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  1. $36.95 for the boards, cable, silicone pads, and screws. $14.95 just for the cable.
  2. Maybe I should finally play through Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. I played through the original Baldur's Gate and the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion multiple times and finished Shadows of Amn twice, but I never even started Throne of Bhaal. I tried once, but I could not get it working and I had no internet at the time. I am actually playing Planescape: Torment right now, but it is slow going.
  3. Bought some XE manuals that arrived fast in excellent shape.
  4. That is cool. I never knew that even existed.
  5. Going off these two paragraphs, there are some games that save more to the TurboBooster+ et al. than you can get with a password. Is this correct? If this is correct, do you know what games fall into this category? And how much more data is saved, i.e. is it worth it?
  6. I have a question regarding the save function of the TurboBooster-Plus, the TurboGrafx-CD, and the TurboDuo. Does the save function really only save the password the game gives you? If that is all it does then it seems like it is not really worth it. I only have a TurboGrafx-16 and I really do not want to invest in a system that plays CDs at the moment so I was thinking about a TurboBooster-Plus, but after reading about how it saves I think I will pass if it's true.
  7. Excellent video and more importantly I am sorry for your loss. I hope making these videos can give you some kind of temporary relief or as a way to help you cope.
  8. Parker Bros. is my favorite outside of those other two. Q*Bert is one of my top 5 2600 games. I also really like Amidar, the two Nintendo ports, the Star Wars games, the Frogger games, and Montezuma's Revenge.
  9. I finally acquired a Jaguar rental case (one of the embossed ones), but it is not complete. I know MyAtari used to have the hologram stickers and probably still do so I am not worried about that. I am also missing the two page instructions which I imagine are just about impossible to find. According to this YouTube video there is also a loose piece of foam. I assume this foam is there to take up the space if there is no Jaguar CD, but I am not sure if it was something Atari put in there or the rental store. Anybody know for sure?
  10. Would it be possible to have some form of the early arcade games that use discrete logic? Outside of that, license Battlezone (arcade, 2600, and XE versions) and fill it out with more 5200 games and some 7800 games. I would think Lynx and Jaguar games would not be feasible. What about Cloak and Dagger? That was released before the split right?
  11. My stuff came in this week just fine. Unfortunately I am not the uber humanitarian that Shawn is, so I was quite pleased that I received the stuff I paid for.
  12. Thanks to atarivision I have the cassette case and insert, but I would still be willing to buy the earbud if anyone has one
  13. I just bought some 8-bit stuff from Venezuela. Right now it is showing that it is at a FedEx facility in Caracas. Hopefully it makes it. The only thing I have I had not make it was also the most expensive thing I ever bought from down there, a new in box VCS adapter for the 5200. Unfortunately the mistake was due to FedEx here in the States as they told me it was both left on the porch and signed for at different times. I never did get my money back for that one.
  14. I'm looking for the third cassette for the Smurfs Save the Day game, Greedy Smurf. Actually I only need the case and insert, but I will buy the cassette if needed. They do not sale very often, but when they do they do not go for a whole lot. One just sold for $3.25, yet I didn't bid because I did not realize I needed the case. I figure $15 for everything and $10 for just the case and insert. I also would like to buy the earbud, listed as ear plug on the box, that came with the Kid Vid. I have one coming that looks like a match, but it did not come out of the Kid Vid package. It looks like the same off the shelf part, however I would still be willing to buy one if anybody is selling. No idea on the price so we would have to work it out.
  15. I actually prefer Breakout to Super Breakout. I like the layout of the playfield better and the sounds. Video Olympics is number two for me as I love all the 4-player variations. After that it is the usuals: Warlords, Circus Atari, and Super Breakout. I was never a big fan of Kaboom and I probably like Blackjack and Eggomania more than most people.
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