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  1. A quick question...how long does the binary transfer take, say for an 8k file? Back in the day when I was using a Dataman S4, I recall it taking about 10 seconds for a good chunk of a 32k EPROM. I don't use a Vectrex emulator for development, I work only on physical hardware, so this is pretty important for the edit-compile-download-test cycle that I use.
  2. That's a really useful guide, thanks for posting!
  3. D-Type

    Vectrex SD Cart?

    Hi Richard, I already have a VecMulti, so I don't need to order another. However, I would like to say Thanks! for jumping back into the community for a while to make some more carts so people can run homebrew. I'm sure it will help keep the community alive. Be sure to promote the usage of the device as an easy development solution, I haven't tried mine like this yet, but it's got to be faster than burning EPROMs!
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