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  1. I'm glad to see *any* new Atari BBS's coming online!
  2. Hmm, hadn't noticed... We are in Eastern Kentucky here in the US, and we do see quite a few thunderstorms during the spring/summer months, so sometimes the power does go out. That's why several years ago I installed a UPS which gives the BBS 30" of back up time. Some times though, the power outage goes longer than that... <shrugs> Other than that, and what few times I pull the BBS offline to "tinker" with it , it's usually pretty reliable. If another caller is online, you won't be able to connect of course and while it's not an overwhelming number of calls that we get, it's a fair amount (usually 50-100 per month). It's possible that's what happening. If you can't connect, give it a while then try again. If you feel that it's more than just other callers, please PM me here and I will immediately check. Thanks! PS Ooops, see that others already commented....
  3. Yes, I wasn't actually endorsing or recommending CD storage over mass storage like the Satandisk, Ultrasatan, CosmosEX, etc, just saying IF that person had their heart set on a CD-ROM, they could still go that route. No doubt the SD card based solutions are much cheaper and effective. I have US's in my STacy and Mega STe. I only continue to use the CD-ROM with my Mega ST4 because it's already in place (has been for years), serves as backup for the BBS and it actually is an option from the BBS itself (CD ROM file availability for online callers). Thanks.
  4. Keep in mind that if you can't find one of the CDAR's you can still use CD-ROMs with the ST. Anodyne Software's ExtenDos software is just awesome. I use it here with a 2X CD Burner to back up the files every couple of months on my BBS.
  5. I just want to congratulate Josh. I've conversed with him on several occasions concerning the Thieves Guild and it's always been entertaining and enlightening. I'm sincerely glad to see it all come together, well done!
  6. Keeping an actual printed Atari specific magazine going these days is tough, and I'm sure, a lot of hard work. I wish you much success!
  7. Hmm, have you looked at different chips? IIRC, and it's been awhile since I had my STacy apart, some of the boards used combinations of different chips and they had different layouts, heights, etc. Maybe you can re-arrange something on the board? Just a random thought....
  8. I don't have a 3D printer but I'm sure others will have access and appreciate this. Thanks for posting!
  9. You found it? Now you know the STacy won't work right...
  10. Hmm, weird. Seems like I did have a couple of spare boards that had "mixed" SIPP/SIMMs and it made for a tighter (but still workable) fit. The US and your mounting looks awesome. Seriously, 2 thumbs way up there.
  11. Hmm, maybe I'm missing something here. Are you all talking about replacing a 2 meg RAM memory board with a factory 4 meg board? If so, I pretty much did that way back in the day when I first got my STacy. It was a 2 megger and I upgraded it. I don't remember having to do anything with the RF shield to get it to fit and work though. Old, and not good quality pictures but here's mine with the 4 meg in place:
  12. Just saw this over at Atari Forum: Too many good ones gone... Rest in peace my friend.
  13. Very nice! (we do love pictures ) About the internal adapter, AFAIK, Lotharek is the only one selling them at the moment. I ordered an internal one for my Mega STe when I put the internal US in it, it works great. I got my STacy from a user here in Kentucky named Phantom (Barry). He was kind enough to sell it to me for $400, which was a decent price at the time, even though it came in box, disassembled. To be fair, he told me the shape it was in. He even let me make payments on it, which is rare. Anyway, the 10 meg factory hard drive was DOA, and like yours, had leaked that nasty "goo" all over the place. I did the same as you and cleaned everything, fearing possible corrosive effects. Oh, about the expansion port - some models had the removable cover and at some point Atari dropped it (save costs maybe?). It's like the back plane cover - some of them have the mechanism to raise the STacy, some don't. Mine has both the removable expansion port cover and that mechanism. Really glad to see you've got her going, STacy's deserve the best!
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