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  1. Using all above suggestions and mads i got 42 PAL or 53 NTSC frames for full fill 256x192 pixels. fastantF.xex
  2. Yautja please tell everyone how i feel right now. This is why i need tester with excellent communication skill , not a one that are bad with mind reading :) There is above 60 downloads but not a single comment on site. Mr Robot or slx or Mclaneinc or DjayBee are You a potential testers? Maybe you are only a fans? Thank You that is a popular demand sponsored by number "4". Constructive feedback is very informative to get things done, other "things" are obstacles that i have to fight alone...
  3. I don't have access to real hardware. I'm programmer first then designer second. I got a score above 2700 points in this game. If any fans of this game want a personal fitted controls then if You have a excellent communication skill contact me to be a game tester. For now You have to press controls very lightly.
  4. There was no one to test the game and game play. One drop in the sea don't make the difference, but when it's rain or storm then maybe.... I don't understand "twitchy" or "reworking the controls". Could You be more specific and detailed? The delay is 200 ms or 4 frames, You want to make it more like 5 or custom from 4-9 for example?
  5. Hi gamers! The creators of software that helped me to make this game are: Radek "Raster" Sterba for Raster Music Tracker, Tomasz "Tebe" Biela for Mad assembler and Graph2Font, Avery "Phaeron" Lee for Altirra an Atari emulator (game was not tested on real hardware but it works! that how good this emulator is! ), Mark Schmelzenbach and Jakub Husak for EnvisionPC-Reborn 0.8.51 an atari font editor, Magnus Lind for Exomizer 3.0.2. Thank You software developers! Also thanks to: Zdeněk "PG" Eisenhammer for title and game songs, Petr "FLY" Svoboda for all graphics. For all that like games of this type You can download it here: Dr Sparkz https://atari.panprase.cz/?action=detail&co=6621 https://atari.panprase.cz/download.php?soubor=6621
  6. Congratulations! Tyrian , The Level Very good game play dynamic! Tak trzymaj Szanti!!! Dziękuję!
  7. Thanks for answers vbc. So benchmark can be run on atari 8bit and its faster by 106 in the best case (ANTIC as thief disabled) thanks to vbcc6502 compiler and 1,77 Mhz Sally cpu. Today my wooden not so modern cpu have score above 13 millions. This power is wasted on scripts in web browser.... and to derail forum topics.
  8. In vbcc6502 archive in examples directory there is maybe older version of this benchmark. Three files: dhry.h,dhry_1.c and dhry_2.c. But readme stated this: "I get about 75 dhrystones/s for cc65 and ~234 for vbcc on C64." How much faster would be the 8bit Atari?
  9. AltirraCrash.mdmp Altirra64 4.00-test9 Win 7 sp1 x64. Moving memory, console, history and watches window with debugger enabled. I was trying to have console and history at top on memory and watches widow but it crashed. Thanks for memory variable row size feature. How to clear watches attached to main display screen ?
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhrystone source:https://homepages.cwi.nl/~steven/dry.c Is it possible to run this on Atari? Not in assembler but maybe in other languages like: action, mad pascal, fast basic,basic, gcc6502, vbcc,turbo basic,quick and effectus ?
  11. I don't like this game. I like music in this game. I do like what great work You have done!!! SIXTY screens of hand work fitted in 62kb is enormous effort!!! Music and sound effects also thanks to You got in there. WOW!!! Congratulations!!!
  12. I'm looking for pdf or any electronic format of this book.Can someone help? https://www.atarimagazines.com/creative/v9n10/320_Computers_for_sea_amp_s.php
  13. Program is based on mads math\fmulu16x16.asm . Press START to exit. counter 2 chars counts products A 5 chars (40 bits signed int) at random from $D014 B 5 chars (40 bits signed int) at random from $D014 PRODUCT 10 chars (80 bits signed int) of A*B It is multiplication program. It stops after 1 second. 6502c can do 570-675 40x40 muls per second without loss of precision. It beats 34 year old "ENIAC" but only in asm! fmul_40x40s.xex
  14. Thank You for all this great information and response. I read about "ENIAC" and in 1946 this machine had 10-digit number as word in it's architecture. I think number was represented as integer in decimal format 0-9 10 places and sign. It had 20 registers and a multiply and divide in hardware at 100kHz. One instruction takes 20 cycles. It can do 352 muls per second. I was curious if 6502c can beat this old technology.
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