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  1. Slow down was the key phrase. I either never knew or had forgotten it was even possible to slow down in this game so thanks for the reminder! The button did do something after all...
  2. 2 lap challenge 38700+36850+37900=113650 + not sure what NTSC bonus is
  3. I think I could play for 100 years and not finish the 8 lap race on AtariGP level.
  4. Even 74k for 1 lap challenge, I resolve to finish the 8 laps next but 78k for now.
  5. 15850 getting better but still a long way from the top.
  6. 7510 in case pic gets cropped weird. My timing was all off from being used to arcade Galaga.
  7. Way late to the party but I'll post my sad score for fun. Unfortunately my beloved Wico has gone flaky which hurt a lot.
  8. Jumpman Jr. - my favorite platformer but I could understand voting for Miner 2049er or Bounty Bob instead. Ultima 3 (first RPG I ever played or even heard of) Encounter AR The Dungeon Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Infocoms could have their own separate top 5 category).
  9. 800 and 800XL, had to replace keyboards in both of them but they now work great.
  10. I just installed a Happy in my 1050 and when I put the RF cage back on, it feels like the Happy chip is up against the edge of the cage and touching it. Is that a problem? Does the RF shield even matter anymore in this age of digital TVs?
  11. The serial port is powered from RPi's 3.3VCC pin and I think shifts from there. So would I need to connect both RTS and CTS for this to work then? I tried just using the RTS overlay and didn't have any luck. My serial add-on doesn't have pins for RTS/CTS but I could probably solder them as there are spots for them on the board. If I do that, would I use the default atarixfer cable option or is this equivalent to Lotharek's or the APE cable? It sounds like Lotharek's SIO2PC/1050-2-PC with USB dual cable would solve all my problems and be a lot easier to deal with so I will probably just do that. Thanks everyone for all your replies!
  12. I have been having a horrible time trying to wire up my Raspberry Pi's serial port to work with 8-bit hardware. I bought a serial port add-on board for the Pi and tested it using minicom connecting to an old Cisco router and that worked so I think the port is ok but atariserver and atarixfer don't work at all. I looked deeper and various online diagrams for the 1050-2-PC cable use 5 wires (Tx, Rx, VCC, GND, and another one I have seen labeled as CTS, RTS or DTR). I just realized that my Pi's serial port only has 4 wires connecting to the Pi's GPIO (Tx,Rx, VCC, GND). I have read that DTR is not possible on the Pi but RTS is. Can I get by with RTS? My add-on board has a small pin I think I could get to work with another connector. I am using an old (bought 15-20 years ago) 1050-2-PC cable and I don't know whether it uses RTS or DTR. I guess I could rewire it if needed but would prefer to avoid that. How critical is this difference?
  13. This thread makes me want to take apart my 30 in 1 cartridge.
  14. Thanks Stickjock and Steven, I haven't soldered in a while but will keep all this in mind if the lack of a power light continues to annoy me. It's good to know that I don't have to do it though.
  15. I have been trying for quite a while to copy some of my old Atari disks to ATR files and have been having an awful time. I tried HiassofT's atarisio linux package on both Linux and Raspberry Pi and while atariserver works great on my Pi 4 with a USB-Serial adapter and my old SIO2PC cable, I cannot get atarixfer to work either on the Pi or a real linux machine with a serial port. On the Pi with a USB-Serial converter going to an old 10502PC cable, the copying goes very slowly and only works on a disc where the data is loaded in consecutive sectors (like an Infocom side 1). All other discs I can hear the drive switch tracks around while reading which shouldn't be happening and while I end up with an ATR, it is garbage and unusable. I was annoyed enough by this to buy a serial port for the Pi but atarixfer and atariserver can't seem to use it. I read all the instructions about enabling the serial port and disabling the console on the Pi. I tested my serial port using minicom and the full-featured UART (ttyAMA0) using an old Cisco router and console management cable and it worked so I'm pretty sure my serial port on the Pi is hooked up properly. I think my 1050 is still working since I can boot games directly on my 800XL and they work. None of the atari Rpi programs will see my serial port and I was wondering what more I could do to get this to work.
  16. The pic is not great but it wasn't as clean a break as I thought as there is an overhang of the baseboard with the circuitry. At this point, I think I will give up on the gluing back together idea and am wondering if it's safe to run without the corner light bulb.
  17. I got a type 2 XL keyboard from ebay for my 800XL which feels great but somehow taking it out of the wrapping it came in, the power light part of the circuit board snapped off. It's slightly annoying not having the power light and I am wondering if I should try gluing that corner back together. So my question(s) for keyboard experts are: 1. Will I damage the keyboard or XL by running it with the corner of the board missing and not connected? 2. If I could glue it back together, could that potentially make things worse by possibly not having a fully connected circuit if the break isn't as clean as it looks? It looks like a clean break but I'm wondering if I should try it.
  18. Thanks for the info, I must have got lucky with my USB-Serial adapter since I plugged it in to the RPi and my SIO2PC cable and everything worked great! It's a generic adapter with no labeling that I found for $4 at my local electronics surplus store.
  19. I got a SIO2PC cable around 15 years ago from Lotharek off of ebay. It has an Atari SIO connector on one end and a serial DB9 on the other end. It has worked great over the years but I would like to use it with a Raspberry Pi and was wondering if I could just plug the serial end of the cable into a Serial-USB adapter and have it work. I did some searching and it seems like everyone is doing basically the same thing by building their own SIO to USB cables. It seems like the hard work should have been done already with my SIO 2 serial cable and was wondering if there was anything I should be aware of, a couple of people on youtube said they damaged their adapter somehow. Thanks for any info anyone has!
  20. I moved on in 1989 or 1990 when our family got its first 8088 PC. I didn't want to move on but the software scene for the A8 was completely dead by then. I mothballed the stuff and my mom ended up losing it all somehow. In the early 2000s, by chance I saw a 7800 for sale at a local game store. I had to buy it since I had never owned one and after I got a few games, the nostalgia came roaring back. I ended up buying A8 computers, games and disk drives off of ebay and fortunately my best friend still had the old 800XL I had sold him 15 years previously so I could get a 130XE. I traded him a better condition 800XL I had bought from ebay so I can say I still have my original 8 bit computer.
  21. I think the 400 was hideous even back in its day. The keyboard is borderline unusable and I can't imagine why anyone would want one now instead of an 800, unless it was like your first computer or something.
  22. I don't have anywhere near your collection, but I know how you feel. I don't think I have touched my old Atari 8 bit or 16 bit stuff in almost two years.
  23. Damn it, Encounter was up for a vote and I missed it! Serves me right for never checking in around here, has anyone every got to the end of Encounter? Is there an end?
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