board and STorm ST board installed in my Mega ST4 that runs my BBS. I'm seriously considering adding a Lightning ST board as well. Thanks.
  5. Funny you should mention that! Several of us have been talking about next year's show(s) and going in together on some kind of display. Guess we'll see.
  6. Yeah, it was kind of self-defeating. I noticed quite a few people remove their masks just as soon as they left the convention center and went through the Bistro and then the main lobby of the hotel. Not like the lobby was a high traffic area or any thing, ya know?
  7. Okay, just making sure. Didn't want to get my VCF's crossed. There were a few Atari displays at VCF Midwest 2021. SCAT had theirs, one guy had a mixed 8bit and ST display (well, okay - 1 Mega ST) at the hallway outside the big room entrances. Some others had the 400 and 800 I took pictures of on display (but not running). Of course there was the 8bit Guy selling his games. One guy had a boatload of 2600 games, etc, etc,. It was pretty scattered. As I mentioned, I personally would have loved to have seen a lot more ST (or even TT/Falcon) stuff, but...oh well, maybe next year.
  8. Oh, I posted this over at Southern Amis but here's the link to Paradroyd's pictures from VCF Midwest 2021: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNJoZ7JDhaAlyKvU8bT_U_pZO75P507NQa2lMhj3NSvwIdcLXfyg7Iey3M-10ifng?key=cWNsUnNqSkdUM1NfRlF3c2V1djZaMV9sdTRnV0ln
  9. Hahaha, never mind - I see the "mystery" person has been identified.
  10. Funny thing about that mask. It came from Cafepress and I had ordered it as, "I Live And Breathe Atari". By the time I received it and realized they had made a mistake, it was too late to return it before the show. Also, that's a big mask. I don't have a small face and it felt like I was wearing a helmet. Hmm, honestly I have no idea about that guy. Maybe Amis, Paradroyd, or some of the other attendees do? Sorry.
  11. Sorry, got confused - was the above for the West or Midwest shows? Thanks. Either way, hoping to see more people there next year (assuming I get to go to the Midwest one again, of course)...
  12. I believe that was the S.C.A.T display. I got to talk to him Sunday morning, before everything started winding down. http://www.scatarians.org/ IIRC, that monitor wasn't there Sunday morning. He told me it should be fixed soon. I would have liked to have been around if/when he got it back and running but I had to go...
  13. ROFLOL! PS And it was actually total hip replacements for both hips.
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