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  1. When Ballblazer started that thread asking about Nukey Shay I thought to myself it hadn't been that long since I saw a post of his has it. I guess it had been. Rest in peace Kurt. His lifetime achievement award was announced after his death. I wonder if he had already been told.
  2. I thought that might be the reason as I do have the mislabeled cartridge.
  3. I have went through all the manuals and noticed a few mistakes (probably from copying and pasting) and a couple of manuals I have that you do not have. On the Winter Games manual you have the part number as -031 even though on the manual it is -31. On Planet Smashers you have the part number as -070 instead of -068. Also on Planet Smashers manual A you have G.C.8.1990 instead of G.C.7.1990. On Ms. Pac-Man manual B, you have B.T.5.1986 instead of B.T.5.1988. For the sole Midnight Mutants manual you have Rev. A and I do not see a revision anywhere. I see no revision on the Hat Trick manual either. You have the wrong part number on the Food Fight manual. On the Basketbrawl manual you have the copyright as 1988 instead of 1990. You have the wrong part number for the Alien Brigade manual. You also have the wrong part number on the Ace of Aces manual. I have a Desert Falcon manual you do not have listed. It has the same part number, revision, and copyright year, but is printed in Taiwan and has K.I.7.1987. My Dan Kitchen's Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator is also different. My part number is AK-046-03. I have Tower Toppler manual B, Touchdown Football manual B, Pole Position II manual F, Mean 18 Ultimate Golf manual A, and Karateka manual B. Who knows when I could get them scanned though. Edit: I also realized I do not have a Donkey Kong, Jr. manual easily accessible. I am sure I have one in a Donkey Kong, Jr. box somewhere, but not loose.
  4. Nexus/Stellar X sounds like it would have been cool. Cue LostDragon to show up with an email from someone saying the game was never actually started. 😉
  5. Well Zero The Kamikaze Squirrel manual is on its way VGComplete. Hopefully it arrives soon and safely. The game is actually pretty fun. I was surprised at how good it is.
  6. Alien Crush is the best pinball game on the system. It is also the only one I have played, but it is still great regardless of the other games.
  7. Interesting read. Also I have never heard of the Suncom "Lefty" Joystick Adapter.
  8. If the game was completely random then there would be some mazes that would be unbeatable. Even if it was programmed to always be able to win how would somebody ever be able to win outside of pure luck? You have to use the underground tunnels to win the game.
  9. As I do not play mobile game that makes sense as to why I do not know it.
  10. I have had a Supercharger for quite a few years (maybe 10 years) and have still never tried any of the games. I plan on getting a cassette tape deck and trying the original cassette tapes, but as of yet I have not got around to getting a tape player. I have the Coleco Kid Vid, but I do not think the Supercharger would work with it.
  11. I remember Final Fight: Streetwise, Golden Axe: Beast Rider, and Splatterhouse all coming out and thinking to myself I would like to try those out. Now 15, 13, and 11 years later I have still never tried any of them. Some of those mid to late 2000's games I have no recollection of in large part because I think a lot of them were Wii games, but I am surprised I do not know Bonk's Return as I have been a TurboGrafx-16 follower for quite a while.
  12. That is a lot of points. Is there an end to the easy level? Does it loop after the last leg? I have not got close to that far but figured 925,280 points would have had to made it to the end of the level for sure.
  13. I will enter a score of 72,760 and be done with this round.
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