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  1. You barely finished Crystal Mines II.
  2. If my wife was not starting up a new business I would be asking/begging/pleading with her for this.
  3. I need the box. Trying for a retail release CIB Lynx set.
  4. The secret level is only accessible with the code ZERO. The rest all have exits from a regular level, but you can just look at the level codes here on Atari Age and play through them one at a time.
  5. A game I do not have. It might be time to contact Best Electronics again.
  6. No I mean the 31 bonus levels. Didn't you say you do not play those? You can also play the Buried Treasure levels, but I think there are like 125 of those.
  7. I play on real hardware only. I will one day grab a copy of Xump and the sequel if it gets a physical release.
  8. If you want to send me a copy of one of them, or both, then I will add them to the list.
  9. After finally beating Crystal Mines II I need another puzzle game on my to beat list. Crystal Mines II was that game for probably over a decade since I beat Chip's Challenge. The pure puzzle games Klax and Blockout are not included. I have tried Super Skweek once or twice but have never been able to get very far. I might not have even been able to beat the first level. My experience with Dinolympics is maybe five minutes of play time after I got a couple of years ago. I do love Evolution: Dino Dudes on the Jaguar though. I have played Lemmings a couple of times. I finish the first level every time, but I am not sure I ever made it to the third level. I am not sure I will tackle one of these games next, but I like to have a Lynx puzzle game on my list to play and I will get to one sooner or later. I have no idea how many levels Super Skweek has, but I know Dinolympics has 25. On the Jaguar version the difficulty level only changed the time limit, is it the same here? I cannot tell if Lemmings has 30 levels or 120 levels. It looks like each difficulty level has 30 levels, but I do not know if they are repeats. So which game should I play next?
  10. There is your problem. No matter how fast you are that boulder is probably destroying at least one crystal. Go left and come back around to that room from the left. Actually I think you have to destroy one of the mud blocks if you go that way. That is probably where you are losing a crystal.
  11. 78,910 on my first try. Well second as a rage reset the game when I had an idiotic death on the second board.
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