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  1. It looks like every single Micro Center now has the Atari VCS in stock. Although a few stores are getting low. A couple only have 3 and another 4.
  2. I was completely taken off guard by that. I thought it was weird that I apparently was never going to go there as part of the story, but I did not think it was because it would be destroyed. I wish the game would have went to the planet before it was destroyed so you could get a chance to see what it was like. I was curious what it was like since Motavia had turned into a planet like Palma.
  3. Well I finished releasing all the dams which saved Motavia, I mean Mota. I was then captured and sent to prison. I had seen that there was armor called Prison Clothes, so I knew I would end up in prison eventually, I just did not know when. The prison satellite I was on, Giara, fell out of orbit onto to Palma, I mean Palm. It destroyed the entire planet! Alis's and Nero's home planet! And Odin's, Myau's, and Noah's gone. I was wondering why I had never seen any maps for Palma while looking for maps. Now I know why. Now on to Dezoris, I mean Dezo. One thing I realized recently is that I do not know who the main bad guy is (please do not spoil it either). Whoever took control of Mother Brain has stayed well hidden so far and I have not accidently seen their name either. I wonder if it will be related to Dark Falz/Dark Force (again please do not spoil). Well I am sure I will find out on Dezoris as I do know that there is only one more space dungeon and I am sure I will know who I am going to go kill before I go do it. Edit: I just remembered Noah was on Motavia, not Palma. So was Myau, but only because he was sold to someone from there.
  4. Still no availability at the Best Buy in Lubbock, so I called and they said they cannot give an exact date of when it would be available.
  5. Looking at the stock now, New Yorkers are not impressed with the VCS, but Ohioans seem to like it. I do not think Fairfax actually got any in, I think that was Dallas you were looking at.
  6. I got the Visiphone and it is nice to have. Why they did not make saving anywhere a part of the game like the first Phantasy Star is beyond me. Then they made the Visiphone a secret instead of making it part of the natural progression of the game. I defeated Neifirst with Rudo and Hugh. I bought a ton of Trimates. Hugh was actually the only one that survived the fight. Up to this point I had not resurrected anybody because that Clone Lab worker is freaky, but I did not want to have to redo the fight so I now have two clones in my party. The robots are very different than the Biomonsters. One thing I noticed is that the robots give a lot more experience than the Biomonsters did. I finished the Control Tower and honestly if I had not seen the map for the Control Tower I do not know if I would have figured out to go there on my own. The Control Tower map is also ridiculous. There is no reason for that many stairs. I did figure out how to get the door to the cards open myself. I knew the music you learn in Oputa had to have a purpose. On to the dams. Looks like the Red Dam should be first. Wasn't there an NPC who mentioned the dam order earlier in the game?
  7. Both Rolf and Rudo are using weapons that use both hands right now.
  8. Finished with my meseta grinding for Piata's stores. I got Shir up to level 13 and everybody has the best equipment money can buy up to this point in the game. I am not sure Shir is worth anything. I had seen she would steal stuff, but I was still taken aback when she disappeared on me. Finally found her back at Rolf's home in Paseo with a stolen Moon Dew, which is nice. In battle she seems to be the most worthless party member. The Laser Knife is the most powerful weapon she can use in the entire game and she does hardly any damage with it. I suppose I could give her a second and get rid of the Mirror Emel, but I am not sure if it is worth it. I did just learn about the Visiphone and she is the only one that can get it, so I will be using her for that. Uzo Island was not too bad to traverse, but Climate Control is a whole other ballgame. If I did not have access to a map I am not sure I would continue. Although the very first time I went inside I chose random stairs and made it to Neifirst immediately, but I like to pick up all the treasure chests so I had to back track. I eventually made it back to Neifirst with Rudo and Hugh in my party. Hugh learned the Vol technique which is devastating so I took him along. Nei fought by herself and was killed without putting up too much of a fight. I had heard that the main character in the game died, so I was not too surprised since I figured it would not be Rolf. My other three party members then took on Neifirst and got wiped out. I tried Vol twice and it did not work either time. Great. I might have to bring Amy along just to continuously heal Rolf and Rudo.
  9. Sweet a Texas store has some. Oh, Houston. Not going to drive 10+ hours for the Atari VCS.
  10. The Best Buy in Lubbock is supposed to have them in stock on Saturday. The automated system said there was a nearby store with them in stock, but when I queried the system about it it came back with the Midland store will have them in stock next Thursday, the 24th.
  11. Made it to Piata and found more expensive equipment, so more meseta grinding for me. I went searching the oceans everywhere and found an island and a shoal maybe. I guess the underwater breathing gum is so I can explore the shoal. Why did they change the names of the planets? I understand the characters have to have 4 letter names, but why the planets? Are the planets like Mogo (Green Lantern reference)? Sentient and they join your party?
  12. I finally picked up a TurboBooster-Plus. The backup ram works and everything. I was wondering if there is any precautionary maintenance that needs to be done to it like removing that capacitor (or whatever it was) in the original Xbox because it always leaks eventually. I tested it out with Order of the Griffon and I really wish I could have played it with the memory save instead of the passwords. I am currently playing through Dungeon Explorer, but I believe it was such an early release that it does not take advantage of the save function. Hopefully I will grab Neutopia soon, as I believe I heard those passwords can be cumbersome.
  13. I would have to put Sonic the Hedgehog CD as my top Sega CD game. Other favorites include Flashback, Popful Mail, Vay, Shining Force CD, and Dungeon Explorer. I enjoyed Jurassic Park and Sherlock Holmes, but those are not everybody's cup of tea. My favorite fmv game is Sewer Shark and my favorite sports game is Joe Montana's NFL Football. I played that game to death as a kid.
  14. I was reading this thread without even bringing to mind what the original label looked like, but I remembered as I was reading your post and laughed pretty good. So thank you.
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