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  1. diggs130


  2. gift payment has been made. Thanks much to all involved in making this happen!
  3. Awesome!Thanks for the pics.
  4. diggs130

    KC Munchkin

    one for me please
  5. just incase this is an official sign up.I would for sure want one!
  6. Got mine just fine.Thanks to all involved in releasing it!
  7. Please count me in on your run. Hope your enjoying your new place!
  8. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/222132-modded-7800-console-and-ball-modded-controllers/ Great guy!
  9. Was wondering if pm or email will be sent when it ships out? Don't want to find it destroyed in a snowbank as the snow melts Darn mailman around here cant ever put nothing in between the doors,so I just like to know when to keep a watchful eye out for incoming packages. Thanks!
  10. Sad news to hear!I remember quite a few of his posts and even had some dealings with him. R.I.P
  11. Cant wait to play this,sign me up also. Thanks Hope your move goes smoothly!
  12. looking forward to the cart release.Sounds great from all the comment so far!
  13. Happy holidays to all!

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